Supervisions: UK Korean Artists & Designers

Dates: 4 December 2009 – 6 February 2010
Venue: Korean Cultural Centre UK, Ground Floor, Grand Buildings, 1-3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW
Tel: +44 (0) 207 004 2600


Participating Artists & Designers:
CHUNG Daun, CHUNG Jae Yeon, HONG Kiwon, HONG Kyu, HONG Seung-pyo, JEE Mina, KANG Sangbin, KIM A Young, KIM Hwang, KIM Hyo Myoung, LEE Kyu-seon, LEE Seong Jun, PARK Hye-Joung, PARK Hyemin, PARK Yeojoo, PARK Young Joon, SEO Jung Ju, SONG Min Jeong, YOON Sang YoonThe British Council and the Korean Cultural Centre UK are pleased to announce Supervisions: UK Korean Artists. The exhibition attempts to capture a sense of the diversity of works produced by Korean artists and designers currently living in the UK. It presents work by nineteen individuals selected through an open call. 

Although there were no conditions attached to the submission and it had no particular theme, common subjects run through the exhibition. This year sees an interest in the issue of surveillance, networks and the visioning of space and territory. With this in mind, the title Supervisions naturally emerged, as a reference to the themes of observation and examination of the world and society.

The exhibition brings to the fore the acuity of Korean designers and artists – their responsiveness to atmosphere, place and the palpable but often invisible currents that seem increasingly to define and capture the minutiae of our everyday lives.

The exhibition has been curated by Emily Butler and Ellie Smith from the Visual Arts and the Architecture, Design, Fashion teams at the British Council, and Stephanie Seungmin Kim, Korean Cultural Centre UK. A specially commissioned publication designed by THIS IS Studio will accompany the exhibition.

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