Restaurant Tour 12: JEE CEE NEH

Another month has gone by and another restaurant to be visited. As New Malden is the home of the largest Korean population in Europe it seemed a good idea to sample the cuisine at another local venue.
Two of us wanted to compare the variance of tastes and flavours which are available in Traditional Korean food in this area, in the heart of this community, which has a wide selection of restaurants.
There are authentic dishes with the same basic ingredients. However, how long are they are marinated for (if appropriate)? What herbs and spices are added and their quantities? The consistency of the meals-are they too glutinous or dense? Are they too bland? Is the overall taste too strong thus not bringing out the natural flavour of the main ingredients?
Such are the pitfalls of preparing any particular meal. Every chef wants to present authentic dishes. So it becomes a challenge and is no mean feat if successful.
In New Malden and the surrounding localities the Korean patrons are particularly discerning when it comes to eating out. They expect the food to taste as they remember it in Korea, more especially, as they know how to cook and achieve the same taste when they prepare meals themselves. This is especially true as the majority of restaurants cater for local and other Korean diners from outside the area.
Competition is therefore, not unnaturally, quite fierce and reputations count for a lot.
Having said that, more non Korean clientele are discovering the benefits of eating well-being food produced by the restaurants.
So with this in mind we had lunch at the JEE CEE NEH restaurant which serves Traditional Korean food.

JEE CEE NEH Korean Restaurant
74 Burlington Road
New Malden

Telephone number: 020 8942 0682
Opening Hours: Monday (1800 hours to 2300 hours), Tuesday to Friday (1200 hours to 1500 hours, 1800 hours to 2300 hours), Saturday and Sunday (1130 hours to 2230 hours)

New Malden train station is about a 15 minute walk away. Left out of the station along New Malden High Street and then left again into Burlington road.
The stop for buses including the 152 and 131 is virtually outside.
Parking is available close by and in nearby streets.
The owner is CHI Sun Sook.
The restaurant with wooden tables (incorporating B-B-Q facilities) can seat up to sixty diners-some of whom can be in a more private area. Menus describe meals in English and Korean with corresponding photographs.
The Staff are friendly and helpful.
Six main dishes were presented for our meal.

Rice accompanied by seafood mixed with red and green peppers, mushrooms, carrots and onion—-bland enough to balance the stronger tasting dishes
Spicy Bulgogi (marinated beef) again with an assortment of vegetables accompanied by rice—-a firm favourite of mine and a must for people experiencing Korean food for the first and subsequent times
A salad with lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables on a bed of ice—-an innovative presentation complementing the other dishes
Large prawns in batter with apple in a sweet and sour sauce—-delicious
Shredded spring onion salad—-spicy, most enjoyable and another of my favourites
Noodles made from sweet potato with vegetables and seafood (including octopus)—-a popular dish and again spicy
Two side dishes of cucumber Kimchi and Chinese Leaf Lettuce Kimchi (both Korean pickles) —-a must for me

Having enjoyed meals in restaurants in Korea over a period of many years the culinary experience at this venue in New Malden was comparable. I wasn’t surprised to see a number of Korean people I know in New Malden lunching at the same time.

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