Steppe Ahead: Ink Painting and Tantric Art from Mongolia

Date: 29 April – 5 May 2009
Venue: Burgh House, New End Square, Hampstead, London NW3 1LT.
Fee: Free admission
Opening Hours: : 12noon to 5:00pm Wednesday through Sunday, and by appointment on Saturdays.
More info: 07888 713429 or

Art Cafe at Lingua Global supported by the Mongolian Association in the UK and the Embassy of Mongolia in London presents Mongolian contemporary and traditional art.

Nurmaajav Tuvdendorj is one of a handful of artists inspired primarily by our Mongolian traditions. She produces her ink paintings using a spontaneous and very rapid technique, an imaginative process contributing to their disarmingly simple yet evocative character. Typical subjects include love, aristocracy, nomad life, and of course horses. Nurmaajav also displays her master in works using “earth paint” and gouache, typical materials used by our native artists over the centuries.
Otgonbayar Tod has a very interesting background, having for many years been the chief artist of the Mongolian Postal Service. In that capacity, he was involved in the design and production of over 500 Mongolian stamps. Otgonbayar’s style is more contemporary, using bold and striking colours. Many works reflect his particular interest in the theme of freedom: using Buddhist imagery of gods and goddesses, he deliberately breaks the rules associated with such iconography in a very personal and sometimes shocking way.

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