Rolling Home with a Bull (2010)

Director: Yim Soon Rye
Casts: Kim Young Pil, Kong Hyo Jin, Jeon Kuk Hwan, Moon Chang Kil, and Park Won Sang
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 110 minutes
Certi: 12 (South Korea)

An unmarried man lives in the countryside. A poet who is on his way to sell the bull. Then, he went to his past lover’s funeral. His past lover (Kong Hyo Jin) accompanies the man and his bull.

There are three parts of this film: (1) relationship between man and bull, (2) relationship between man and woman, and (3) relationship between reality and fantasy. Yet, I would take this as a metaphorical film.

While watching this film, there were many things to take in but everything is balanced. It was interesting to see the relationship between the man, the bull, and the woman. It reflects on the importance of being together and understands each other. The bull represents either the woman’s ex-husband or just your animal friend. The man has to go through the ups and downs with the bull and the woman which applied to his life.

I didn’t expect the concept between reality and fantasy in terms of Buddhism. One scene comes with a group of people asking the man to sell the bull. Then, I was brought back to reality about the man having normal conversation with the woman. At first, it looks complicated. However, if you think differently, it reflects about him breaking through the obstacles and going back to the life the way he wanted.

As for the bull, yes. I asked director Yim about the bull. She replied that this bull is one of the top five trained bull actors in South Korea. I was surprised upon hearing that. Yet, the way how the bull react is extraordinary.

This film consists a lot of symbolic scenes with a combination of three parts. You might get confused at the middle but then you realized you’ll see how the story goes.

Rating: 7/10

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