Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 12 Review

Episode Recap

A riot happens as a group of peasants storm the area which stops Ha Eung from drinking the poison. They start beating the officials leaving Ha Eung bewildered and alive. Jin recognizes an historical event: Donghak Peasant Revolution which means revolting against the corrupt officials. Minster Kim and other officials heard the news and think of ways to prevent this from gaining more power. Since it happened at Jinju, where Minister Kim exiled Kyung Tak, Kyung Tak will be in charge even though Dae Gyun is against it.

At Jinju, Ha Eung tries to stop the peasants from taking the Royal Inspector away which they turn on him. Jin and Joo Pal step up to defend him. Ha Eung courageously voices out that he’s a relative of the King.
Minister Kim and evil government officials found out that the Queen Dowager has woken up and they are in big trouble. The Queen Dowager is enraged towards Minister Kim’s plan on Ha Eung’s execution. Thus, she has already convinced the King to reverse the order to save Ha Eung.

The Royal Inspector is saved but Ha Eung still wants to continue the execution because he needs to respect the King’s command. Luckily, the Queen Dowager’s messenger arrives with a new royal command. Ha Eung is saved from death.

While Young Rae and her maidservant are on their way to see her brother, they come upon a village where the rebellion just happened. A child, with her hanbok ripped, bumps into them. She is escaping from the rapists: an evil magistrate and his men. He claims that he wants to ‘interrogate’ her. Young Rae faces off with magistrate which he immediately kills the girl and intend to interogate Young Rae as well. Thankfully, she is save by Jin and his friends who are on their way back to the city by horseback.

Near the main gate of Jinju, Kyung Tak and his soldiers arrive to settle the situation while the magistrate and his men are ambushed by peasants on their way to the gate. Ha Eung convinces Young Rae to go back to the city with them to avoid being hurt from the battle between rioters and royal forces. However, Young Rae insists that she continues to look for her brother and asks her maidservant to go with them. Jin decides to go with Young Rae in order to protect her. Ha Eung promises to do what he can to console the citizens once he is back in the city. Jin agrees to return soon and putting Joo Pal in charge of protecting Ha Eung’s safety.

Young Rae is annoyed as Jin follow her and insists that she can go on her own while Jin points out that he is just heading this way too. Jin helps her to get rid of the blister from her toe. They have a heart-to-heart conversation including Young Rae who says that in this world, their fate and connection would only be up to that much. Suddenly, the magistrate survived from the ambush with a sword wound to the stomach. Jin quickly helps in him while Young Rae stands there in shock because of what the Magistrate has done to the girl just now.

Ha Eung meets the Queen Dowager and respectfully asks her to punish him by death which the Queen Dowager proclaims that she has done so much to save him from death. She is already aware about the riot in Jinju so Ha Eung asks her to grant him the King’s royal command which allows him to lay out his strategy of tax law reformation and punishment for corrupt officials in order to ease public sentiment.

Young Rae points out that the magistrate should not be saved when Jin asks her to help with the surgery. She tells Jin about his crimes but Jin thinks differently. Young Rae asks whether Jin will be responsible if the magistrate lived to kill ten or even one hundred people. Jin continues to assure Young Rae that a doctor’s job isn’t to determine who should live or die, but to do their utmost in saving the person in front of them. Young Rae still doesn’t agree. Jin asks her honestly if she thought that being a doctor is just giving injections and handing out prescriptions. If she thinks that way, then he has taught her wrong. He recalls what Mi Na had said about him which makes him think differently. Young Rae shouts that she is Young Rae, not Mi Na. She declares that she will not assist him in the surgery and leaves.

Jin continues to save the magistrate before a group of rioters surrounds the hut to find the magistrate. Then, Young Rae shows up and blocks them from entering the building. She pulls out her silver knife to her own neck to threaten them if they try to go inside. Jin finisihes the surgery and let them in. In the end, the rioters take both Jin and Young Rae away.

The King is sick and declares that the Court will have absolute power of controlling the rebellion. Ha Eung faces off with Minister Kim. Minister Kim advices him not to meet the public with more force go unheeded because of his constant visits with the Queen Dowager.

Jin and Young Rae are brought into the fortified city and finds Young Hwi as the leader of the rioters. They are shocked to see him. Kyung Tak is aware that Young Hwi is behind this as he previously met him in the battle. He prepares to attack the city. As the rebels prepare for battle, Young Hwi explains that he become the leader for the sake of saving the society from the evil government officials. Jin tries to persuade that there is no point in doing this. Young Hwi throws back at him as in whether he will give up in saving the patient since he is trying to save the people. Jin know that based on history, there is no full-scale battle like this. Suddenly, he realizes that this happened because he saved Young Hwi’s life which change history as Young Hwi is in charge of the rebellion.

Ha Eung meets with Officer Lee and Chung Hong to discuss about the King’s health and heir to the throne. They feel that Doctor Yoo is always at the King’s side. Then, Ha Eung suggests that they move Jin to the royal clinic which Officer Lee believes that is impossible because it is Doctor Yoo’s decisions on who should be in the royal clinic. Chun Hong has an idea. Ha Eung finds Minister Kim’s official gambling away at Joo Pal’s gambling den.

Kyung Tak prepares a force to storm the rebel strong hold while Young Hwi keeps the magistrate as hostage and trump card if the battle didn’t go smoothly. He is upset that Jin and Young Rae has not left the city as Young Rae insists that she is not going anywhere without him. Jin still asks Young Hwi to stop the battle but Young Hwi ignores it. The war drums signal the start of the battle. Young Hwi says his last words to Young Rae before going into battle.

