The Korean Neo-Confucianism of Yi Toegye and Yi Yulgok (Part 84)

After giving such an outline with a few general comments, Toegye discusses the eight points of dispute and the nine incompatible issues in an organised and systematic manner. He begins by clarifying his basic Four-Seven position in terms of i and ki:

You have said: “The nature of Heaven and Earth refers only to i; the physical nature refers to both i and ki combined. This means that the manifestation (of the Four) from i is certainly correct, but the manifestation (of the Seven) from ki does not refer to ki only.” To me, the nature of Heaven and Earth, as you have said, certainly refers to i only. But can there be i without ki? In the universe, there is no i without ki. It is not that there is only i. However, if the nature of HEaven and Earth can be spoken in terms of i only, then why can we not speak of the physical nature by referring to ki (only), even though i and ki are combined in it?

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