President Lee pledges to establish int’l green growth think tank

The President who is in Copenhagen to attend the 15th UN climate change conference delivered his second address on Dec. 18 (local time).
The address was made on behalf of the Environmental Integrity Group (EIG), comprised of Lichtenstein, Mexico, Monaco, Switzerland and Korea.
“EIG has made many workable solutions that touch upon the core issues [of climate change],” President Lee said during the speech after the EIG meeting.
The “Green Fund” proposed by Mexico, the “International tax system” by Switzerland, and the “Registry” mechanism proposed by Korea, all played an important role in bringing together developed and developing countries, The President said.
What is important in fighting climate change is “Me First” attitude, and this is why the members of EIG set an ambitious target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, he added.
During the latter half of the speech, The President stressed that green growth is the new economic path that would benefit all the countries, and emphasized again the Korean government’s ambitious plan to establish the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), an international think thank that will work to lower carbon gas emissions.
The institute, according to The President’s plan, will bring together scholars, scientists and civil society leaders from around the world to come up with workable solutions to climate change problems.
As to the closing of the Copenhagen conference, Lee said, “This is not an end but a new beginning.”
“Although we may not agree on everything today, this must not be an excuse for No-Action. We will continue to do our very best because there is no alternative to our planet,” said The President.

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