Restaurant Tour 7: Ran Restaurant

Another month gone by and another restaurant to visit so I found myself on the 19th March 2009 having lunch at the RAN FUSION RESTAURANT, 58-59 Great Marlborough Street, London, W1F 7JY (Takeaway Facilities available).
It is recommended that bookings be made especially over the weekends and in the evenings. 

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 1200 hours to 1500 hours and 1800 hours to 2300 hour, Sunday 1800 hours to 2300 hours.

Telephone Number: 020 7434 1650
Nearest Tube Stations: Oxford Circus on the Victoria and Central Lines, Tottenham Court Road on the Northern and Central Lines (Numerous bus routes along Oxford Street and Regent Street afford easy access).

Apart from the Owner Ms. KANG EUN YOUNG and the Manager SHIN UNG CHEOK there are thirteen members of staff-six who are responsible for preparing the food.
The restaurant was established in 1987, refurbished and reopened earlier this month. Eight wooden tables, with BBQ facilities built in, are in this main dining area. Extractor fans are positioned directly above each BBQ facility. There is room for forty eight patrons with sufficient space between tables for conversations to be held in relative privacy. Mellifluous music can be heard in the background. A private dining room on a lower level can also seat a further dozen clientele. There is an adequate bar serving the dining areas.

The décor is simple and the ambience comfortable but not intimate. Karaoke facilities with a Sake bar will become available in April 2009 on the lower level and will accommodate up to forty people. A high percentage of diners are from the world of business. Others include people who want to enjoy meals in the company of their friends and families.

All nationalities are represented, with of course, a large number of Korean patrons.I did ask diners at two separate tables of their opinions of the venue and food. Their comments were positive and complementary. The menu is extensive with a detailed description of the meals offered including Table D’hôte, Korean grills and lunch boxes.

The dishes recommended and served were as follows:

Beef with Glass Noodles – Vegetables sautéed with marinated sliced beef and dang men noodles in a blend of Korean spices — a traditional Korean dish.

Mixed Chun Platter – Sauteed cod, seafood, tofu, courgette battered chun accompanied by fried dumplings — a little bit of everything I enjoy.

Korean Grill Platter – Beef bulgogi, short ribs, Jumulleok sirloin, beef tongue, spicy chicken and spicy pork bulgogi — as I don’t eat meat regularly I appreciated the various tastes apart from the Beef tongue , which I wouldn’t eat normally, but I did try it.

Seared Tuna – With avocado and bean sprout salad — a pleasant alternative to the meat dishes.

Dolsot Bibimbab – A bed of steamed rice garnished with shreds of namul vegetables, beef and a fried egg served in a heated stone dish — one of my favourite meals in Korea.

Raw minced beef – On a bed of lettuce

Special seafood Platter – A range of specially selected seafood including King prawns, squid and shellfish — another favourite of mine.

Mixed Kimchi selection of Traditional Cabbage, White Radish and Stuffed Cucumber – Classic Korean dishes of vegetables naturally preserved in a piquant blend of red chilli, anchovy paste, root ginger and crushed garlic — Good flavours without being too strong

Mixed Namul selection of Bean sprouts, Spinach and White Radish – Fresh vegetables blanched then tossed in sesame oil and rice vinegar and complemented with the delicate nutty flavour of toasted sesame seeds — the tastes of the respective vegetables were enhanced by the seasonings.

I didn’t have the Green Tea ice cream-as I normally do-but on the next occasion I certainly will as I have developed a taste for it in Korea. The food tasted as good as it looked. I can fully understand why this particular restaurant is well patronised.

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