The Japan Foundation Touring Exhibition: out of the ordinary/extraordinary: japanese contemporary photography

Date: 19 March to 8 May 2010
Venue: The Civic, Barnsley
Organisaer: The Japan Foundation

Following its success and popularity in 2006, The Japan Foundation touring exhibition out of the ordinary/extraordinary will once again visit several venues across the UK during 2009. Featuring 11 Japanese artists, mostly from the younger generation, out of the ordinary extraordinary questions things in the world accepted as ‘obvious’ and reconstructs their meaning by reassessing the ‘relationship’ between the artists and the diverse elements of our ever-changing world.
The exhibition includes pregnant men posing in a fertility clinic, strangers photographed from outside the windows of their homes and a young woman dressing up in various teenage fashion trends to explore the superficial concept of “youth”; all providing a fascinating take on society as captured through the lens.

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