Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter,…..and Spring (2003) Review

Director: Kim Ki Duk
Casts: Kim Ki Duk, Oh Yeong Su, Kim Jong Ho, Kim Young Min, Seo Jae Kyung, and Ha Yeo Jin
Genre: Drama, Art House
Running Minutes: 103 minutes
Certi: 15

This film is spilt into five segments which are based on seasons. It tells a life of a Buddhist monk who stays with an old monk at a temple in an isolated lake. The Buddhist monk passes through the seasons of his life, from young till old.

There are two actions which need to be taken to enjoy this film: understand and appreciate. For understand, I think a lot while watching this film by understanding the life of a Buddhist monk, from childhood till old. At first, he is curious about love and he ends up in trouble. Because of that, he decides to go back to the temple and admit his mistakes. Thus, he trains himself to have a calm and stable mind. Like him, he understand that life is important (eg. not torturing the fish, frog, and snake) as they are like us. Also, an old monk is a mentor to the Buddhist monk as he teaches him life lesson. A good leader needs to lead a group that will benefit both sides. We are encountering situations in daily life. Thus, you can say that this film is reflecting that our life is like a treasure that we need to take care of them really well.

For appreciate, besides knowing the life of a Buddhist monk, we appreciate both art and natural sightings of this film which is separated into five sections by seasons. In my opinion, the director wants to show the beautiful nature of Korea that we can appreciate. The film production team put in their efforts to film at the national park to show the changing seasons that we truly love. Based on the four seasons, it takes months for film just to film the natural seasons which will definitely catch the audiences’ eyes. They will go ‘Wow, what amazing and natural sceneries of South Korea.’ I admire the nature as I feel that I want to go over to South Korea and take good nature photos. Therefore, I think it is a good way to promote South Korea through films that shows both culture and nature of their country. Like I said at the very beginning, if you want to enjoy this film, there are two actions that you need to do: understand and appreciate.

Rating: 8/10

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