After a period of rain and grey skies I took the opportunity to meet a colleague for lunch in Soho on the 21st of June 2010 – the summer solstice which I hoped would be a good omen.

I was informed that this particular restaurant KYOTO SUSHI in Soho was listed in LONDON EATING (the definitive guide to eating in London) and read the reviews. All ten from 2008 up to the date of our meal were complimentary.

26 Romilly Street

Telephone numbers: 020 7734 7622 / 07850 381 065 (Mobile)

The owner is SEO Yun Il and has been so for about a year although KYOTO SUSHI has been established for five years. The manager is Mr TSE.

The chef has gained her experience, of almost ten years, in Tokyo and the Sushi chef is credited with over twenty years of working in the United Kingdom and Japan.

There is seating for up to forty one diners. The décor is simple and pleasant with cheerful and attentive staff. The menu is well illustrated with photographs of the meals available together with the names and descriptions in English. The majority of dishes are Japanese and the remainder are Korean. Prices vary for lunch and dining in the evening.

Local clientele make up about 80% of customers and include Korean, Japanese and other nationalities. The remaining 20% are transient.

As I normally do, I asked other patrons what their opinions were of the dishes presented to them. Their comments were as complimentary as the reviews in LONDON EATING.

Leicester Square tube station on the Northern and Piccadilly lines is a short walk away as is Piccadilly Circus on the Piccadilly and Bakerloo lines. There are also numerous bus routes along Shaftesbury Avenue offering easy access.

KYOTO SUSHI is in an ideal location for the abundance of nearby theatres, China Town, Jazz clubs (such as Ronnie Scotts) and other venues of entertainment.

I must admit that I am rather partial to both Japanese and Korean food. KYOTO SUSHI fulfils both my requirements for a good meal. I wasn’t disappointed and neither was my colleague.

Five dishes were presented to us for lunch which was shared with the owner and his manager-always a good sign if restaurateurs themselves eat the food prepared.

Assorted raw fish- Salmon, Tuna, Yellow Tail, Scallop, Halibut, Octopus, Bream and Sea Bass with slices of ginger were presented on a large platter. Wasabi and Soy sauce accompanied this dish.
I always enjoy the variety of fish presented.

Mixed seafood with spicy base ramen and sliced peppers, onions and carrots.
One definitely to try if you haven’t done so previously-a spicy soup full of flavour

Stir fried noodles with seafood and assorted sliced vegetables.
My favourite thick noodles are used. A distinctive flavour compared to the rather bland tastes I’ve encountered in other restaurants-definitely one to savour.

Every lunch box is separated into quarters, each of which, contain different types of food providing a nourishing and well balanced meal.
1. Mackerel, plain white rice, a mixed salad (cucumber, avocado, tomato, lettuce and thin strips of carrot and white radish) and mandoo (dumplings). Soy sauce also accompanied this dish. The mackerel was moist, seasoned and delicious.
2. Tempura (large prawns and vegetables fried in a light batter), plain white rice, mandoo (dumplings) and a mixed salad (avocado, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and thin strips of carrot and white radish). Again Soy sauce accompanied this dish.

This is a firm favourite of many diners including the two of us. Not only did the weather cheer me up but the quality and taste of the food did so as well.
Centrally located, good food and reasonable prices- KYOTO SUSHI is a good recipe for success.

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