The London Korean Film Festival 2012: Deranged

Just before sunrise a number of gruesomely skeletal bodies are found floating in the Han River. The people appeared to of died in some kind of mass drowning. Before anyone can get to grips with the situation more and more cases of people being found dead by drowning, surface across the nation. The cause is soon determined to be a mutated parasite called hairworm that brainwashes its host to jump into water and commit suicide. With a short incubation period, a 100% fatality rate and no sign of the cause or a cure, the country descends into nationwide hysteria. Pharmaceutical company salesman Jae-hyeok discovers that his family is infected with the parasite and is desperate to find the cure. But in doing so, he uncovers a frightening conspiracy behind the infection.

Date: Thursday 8th November 20:45
Venue: London Odeon Panton St

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