The London Korean Film Festival 2012: King of Pigs

We live in an awful world, where the haves have everything, and the have-nots lose all. We feel terrible, depressed and angry about that, always looking for the hero who would solve all of our problems. Perhaps we just lost our self-confidence and hope to dump all of our problems on someone else. But if that hero existed, he would be like us. Would we be ready to accept it, wouldn’t this make us even more frustrated? Yeun Sang-ho

It’s been fifteen years since Jong-suk and Kyung-min, two high school friends, have seen each other. Both grew up poor and weak, constantly being picked on by others. The school they attended had the students separated into two factions, The Dogs, who were the richer, well to do, popular kids while the poor and scrawny kids were known as The Pigs. Jong-suk and Kyung-min were Pigs.

The two have dinner and talk about the old days, especially an old friend, Chul who used to stand up to The Dogs. Every time one of the Pigs was targeted Chul would retaliate a hundred fold. He had nothing but contempt for the Dogs and embraced his low social standing in society. Chul promised to always punish those that lorded over the weak with each act becoming crueller and crueller. After fifteen years what has become of Chul?

Date: Saturday 3rd November 20:30
Venue: London ICA

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