Restaurant Tour 8: NARU Korean Restaurant

Having been open barely a month it seemed an opportune time to try the cuisine at the NARU restaurant.

It is located at: 230 Shaftesbury Avenue,
London, WC2 8EG (Takeaway service is available)
Tel. Numbers: 020 7379 7962 / 07877 850513
Opening times: Monday to Saturday (1200 hours to 1500 hours / 1730 hours to 2230 hours), Sunday (CLOSED)
How to get there: Tottenham Court Road ( Northern and Central Lines ) and Holborn ( Central Line ) Underground stations are a short walk away.
Numerous bus routes along New Oxford Street, Shaftesbury Avenue, Bloomsbury Way and High Holborn also offer easy access.

The owner is Ms. YEONEE KIM, whose previous career was assisting in the making of documentaries, has a good command of the English language as has the Chef.
PHILIP LEE is the Chef. His previous experience includes working for a large hotel in Seoul and being a Public House landlord in Gloucester incorporating a Japanese/Korean restaurant.
Four other members of staff-all who speak good English- assist in the restaurant and kitchen areas.
There is seating for thirty eight patrons. The tables have wooden tops without built in BBQ facilities. The choice of alcoholic beverages is limited.
Clientele consists of approximately 80% of tourists/transient diners as numerous theatres and shops are in the vicinity. The remaining 20% are made up of office workers and Korean people.
Although this is a fledgling restaurant with a limited menu-a choice of thirteen starters, fifteen main dishes and five side dishes the quality of the food is surprisingly good. The Chef, PHILIP LEE emphasises that only fresh ingredients are used.

Kal Bi koo-yi
Roast of thinly sliced beef rib marinated in a Chef’s special sauce with a side plate of lettuce, chilli ( Very Hot), cucumber and carrot—-Tender meat cooked to individual tastes on a small portable BBQ.
Yook Hwe
Thinly sliced raw beef served with sliced Korean pear and egg yolk—-Again tender meat but not to my liking but the other person sharing this dish enjoyed it.
Kimchi ( pickled Chinese leaf lettuce)
One very lightly spiced—suitable for an introduction to this taste- but a bit salty for me. The second- spicier and much more to my taste
Dolsot Bib im Bap
Steamed rice and mixed vegetables and beef with special chilli sauce-served in a ceramic bowl-One of my favourite Korean dishes.
Na Mul
Three types of seasoned vegetables-cucumber, radish and carrot-I enjoyed these vegetables
Ke Sal Ssam
Pancakes with crab, sliced cucumber, sliced carrot, a mixed green salad and honey mustard sauce-Worth trying

The word NARU in Korean means a landing place for ferry passengers. Hence, it could apply to travellers using public transport in London who want a break going from one destination to another.

This restaurant fulfils the needs of people who want a satisfying meal. It provides a good introduction to traditional and well-known Korean cuisine.
With more experience and the introduction of further Korean dishes the owner YEONEE KIM should have no difficulty in establishing NARU as one of the more popular eateries in the area.

Photos courtesy of Naru Korean Restaurant

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