Let the battle begins. Kyung Tak’s forces storming the fort while the rebels struggle to defend it with bows, arrows, and rocks. Kyung Tak’s forces are winning as he ordered his gunmen to shoot before sending in the battering ram to take down the gate. They breach the walls. Young Hwi and his rebels escape as Kyung Tak and his men start attacking within the city. They bring the magistrate along with them.

Instead of Jin and Young Rae fleeing, Jin decides to go back and help the wounded. He asks her to go back because he doesn’t want her, not Mi Na, to be in danger anymore. They heard a gunshot coming from the field where Kyung Tak’s and Young Hwi’s forces battle each other while the magistrate runs into hiding. The magistrate finds Kyung Tak’s gun and takes it away. Kyung Tak and Young Hwi fights through the forest and onto a cliff.

Kyung Tak and Young Hwi have a talk about friendship but this time they are battling through swords. Young Hwi thanks him for saving Young Rae from hanging. They continue to fight until Young Hwi is on the ground with Kyung-tak’s sword at his neck. Kyung Tak is about to strike but lets him go in the end. He declares that his friend has left to another world. Suddenly, the magistrate shoots at Young Hwi with Kyung Tak’s gun. The blood from the wound spatters onto Kyung Tak’s face. Jin and Young Rae arrive and find Young Hwi being shot which he falls over the edge of the cliff. Kyung Tak rushes to edge of the cliff and calls out his name. The magistrate boasts about his bravery in killing the rebel letter and he ends up being slashed by Kyung Tak. Young Rae cries out for her brother at the edge of the cliff.

Ha Eung plans a set-up with Kim Byung Ok, one Minister Kim’s evil government officials. Ha Eung reminds him that he trades the government rice for gambling money. Thus, Ha Eung is controlling him. Dae Gyun is unhappy that Kyung Tak has won the battle against the rebels and he is coming back to the house.
Chun Hong tells Ha Eung that the rebel leader was killed but they didn’t know that it was Young Hwi. Meanwhile, Jin is tending to an unconscious and feverish Young Rae in Kyung Tak’s Jinju outpost. He recalls Young Rae’s words about being responsible for the magistrate taking peoples’ lives away. This includes the magistrate has killed Young Hwi. Kyung Tak orders Jin to leave with Young Rae. Jin blames himself for everything that has happened. Kyung Tak points out that Young Hwi chose the path of death by himself. Kyung Tak is left to tend to Young Rae. He thinks back time when he was awkward with Young Rae as he tries to buy a norigae for Young Rae at the market. Young Hwi playfully places his hand on Kyung Tak’s hand which makes Kyung Tak thinks that it’s Young Rae’s hand he’s holding. Back in the present, Kyung Tak is finally able to hold her hand.

Ha Eung stops his son on the way to school and asks him the virtuous Joseon about life and virtuous including what is the importance of being a good king. Myeong Bok points out that people should be ruled by virtue and not force. He meets the Queen Dowager to grant the permission to allow Jin to work at the royal clinic. She agrees if Ha Eung will take care of Doctor Yoo. So, he asks Kim Byung Ok for help.

In the meeting, Kim Byung Ok brings out the idea of having Jin in the royal clinic so that Doctor Yoo can control over Jin. Minister Kim agrees but knows that Kim Byung Ok is being strange. Doctor Yoo lets Jin into the royal clinic as they might put blame on him for causing the King to die.

Jin tells Ha Eung about Young Hwi’s death and blames himself for being responsible for this since he saved the man who killed him hours before. Ha Eung informs Jin that he has been ordered to transfer to the royal clinic. Jin thinks about what Chun Hong said about the change of history. In the end, he decides to join in to the royal clinic. Ha Eung accompanies Jin. Doctor Yoo gives Jin his first job: taking care of King Cheoljong. All of them went to greet the King at his private room.

Point of View

A great historical episode, indeed. Finally, a drama that focuses on history rather than showing awkward and complicated scenario that doesn’t happen in reality. It embraces history and Ha Eung’s story has been shown. Thank you, writers. I am impressed with the Donghak Peasant Revolution as one of the historical event which happened in the Joseon era. There are two reasons: dramatic historical event and great use of characters. Also, this gives Jin a shock since he knows about how this historical event actually supposed to happen in the first place which is he should not have save Young Hwi in the first place. That is really good as he starts to realize that he has to put back the way it is in Joseon era.

Kyung Tak, yes, is still at the darker route but hesitates to go to the light at the end of the tunnel. He conveys his emotion really well as he has conflicts with the people around him. Although he is a nice guy for saving Young Hwi and cares about Young Rae, but then you see him couldn’t care but just killing innocent people. The complications as him, being a crazy man, is fascinating. Keep it up, Jae Joong. I am glad that he didn’t stab Young Hwi by his own sword. He rather kills the magistrate. For him, I think he does that because he cares about Young Hwi and they used to be best friends since childhood. Then again, his father, who is the puppeteer, is controlling him. Kyung Tak better break free from his father’s palms.

I know Young Rae is shocked that the magistrate has killed an innocent girl which she tells Jin not to save him. Yes, she is having a rough time about finding Young Hwi but he died in the end. But, somehow, I feel that, in this episode, she is being stubborn. Really stubborn. At least, Jin tells her that, disregarding good and bad people, he has to do his upmost best to save the magistrate. To be honest, as far as this drama goes, Young Rae is my least favourite character. Number 1: there’s not much development of this character. Number 2: I don’t like how she is portrayed which is seriously complicated. On a good side note, she is able to show her expressions really well. I hope the writers can do something about this character.

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