London Korean Film Night: Peppermint Candy (1999)

Director: Lee Chang-dong
Running Time: 135min(Eng Subs)
Screening Date: 7pm 14 February 2013
Theatre: Multi-purpose Hall

The film begins with Yong-ho at a reunion and in a state of extreme psychological trauma. His friends try to console him but to no avail, and what ensues is a film exploring the events that took place up until that moment.

The film tracks the life path of how Yong-ho goes from a youthful innocent, to one enveloped with beauty and love before becoming a nasty, cruel and hateful man all in reverse.

*The Screening of Peppermint Candy has kindly been supported by Third Window Films, a leading distributor of Korean films in the UK. For details of their titles available on DVD please visit:

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