Shonen Knife – September Tour


“When I finally got to see them live, I was transformed into a hysterical nine-year-old girl at a Beatles concert.”Kurt Cobain

Shonen Knife are a ground-breaking all-female Japanese, pop-punk trio formed in Osaka in 1981, when Naoko first heard late ‘70’s punk-pop particularly The Ramones. Inspired, the band crafted their own idiosyncratic songs, fashioned brightly coloured outfits and DIY albums. In 1985, K Records released ‘Burning Farm’ in the US. Deals with Sub Pop and various Majors followed. 1989 saw the crème of the alt. rock scene (including Sonic Youth, L7 and Redd Kross) covering their favourite Shonen Knife songs on the tribute album ‘Every Band Has A Shonen Knife Who Loves Them’. They toured with Nirvana (on the ‘Nevermind’ tour), The Breeders and as part of Lollapalooza. They recorded sessions for John Peel and appeared on MTV’s ‘Beavis and Butthead’ . In 2010 the band released the album ‘Super Group’, played Matt Groening’s curated ATP, extensively toured the UK, Europe, North America, China and Taiwan! In 2011 the band celebrated their 30th year anniversary by releasing the albums ‘Free Time’ and ‘Osaka Ramones’, toured Europe and the US, played to thousands at the Summer Sundae festival, a live session for Marc Riley on BBC 6 music, an interview with Radcliffe and Maconie, and rounded out the year with a limited edition Christmas Single ‘Sweet Christmas’. In June 2012 Shonen Knife released their 18th Studio Album ‘Pop Tune’ which saw the band return to their Pop beginnings. Now in their 31st year of rock with over 900 gigs under their belt and able to play any of 90 songs at their fans request, this is a band on top form, so as Naoko says: ‘Let’s Rock!’

2013 European Tourdates
Sept 6 UK: Sheffield – Queens Social Club
Sept 7 UK: Stowmarket -John Peel centre
Sept 11 DE: Cologne, King George
Sept 13 AT: Ebensee – Kino
Sept 14 HR: Zagreb – Custard Factory
Sept 15 AT: Vienna – Chelsea
Sept 16 HU: Budapest – Durer Kert
Sept 17 SL: Bratislava – KC Dunaj
Sept 18 CZ: Prague – 007
Sept 19 DE: Stadt Nürnberg – KunstKulturQuartier
Sept 20 CH: Zug – Galvanik
Sept 21 Tokyo: Crazy Kawaii Paris festival
Sept 22 NL: Tilburg – Incubate Festival
Sept 25 BE: Nijdrop, Opwijk
Sept 26 NL: Rotterdam – Camera Japan Festival
Sept 27 NL: Utrecht – DB’s
Sept 28 BE: Bélvédère, Namu
Sept 29 UK: Dingwalls (‘Fans Choose The Set’ Show)


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