Rocking the house Seoul Style at Breakin Convention 2013

Another Breakin Convention has come and gone. This year saw the 10th Anniversary of the annual festival celebrating hip hop culture and championing hip hop dance theatre. Many companies and crews represented with breathtaking performances and showed just why dance is considered an art form.

With many forms of expression being shown on stage the atmosphere was electric and buzzing. It wasn’t all show and tell however; the audience got a chance to get involved with workshops and other activities featuring the performers.

One of the festival favourites, Project Soul – who have been performing at the festival since its initial conception – were back to show just what Korea has to offer. Their performance showed their technical ability, humour and left the audience amazed at the skills on show.

Their performance itself highlighted in a clever the ever present North vs. South issue. Through the use of visual imagery and music we saw the battle between the stoic North and the light-hearted stylings of the South.

Our buddy Psy made his entrance (played by one of the dancers, had Psy actually been there I think the roof would have been blown off by all the noise) horse dance an all. Kim Jong Un also made an appearance overseeing his minions.

Through the use of dance, a seeming battle unsecured with ‘Psy’ trying to convert the stoic leader and bring unity to proceedings. Of course this was no meant feat but there was a sense of unity towards the end of the performance (if only the real situation was that easy).

There was also a clever use of traditional Korean Music which brought out an air of calm to the hyped out crowd. With countless back flips and head spins the crows responded with shouts and cheers.

Project Soul highlighted just how and why they have become loved by UK b-boy fans with their amazing moves. Overall it was a great evening and a wonderful sight to see the guys representing Seoul to the fullest.

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