Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 11 Review

Episode Recap

Kyung Tak walks out after silently watching the torture. Young Rae’s mother, who is waitng outside, asks him about Young Rea. However, he gives her a gentle reminder that he has nothing to do with Young Rae anymore. Doctor Yoo points out that it is difficult the expected confession while Minister Kim is talking to his plants. In the meeting between Minister Kim and Kyung Tak, Kyung Tak lies about the gang leader to protect Young Hwi. He slowly brings out the subject of the Queen Dowager’s poisoning. Then, he tries to evade from his father by saying that he doesn’t care about Young Rae anymore.

After being tortured, Jin gets the chance to talk to Young Rae before they are sent into separate jail rooms. Although she looks like she is in pain, she insists that the pain that she feel is nothing compared to his. She feels sorry for Jin to come to this time and place only to experience horrible things, and feels bad for him.
Doctor Yoo brings in the Hwalinseo doctor to testify that he saw Jin and Young Rae meet secretly with Ha Eung. Because of that, Ha Eung is brought to the bureau by Kyung Tak and his men. He questions Kyung Tak if he truly believes that he is the one who poison the Queen Dowager. However, Kyung Tak, again, says that this has nothing to do with him. Ha Eung declares that the police supposed to find out who is behind this set-up and wonders whether Kyung Tak still cares about Young Rae. Kyung Tak wavers a bit but Ha Eung is sent off to prison.

Joo Pal tells Young Hwi and Chun Hong that one of the queen’s maids disappeared after the Queen Dowager was poisoned. Suddenly, they hear the news that Ha Eung has been sent to prison. They know that Minister Kim is not going to lose the game thus wanting Ha Eung to be gone. Young Hwi decides to save not only Ha Eung but also both Young Rae and Jin. Young Hwi orders Joo Pal to mobilize his minions so that they can search for that missing palace maid as soon as possible.
Ha Eung protests that he is innocent. Minister Kim shuts him up by saying that he has received the royal command to hang Ha Eung, Jin, and Young Rae, for their evil plot to poison the Queen Dowager, at sunrise tomorrow.

Lonely Kyung Tak thinks back over what Ha Eung said about him being controlled by his father who is doing the wrong things and Young Hwi’s requests to take care of Young Rae should something happen to him. A sword, which is wielded by Young Hwi, is almost near Kyung Tak’s neck. Both of them have an ideological battle. Young Hwi is fighting to break the Joseon free from the evil Andong Kim clan while Kyung Tak is fighting to protect this world. Kyung Tak is disappointed about Young Hwi who had betrayed him while Young Hwi is disappointed as Kyung Tak is not saving Young Rae from death. Young Hwi surrenders himself as the gang leader in exchange for Young Rae’s life. Kyung Tak decides to let him go and reinvestigate the case.
Jin and Ha Eung, who in the same jail room, have a nice conversation. Ha Eung wonders if his life is going to end like this but Jin points out that his fate does not end like this. Ha Eung gives him the side eye and points that he says strange things as if he knows his fate. Meanwhile, Young Rae’s mother gets to visit Young Rae in jail and thanks her for the donuts which revived her health. Since the beginning, she knew that Young Rae has made the doughnuts. Young Rae asks her mother whether she has resent her as a daughter but her mother replied that she didn’t as she truly cares for her.

Kyung Tak hears from the investigator that one of the palace maids who served the donuts has disappeared, along with the plate which is one of the evidence. Kyung Tak sends his investigator to find the palace maid.
The next day, Jin and Ha Eung are brought out. Young Rae quickly hids her rosary before the guards bring her out. Kyung Tak’s investigator has found the maid who refuses to come to the bureau. Kyung Tak decides to go and see her. Nervous palace maid spill the beans about the evil plot to Kyung Tak. She adds that his father is the one who managed that set-up which shock Kyung Tak. Kyung Tak asks for the plate which is handed over by the palace maid. He asks whether if she told anyone else. At first, he promises her that he’ll pay back for her help, but he draws his sword and kills her because of his father.

