Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 10 Review

Episode Recap

Young Rae’s mom is suffering from a nervous system disease caused by beriberi illness which means a lack of vitamin B1. Her sickness will get worse if she is not treated probably. However, Young Rae’s mother refuses to accept his treatment or see her daughter.

The Queen Dowager’s grand banquet is causing Minister Kim’s plan to take over Joseon on hold. He resolves to stop the banquet at all costs by protesting to The Queen Dowager’s palace. He adds that if she is to have the banquet while the people are suffering, this will hurt The Queen Dowager and royal family’s reputation. Even though Minister Kim had his hidden agenda, the Queen Dowager disregards his concerns and points out that she wonders whether Minister Kim is taking absolute power over the court. By the King’s command, the officials have to follow and the grand banquet will go on.

At Kyung Tak’s home, Myeong Bok begs his father’s forgiveness when he’s caught red-handed with more books. This time, Ha Eung doesn’t scold him. He hands him a book and advices him to study more. He tells his son that he will soon meet the elder from the royal family. As he said previously, he wants to make Myeong Bok the king.

Jin and Heo Gwang discuss Young Rae’s mother’s health, both of them knowing that the cure would be for her to eat foods rich in vitamin B1 (Heo Gwang doesn’t know what a “vitamin” is but he knows how to treat the disease all the same). However, she will not eat anything. Young Rae overhears the conversation and goes to a pray at a secluded house functioning as a makeshift Catholic Church, presided over by a Western priest. One of the worshippers inside turns out to be Ha Eung’s wife.

Ha Eung budges into the evil government officials’ meeting in the gibang. He sarcastically asks Minister Kim why the assassins were attacking him. He even adds that Dae Guyn was part of this which makes Dae Gyn uncomfortable. Minister Kim denies it. Ha Eung acts so relived and hope for them to catch the culprit for doing such sinful act.

At Hwalinseo, Jin and Young Rae try to figure out how to get her mother to eat the vitamins she needs. Then, Young Rae recalls that her mother likes to eat sweet things. Jin remembers the time that he made donuts with Mi Na. Thus, they decide to make donuts with nutritious ingredients. Young Rae and the staffs love the donuts which they made. Young Rae asks what this treat is and Jin replies that it is a donut.

Kyung Tak argues about Ha-eung’s assassination plot is concerned which he is praised by Minister Kim. Since Dae Gyun is unhappy about this, he approaches to Kyung Tak and starts to have a quarrel with him because of Kyung Tak’s overconfidence. Kyung Take tells him off by saying that the Minster Kim’s blood is flowing in his veins and he warns Dae Gyun that he is not going be bullied easily. Dae Gyun sarcastically says about Kyung Tak losing Young Rae.

Young Hwi lies to his mother that he got these donuts (made by Jin and Young Rae) from the market. At first, she couldn’t eat but after he left, she takes one of the donuts and eat it. He reports the good news to Young Rae and lets her know that one day, her mother will understand her.

Young Hwi has a secret meeting with his members who inform him that some of their comrades have been captured by the police. At the gibang, Joo Pal is happy that he receives robes of a government official from Ha Eung. Young Hwi stops by to visit Ha Eung. Ha Eung suggests that Young Hwi’s gang should be at the banquet as a backup should Minister Kim pull a stunt. However, Young Hwi requests Ha Eung to persuade the Queen Dowager to free his captured comrades first. After some quarrel, there is no end but let the situation go. Then, Young Hwi finds his comrades’ severed heads on display in the marketplace.

The grand banquet is in preparations. Joo Pal happily walks along, by Ha Eung’s side, with his new robes and being in charge to make sure the party is packed when the time comes. The Queen Dowager’s favourite performer, who is in full recovery thanks to Jin’s surgery, is going to perform at the banquet. The Hwalinseo doctors bring a sample of Jin’s donuts to Ha-eung. They add that these donuts have become popular in town. Thus, Ha Eung excitedly declares that they’ll serve them to the Queen Dowager at the party. Meanwhile, after Doctor Yoo and Minister Kim hear about the donuts, they initiate another evil plan – put poison in the donuts.
In the secret meeting, Young Hwi’s comrades suggest to kill Minister Kim to avenge their comrades’ death. Young Hwi hesitates as he is going to kill his best friend’s father. He goes to Kyung Tak to have a heart-to-heart conversation. He adds that it is better for them to not to see each other but he will know that Kyung Tak is a friend that he is thankful for. He leaves as Kyung Tak is confused about what Young Hwi has just said to him.

