Prism World Printmaking – One

Seven fine printmaking artists from the Yanagisawa Gallery of Japan and seven from the London Group Printworks join forces to present an exciting show rich in technical, inspirational and cultural diversity for this inaugural exhibition of the PRISM cross-cultural initiative.

Artists are: Susan Aldworth, Trevor Banthorpe, Dolores de Sade, Toshihisa Fudezuka, Yoko Hara, Takahiko Hayashi, Rebecca Jewell, Tomohide Kameyama, Keisuke Kinoshita, Nigel Oxley, Ritsuko Ozeki, John Read, Park Jae Young

Date: 11 – 23 June 2013
Venue: IThe Mile End Art Pavilion, Clinton Road, Mile End Park, London E3 4QY
Organiser: Prism Print International

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