At the public execution, Jin, Ha Eung, and Young Rae have nooses put around their necks and their feet tied. Jin looks at Ha Eung while he monologues that, in history, Ha Eung lives. Young Rae feels that it is the end of her. She asks Jin about that ‘other world’. She hopes that if she is a different person in that world, she wonders whether they can meet again and remember each other. Ha Eung claims that if there is another world he’d like to be born as king to build a new Joseon. Jin continues to think that this is not the end of him, Ha Eung, and Young Rae.

Ha Eung voices out his final words to Minister Kim that if he was the oe who write history, he will tell the truth about how evil the Andong Kim clan is which makes their family generations and descendants ashamed. Minister Kim tells him off that he will write history that Ha Eung was the royal relative who acted like a dog which your descendants will be so proud off. The hanging begins. The nooses are tightened and just as the footrests are going to be removed from under them, an officer on horseback arrives and declares to stop the execution on the king’s command. Thus, they are saved.

The ministers meet and the Nephew-in-law brings out the plate, which has arsenic, as evidence. Dae Gyun has the obvious look and declares that one of the palace maid is the one who done it. He wonders whether she said anything else. The Nephew-in-law points out that she committed suicide. Thus, the King has ordered Jin and his friends to be free. On the other hand, Minister Kim places his last card – the palace maid did not do it alone.

Young Rae’s mother takes Young Rae home. Heo Gwang tells Jin that Ha Eung wll be exiled to Geoje Island. Jin thinks about the changes in history. Ha Eung’s wife and Myeong Bok follow him as he is taken to exile. Ha Eung reminds his son to remember his face and not to forget what happens if there is no power in the family. A flashback comes when Ha Eung taught Myeong Bok the fundamentals of life and power. He believes that his son will be the one, on his behalf, to change Joseon.

Jin and Young Rae meet with Nephew-in-law who tells them that Kyung Tak was the one who found the evidence to release them. Meanwhile, Kyung Tak is beaten by his brother in front of his father for going against his family. Kyung Tak claims that he is doing this for the family. Minister Kim takes Kyung Tak’s gun and holds it out to him. He wants Kyung Tak to shoot himself if he really respects the family. Kyung Tak hesitates a bit, takes the gun, bids farewell to his father, and pulls the trigger. It turns out that nothing happens to him as his father has already taken the bullet out from the gun. He is impressed with Kyung Tak’s nobility and decides to send Kyung Tak to the countryside. Dae Gyun doesn’t like the idea but Minister Kim believes that he will need Kyung Tak when there are troubles in the near future.

Young Rae sees Kyung Tak leaving the city. Jin asks Chun Hong about Ha Eung’s fate. She replies that Ha Eung won’t go down that easily and Jin knows about this. Jin is curious until he is shock that Chun Hong knows that he is from the future.

Evil government officials discuss and decide that Ha Eung must be killed before the Queen Dowager recovers. They plan to get the King’s command for Ha Eung to drink poison before he leaves for the island.

Jin keeps asking Chun Hong whether she knows a way that he can return to his time. There is only one way: put everything back the way it was in Joseon period. She points out that Jin has made a huge mistake that changed everything: saving Minister Kim’s life with brain surgery. Jin realizes that he has been gone through hard times because of Minister Kim, the man whom he saved when he shouldn’t have. She says that Ha Eung’s future would change. Chun Hong orders Jin to change back the way it was. She adds that Young Rae’s fate can’t be changed. Thus, he can’t be close with Young Rae.

Jin finds Young Rae in the penicillin laboratory and persuades her to go home. He points out that there is no historical record about a woman who has professional medical skills. He adds that she reminds him of Mi Na but they are both two different people. Young Rae left and reaches home. She finds out that Young Hwi, with his injured arm, left to Hanyang. Her mother wants to go and see him but Young Rae volunteers to go find Young Hwi.

Heo Gwang brings the Hwalinseo doctor who is the culprit for burning the clinic and putting Jin and his friends into almost a near death punishment. The doctor begs for mercy because he wants money for his family. He announces that the the royal inspector has already left to deliver poison to Ha Eung. Jin realizes that this is what Chun Hong meant that Ha Eung’s future would change. He goes off riding with Joo Pal to find Ha Eung before the Royal inspector and his men comes. Jin hopes that Ha Eung must stay alive. Chun Hong and Yeong Shim talk about Ha Eung’s fate. Yeong Shim believes that it is based on fate while Chun Hong says that it depends on the person’s will.

