Restaurant Tour 2: Feng Shang Princess Floating Chiness Restaurant

I haven’t been to London Zoo for many years yet I went with a couple of friend on 8th October 2008. We got there at about seven o’clock in the evening, needless to say, it was closed but we weren’t disappointed. It was only a landmark as the real objective was to have dinner. As night fell a welcoming sight greeted us outlined in coloured lights-The Feng Shang Princess Floating Chinese Restaurant.
This restaurant is located at:
Cumberland Basin, Prince Albert road, Regent’s Park, London NW1 7SS. Telephone number: 020 7485 8137/0216. Email was the first floating restaurant of its kind in London and is well established. Dining areas are on two levels with a capacity for up to 130 people. The lower level caters for large groups. The décor is modern with complementary lighting.

The table settings caught my eye immediately-white square plates and black chopsticks on crisp white tablecloths. I wondered if this was the start of something special.

Before continuing I feel I ought to share a memory with you. Some fifty years ago I was taken for my first Chinese meal and I can remember quite clearly being introduced to crab and sweet corn soup which I thoroughly enjoyed. Ever since then I always begin any Chinese meal the same way so this occasion was no exception.

Pray let me introduce you to the most enjoyable meal I’ve eaten for a very long time.

Crab meat and sweet corn soup
The crab content was high and the soup entirely to my taste. It was delicious.

Venison with mixed vegetable wrap, diced water chestnuts, shiitake mushrooms, onions, baby corn, garlic shoots, pine nuts served in lettuce cups with classic vegetarian brown sauce
Chicory leaves surrounded the venison and mixed vegetables in the bowl of the plate and were used transfer the food rather like an edible spoon. The wide surface above the bowl had flower petals decorating it-a striking presentation for a splendid dish.

Gourmet Chinese food-crispy aromatic duck rolls (rolled with spring rolls, cucumber and plum sauce)
These were placed upright in the in the centre of the plate like a cluster of bamboo. The chilli oil was a perfect accompaniment-to be recommended.

Crispy King prawns in Wasabi sauce (coated with mayonnaise spiced with wasabi sauce)
More flavours to be enjoyed. I certainly did.

Stir fried Sea Bass with Sugar snap peas (fillets of tender and boneless sea bass with superior soy sauce)
I am rather partial to fish and sugar snap peas but have never eaten them together before. A memorable combination of two different tastes.

Mongolian style sliced Venison (Mongolian spice herbs with a touch of oriental sweet fruity sauce)
Venison again but I’m not complaining. Cooked to perfection-tender and enhancing the flavour of the meat.

Stir fried prawns in spicy X.O.chilli sauce (X.O. chilli sauce is a mixture of fourteen ingredients with chopped seafood)
Prawns are my favourite seafood and with this sauce I enjoyed them even more.

Pepa Tofu(deep fried prawn tofu with white gravy sauce)
Very Korean in style and a most agreeable taste

When the rice, accompanying many of the dishes, was served I was quite surprised. Instead of just being in an open dish it was in a container, not unlike an ice bucket with a lid, which kept the contents warm. Furthermore, as expected, warm plates were placed on the table prior to the main dishes being served.

How best could I describe my dining experience?

I felt that none of the staff was in the least perfunctory. They were attentive, friendly but not familiar and had a good command of English.
I have to compliment the Chef on creating a variety of delicious and mouth-watering dishes. The presentation of the food was second to none.

I can fully understand why discerning patrons enjoy their meals here. I’ve joined their ranks.


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