This Charming Girl (2010)

Director: Lee Yoon Ki
Casts: Kim Ji Soo, Hwang Jeong Min, Kim Hye Ok, Lee Dae Yeon, Kim Mi Seong, Seo Dong Won
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 95 minutes
Certi: 15 (South Korea)

A strange woman, Jeong Hae (Kim Ji Soo) works at the post office. Because of her personality, no one takes much interest of her. Then, a shy novelist (Hwang Jeong Min) frequently comes to the post office which makes Jung Hye’s expressions and personalities brighter. However, her hidden wound from her pasts revealed: her dead mother and an old friend. This film focuses on Jeong Hae’s life and the characters’ inner feelings. She is trying to forget about the past while moving on with her life and trying to fall in love again by being with the novelist.

I am giving this a two-side of a coin on this film. The good point about this film is focus about Jeong Hae’s daily life. There are some that are quite common to us. However, there are a few things that I find it awkward like buying kimchi through home shopping. Her personality can is interesting yet weird at the same time. What I find it interesting is about her trying to break the barriers and free herself from the pasts. By looking at her pasts, she has gone through hard times including her mother who passed away. She tries to be comfortable around her surroundings. Sometimes, she can be mental like, for example, why on earth would she follow the drunkard to the house. Yes, I understand that the drunkard’s problem reflects her dark pasts. But still, in reality, a person can’t just follow a stranger into a house. Lee Yoon Ki’s attempt on focusing Jeong Hae’s character and storyline is successful as it applies to some people in the society.

However, the problem is Lee Yoon Ki used a lot of long and out-of-focus shots. There are almost lots of silence in some scenes. I tried to be patient because I look into the Jeong Hae’s expressions but these shots are too long till I obviously know what might happened next. An example which I would like to point out is when Jeong Hae attempts to kill the old man who raped her when she was young. The two of them sit under shed and there is a very long and silence shot while their expressions are shown. Then, she walks off, goes to toilet, and there is another long shot where she cries. Other than that, I am disappointed with the ending. The novelist attempts to ask Jeong Hae out on a date. There is another long shot that I hold my breath and my mind says: Come on novelist say something. Jeong Hae, you know he’s going to ask you out on a date just accept it. In the end, nothing comes out but a blank screen. I was like ‘really?!?!’.

Overall, the storyline and Jeong Hae’s character is good but the film editing is horrible. I wouldn’t recommend this film if your patience and anxiety is not high. If you like to explore the character and filming, then go ahead. Otherwise, don’t watch it.

Rating: 6/10

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