The 2010 Z1000 takes the Super Naked concept in a totally new and strikingly contemporary direction

Mating Ninja ZX-9R-based engines with innovative chassis designs and striking bodywork, previous Z1000 models offered supersport performance adapted for the street, wrapped in the most avant-garde designs of the their time.
Now, the totally re-designed and re-engineered 2010 Z1000 takes the Super Naked concept in a positive and bold new direction. In order to deliver a kind of excitement never before experienced with Super Naked models, development of the new Z1000 started totally from scratch – resulting in a fresh and compelling new Super Naked machine.
Unlike the “mono-form” design of supersport models (where the ensemble is designed as a single piece), Kawasaki naked model designs are collections of parts – each meticulously crafted as both stand-alone components, and as parts of a whole.
While many Super Naked models are often no more than supersport models with the fairings removed, the new Z1000 realises a stunning VISUAL IMPACT by being conceived and created in complete design freedom.
Supersport-based engines and chassis offer high performance, but the number of riders who are able to enjoy this performance on the street is limited.
Rather than pursuing “speed” and performance figures, Z1000 development focused on the “excitement” derived from riding a sport bike on the street, thereby achieving a high RIDING IMPACT.
The new Z1000 takes the aggressive styling of its predecessor a major step forward.
From the sharply sloped front cowl design – made possible with the slim new line-beam headlamp – to the minimalist tail section, the new Z1000 presents a very condensed, “mass-forward” image.
This dynamic design is reinforced by the front fork covers and wide shrouds adorned with intakes for the new Cool Air system. Where its predecessor formed the image of an athlete poised to explode out of the blocks, the new Z1000 gives the appearance of a ominous predator feigning sleep – menacing and ready to leap forward without a moment’s hesitation.
Sharp front cowl slopes back at an acute angle, contributing to the aggressive design and the image of a low, forward-located centre of gravity.
In addition to protecting the inverted fork’s inner tubes, fork covers reinforce the low, mass-forward image.

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