Young Rae comes to Hwalinseo and tells Jin that her mother’s health has improved thanks to the donuts. She turns the awkwardness between them around by saying that Mi Na is a caring and beautiful person. Jin replies that that is the reason why he must go back to where he came from. Ha Eung and Myeong Bok come for a visit. She passes off the donuts for the Queen Dowager to Ha Eung. Both Jin and Ha Eung recall their first meeting when Jin almost fell off from the cliff and is saved by Ha Eung. Then, there are flashbacks when they have great memories together. Ha Eung asks Jin whether he looks like a beggar last time but Jin assures that he isn’t. Jin recalls back to the future where he is with Mi Na who is reading a book on Ha Eung’s life. The point is that Mi Na told him that Ha Eung saved Joseon from the evil Andong Kim clan and created a better Joseon for the people.

In the past, Ha Eung assures both himself and Jin that he will change Joseon and save the oppressed citizens. Jin is convinced and advices Ha Eung to do what he must to make history that everyon hopes for which makes Ha Eung curious about history.

That night, Chun Hong finds Young Hwi struggling to hold back his tears as the banquet draws ever near. In the end, Young Hwi and his gang are disguised as policemen and their plan is kill Minister Kim. Young Hwi volunteers to kill Minister Kim by himself. He instructs his men to slay Minister Kim should he fail. With his intense eyes, he vows that once he send Minister Kim to hell, he will meet him later.

At the banquet, The Queen Dowager addresses all those gathered that such a luxurious feast isn’t just for her birthday. Joo Pal brings up the atmosphere among the crowd by cheering for the Queen Dowager. Young Hwi and his men run into two guards before climbing to the rooftops, and silently kill them before any alarm is sounded. Meanwhile, Chun Hong and the other gisaengs a synchronized dance in ceremonial wear. At the streets, Kyung Tak notice that there are two guards, who are supposed to be guarding, are missing.

At the kitchen, one of the palace maids tastes all the food to test for poison. She eats one of the donuts and finds that there are no immediate effects. Young Hwi positions himself at the rooftop so he can get a clear shot at Minister Kim. The palace maids present the food, including the donuts, to the Queen Dowager. Dae Gyun looks anxious as she watches her taking a bit of the donuts but she is distracted by a performance just in time.

While wandering through the streets, he sees Young Hwi on the rooftop innocently alerts Kyung-tak to his presence. Jin holds an umbrella over Young-rae’s head to protect her from the sun. Kyung Tak can’t recognize Young Hwi with a mask on, but shoots the assassin targeting his father all the same, sending Young Hwi tumbling from the rooftop with a bullet in his arm.

Ha Eung introduces Myeong Bok to the Queen Dowager, who praises his intelligence and offers him a reward of donuts. Dae Gyun tries to avoid by suggesting that she should eat first which is so obviously suspicious but she gives Myeong Bok some donuts. He leaves while enjoying eating donuts. Kyung Tak chases a masked Young Hwi down which leads to a fight between the police force and the gang. His comrades volunteer to sacrifice themselves so Young Hwi can escape. In the end, both Kyung Tak and Young Hwi are fighting against each other at a deserted street. They continue to fight until Kyung Tak slices the mask off Young Hwi’s face. His eyes are wide open as he see the true identity: his best friend, Young Hwi. When he decides to make a run for it Kyung Tak gets a clear shot at his back and hesitates, his hands shaking, and loses the nerve. He cries out in frustration as he fires the shot into the air, and Young Hwi pauses just long enough to register what’s happened with tears in his eyes.

Back at the banquet, the Queen Dowager finally takes a bite of a donut and feels in pain after eating it. Doctor Yoo declares it as arsenic poison. Then, she is moved to a more private quarters. Outside, Jin hears from Ha Eung that the Queen Dowager is having poison after eating the donuts. He asks Young Rae to get his medical bag from Hwalinseo. The officials are screaming and bowing while Minister Kim has the confused look on his face. Both Jin and Ha Eung argue with Doctor Yoo that Jin should save the Queen Dowager as soon as possible. However, Doctor Yoo points out that according to the law, the royal doctor has the right to treat the royal family members. Jin suggests that Doctor Yoo should perform the stomach pumping with his own hands while Jin sits right beside him to direct him through it.

