The Autumn Concert Series “Bridge” by KAYA – Kayageum & Guitar

Date: Friday 21st October 2011 7pm – 8:30pm
Venue: Multi Purpose Hall, Korean Cultural Centre UK

The Korean Cultural Centre UK is delighted to invite you to the Autumn Concert Series “Bridge”, the beautiful harmony of the traditional Korean string instrument ‘Kayageum’ and the ‘Guitar’.

Please join us to experience the sensational trans-continental sounds of KAYA.

1. Sanjo (12 strings Kayageum)
2. Amazing Grace (25 strings Kayageum)
3. Thinking of you (Guitar)
4. Heart for the people (25 strings Kayageum & Guitar)
5. Your theme (25 strings Kayageum & Guitar)
6. Dokdo (25 strings Kayageum & Guitar)
7. Home (25 strings Kayageum, Guitar & Daegeum)
8. The narrow way (25 strings Kayageum & Guitar)
9. New Arirang (25 strings Kayageum, Guitar, Daegeum and Keyboad)

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