Evil government officials happily discuss as they know that Ha Eung’s life will end. Doctor Yoo persuades Minister Kim to kill Jin who believes that he will get in their way. However, Minister Kim is not interested in that since everyone knows Jin’s extraordinary medical skill but he might be dangerous when the time comes.
Ha Eung finds a village full of villagers who are mourning for their closed ones lay dead in the streets. One of the villagers explains to Ha Eung that it’s the government taxes and fees that have sucked the village dry.
Jin and Joo Pal have been continuously riding for days to catch up to Ha Eung while Joo Pal’s minion goes on foot. They’re not far behind the Royal inspector. Jin suggests moving forward while Joo Pal feels exhausted. Suddenly, they are surrounded by a group of bandits and taken to the hideout. Jin pleads to the leader to set them free since they are in a hurry to save someone’s life. Joo Pal boasts that he is one of the government officials which the leader hates the most.

The leader plans to sell them as slaves to the Chinese sailors but he doesn’t know what to do with skinny Jin. They are about to be sent off when suddenly the leader starts to grip his head and scream that there is a bug in his head. Joo Pal points out that Jin is the finest physician in Joseon so he can destroy that insects like no other. Jin pours oil into the leader’s ear to to suffocate the bug. The leader screams even louder and all the men in the room hold him down. Finally, the leader stops screaming. Jin removes the bug from the leader’s ear and his men jumps for joy. Due to his bravery, the bandit leader offers one of his men to help leading Jin to where he needs to go.

Joo Pal and his minion knock down the guards and Jin finds Ha Eung. Jin persuade Ha Eung to leave with him because the poison is coming to him. However, Ha Eung sits down and prepares himself to drink poison with nobility as he needs to respect the King’s royal command. Jin, in tears, desperately begs Ha Eung to live and reminds him that Ha Eung supposed to change Joseon which is his dream. Ha Eung is confused about Jin’s behaviour. Jin is struggling about whether to tell him the truth that he is from the future. Jin points out that he doesn’t want to lose a friend like Ha Eung.

The Royal Inspector arrives outside. He commands Ha Eung to come outside and drink the poison. Inside, Ha Eung thanks Jin as a friend who sends him off and he has no regrets in ending his life. He goes outside while dressed in his royal clothing. He kneels before the poison while listing to the King’s royal command. Jin cries as he can’t believe that it will end like this. Ha Eung performs the formal bowing ceremony before receiving the poison. He sends his heartfelt apologies to the King, and begs for forgiveness. At the tent in the countryside, Kyung Tak receives urgent news. Ha Eung brings the poison to his lips while Jin cries in the room.

Point of View

Thank goodness that Jin doesn’t need to take care of the people who have sickness (eg. brain surgeries, cholera etc) throughout this episode. This time, the main focus is on the historical events: Jin helping Ha Eung to change Joseon for the people and be free from the hands of the evil government officials. Looks to me that this is the climax where there are conflicts in this drama.

Now, Jin has to put that time the way it was so he can go back in time which is going to be complicated, I guess. I think at the following events, something might happen to Ha Eung and Jin will save him since both of them are friends. I mean, I don’t think Ha Eung will not die that fast since he is the one who wants to save Joseon. If he dies, then the story will end and Jin will be stuck in the Joseon era. For Jin, since he knows about Joseon history, I’m sure that he will somehow change back the way it was. He has to make sure that Ha Eung is able to save Joseon. Whenever they are at the near death, they are for sure going to be saved by someone or a particular historical event. I am curious about whether the things that he invented like penicillin will affect the future.

Kyung Tak starts to shine through his doubts between both sides: the good guys like Jin and the bad guys like his father. He wants to do the right thing but, because of his father, he is doing the wrong things like killing an innocent royal maid. I could say that he is having the rough time of making both sides safe and sound. He doesn’t want to get the scolding from his father by reasoning him. Well, probably, as this drama goes on, Kyung Tak might decide to leave the bad guys and be one of the good guys.

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