Doctor Yoo awkwardly does the surgery while Jin directs him. He calmly instructs him on how to insert the rubber tubing into the Queen Dowager’s mouth so it reaches her stomach. From there, it’s a matter of emptying the contents. Jin smells the liquid from the bowl and finds that there is arsenic. Doctor Yoo arrogantly says that he knew it from the very start. Next, he has to flush her stomach. Meanwhile, Kyung Tak is in this thought after he found out that Young Hwi is the leader of the gang. After flushing the stomach, the Queen Dowager needs to drink the detox mix. Dae Gyun gets up and leave while others are focused on the procedure. The Queen Dowager is relived that she is alive. Everyone is happy with tears. Jin and Young Rae leave.

Outside the gates, Dae Gyun and the polica officers arrest them. Dae Guyn accuses Jin for poisoning the donuts so that Jin could show off his medical skills. Ha Eung points out that is impossible as the royal kitchen maid and his son, Myeong Bok didn’t get the poison. Dae Gyun doesn’t care and orders the police men to take them to jail. Jin and Young Rae are sent off to the bureau.

Ha Eung strategizes a plan with Chun Hongto save Jin and Young Rae. However, Chun Hong advices him to lay low so that he will not get into trouble since he was the Andong Kim clan’s target. Also, she tells him that he can’t depend on the gang because Young Hwi survived from being killed by Kyung Tak. Kyung Tak sees the evil government officials leaving his father’s room. Dae Gyun gives him the ‘good’ news that luckily he is not the husband of the traitor. Kyung Tak finds that Young Rae tried to poison the Queen Dowager.

Young Rae screams as she undergoes torture at the police bureau, with Jin tied down to a chair next to her and unable to help. He holds on to his pain while protesting his innocence to to Dae Gyun, the official interrogator. Dae-gyun claims he’ll free Jin and Young Rae on one condition: they have to say that Ha Eung is the one who plan to poison the Queen Dowager. Jin doesn’t want to since he wants to protect Ha Eung. Then, Dae Gyun goes to Young Rae who is in pain. Dae Gyun forces her to say Ha Eung’s name or else she will get the hot iron torture. Young Rae gives Dae Gyun the fiery eyes and says that she will not confess to a crime that she did not commit. Thus, she gets the hot iron. Kyung Tak comes in and sees, while not doing anything, the whole torture scenario. Jin shouts at them to stop as the sound of searing flesh is heard, and Young Rae falls unconscious.

Point of View

There is one problem with this episode: editing problem. You know the part where the Queen Dowager makes an announcement during the banquet. You will notice that the camera out of focus and bad sound editing. I am not sure that the director did that on purpose or not. However, surely he must have double check every single element (including the quality of filming in this episode) before it was being broadcast. It makes my mind go nuts when the scenes skip from time to time. A scene for just a few minutes and then cut to the next continuously non-stop.

There some interesting character developments in this episode: Ha Eung and Young Hwi. Even though Young Hwi is one of the supporting characters in this drama, he shows his intense emotions when it comes between saving peoples’ lives and his friendship with Kyung Tak. I can sense the tension that he is going through. Furthermore, he believes that he has to save the people from the evil government officials. Once he works together with Ha Eung, I’m sure something interesting will happen. Thank goodness for Kyung Tak letting Young Hwi live. Kyung Tak being pressured about why is all happening to him especially he found out that his best friend, Young Hwi, is the ‘Robin Hood’. It will be great to see the intense between Kyung Tak and Young Hwi quarrels and fights. This will be interesting.

Ha Eung’s side story starts to be revealed as he tries to get closer to the Queen Dowager with the help of Jin. You can see that Mi Na explains that Ha Eung is the one who saved Joseon era. It will be great to see the mix of saving his country and, might happened, having bad sides of him in this drama. That is to make friendship a bit rough with Jin. Anyway, I still supporting Ha Eung to have a heart of gold to help the people and creating a better Joseon kingdom. If Jin believes that Ha Eung will be the saviour, he will help him out as much as possible. More detail about Ha Eung’s story while being on track about the main point of the story and a balance of characters’ development, please. I have a feeling that in the next few episodes, there is going to be a climax and this better be good.

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