Stepping into the Unknown… Curating and Appreciating Lesser-known Films – Talk and Discussion with Chris Fujiwara

Widely acclaimed film curator, writer and critic Chris Fujiwara is the newly appointed Artistic Director of this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival. Bringing his vast knowledge and experience in film, Chris’ intervention as Artistic Director has revitalised the festival to provide a new spin, programming a diverse catalogue of lesser known and challenging films, including a broad range of Japanese films including the first retrospective of director Shinji Somai.

In this special talk, as an extension to the Japanese Cinema for Busy People Part 3 series, Chris will reflect on this year’s selection for the Edinburgh International Film Festival and will reveal his curatorial process, evaluating what his programme has achieved.

In a discussion to follow, Chris will be joined by Simon Ward, Acting Director of the Independent Cinema Office, Sonali Joshi, Artistic Director of Pan-Asia Film festival, and Eve Gabereau, Managing Director of Soda Pictures, to discuss the work of film curation and the exercise of judgment in programming lesser known foreign films. The discussion will also look into issues surrounding the reception of films outside their countries of origin, including both the reception of Japanese films in the UK and the appreciation of non-Japanese films in Japan. What aspects of films enable them to reach foreign audiences? How can festivals, critics and film enthusiasts help worthy films find an appreciative audience, and how can they help develop that audience?

This event will provide a compelling insight into the reality behind the strategies and efforts film professionals need to make in order to deliver lesser-known films to the audiences they deserve.

Date: 17 July 2012 from 6.30pm
Venue: The Japan Foundation, London

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