Peppermint Candy (1999)

Director: Lee Chang Dong
Casts: Sol Kyung Gu, Moon So Ri, Kim Yeo Jin, Ko Seo Hee, and Seo Jung
Genre: Romance and Drama
Running Time: 135 minute

Yong Ho (Sol Kyung Gu), who is in an extreme mental state, is at the reunion. His friends try to calm him down but failed in trying many attempts. Then, the film starts to bring the audiences back in time through various events which are related to Yong Ho’s life. It shows us how Yong Ho became a youthful and innocent man, who found love, before he became a cruel and nasty man.

A good ole’ classic film that I would recommend the film lovers to watch this. Metaphorically, you imagine yourself being in the train that brings you back in time. It is an exploration on Yong Ho’s life. Also, you’ll understand why this gentleman has become so mental.

To me, there are times that I hate him while at times I feel sorry for him. I hate him so much because of how he treated his wife and first love. He always wants to do his way without considering others. He is craving for the satisfaction as much as possible. On the other hand, I feel sorry for him because of the troubles he has gone through: losing his chance to be with his true love, going through hard times in the military, and after he left his family with regrets later. I could understand that he’s been through a lot of harsh moments as a soldier. That’s why he mentally thinks that he’s a soldier when he was older and the fact that he has an injured leg. In terms of Yong Ho’s attempt in wanting to be with his true love, he didn’t get the chance to say three simple words ‘I love you’. He is left with total regrets with tears in his eyes. His true love has already given so much love for him but he didn’t notice. It serves him right for not doing anything about it.

Although Moon So Ri’s first film debut is ‘Peppermint Candy’, she presented herself as the sweet and innocent girl next door. Besides the beautiful facial features and sweet voice, you could see that she has the potential to be in the acting career. Look where she is now. She has great acting potentials in various characters in films like ‘The Good Lawyer’s Wife’ and ‘The President’s Barber’. It leads to come up with this question: what have she learn so far since her first film debut?

‘Peppermint Candy’ is a perfect example of classic drama and romantic film. Going back in time by train is perfectly executed in letting understand Yong Ho’s path of life. You can either love or hate Yong Ho. You might fall for Moon Soo Ri’s innocent beauty and stick by her side because of what Yong Ho had did to her. Everything is in a package full that brings you a trip down to the memory lane.

Rating: 7/10

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