Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 13 Review

Episode Recap

Ha Eung and Jin are surprised that Cheoljong, the ailing king, is interested in women and partying more than health or politics. When they come out, Ha Eung describes Cheoljong as a scarecrow that Minister Kim placed on the rice field that is Joseon which Minister Kim believes that he owns it. Jin recalls that Cheoljong is a puppet of the Andong Kim clan and an illiterate farmer. Based on history, he is going to die because of an illness. At Hwalinseo, Heo Gwang is excited that he is going to work with Jin at the Royal Clinic. They stop for a moment as Heo Gwang asks Jin whether he heard the news: Young Rae is back in the capital.

Kyung Tak brings Young Rae back to her home. He tells her that both of them did not see Young Hwi. She understands and walks slowly to see her mother. Jin offers his condolences to Kyung Tak and Kyung Tak assures him that he would have killed Young Hwi either way. While struggling to hold back the tears, Young Rae has to lie to her mother that Young Hwi is studying for the government exams. Young Rae passes by Jin, who wants to see her, and walks into her room. She sinks to the floor and sob.

Kyung Tak goes back home to see Minister Kim and he gets a promotion into an imperial guard for his hardworking effort in suppressing the riots. Minister Kim makes it clear that Kyung Tak’s responsibility is to guard his own family. Kyung Tak agrees and takes up that promotion. Kyung Tak takes some time to mourn over Young Hwi’s death when he finds his friend’s sword which is still in the room.

Ha Eung and Myeong Bok pay a visit to the Queen Dowager. She tests Myeong Bok on his studies. When she asked about the people’s basis for living, he answers that virtue is first and wealth is last, but that wealth must be mentioned because the people need to eat in order to live – and virtue alone isn’t enough to feed someone. She praises him for his answer and is shocked when he tells her that he is now reading “Zizhi Tongjan” (outlines the path a proper king must take) which his father gave him. Ha Eung’s intention is revealed as he sends his son outside to have a private conversation with the Queen Dowager.

Jin and Heo Gwang go to the Royal Clinic for their first day of work. Doctor Yoo gives them the hardest task: giving medicine to the king. Cheoljong refuses to take the medicine and throws enrage when Jin tries to convince him to drink for his sake of health. Heo Gwang points out that by drinking the medicine, he can be healthy enough to have an heir. Cheoljong gets annoyed until he starts hyperventilating. Jin immediately makes a paper bag, made from book pages and cooked rice to act as a glue, to breathe. Thankfully, Cheoljong’s breathing returns back to normal.

Ha Eung proposes that the Queen Dowager should adopt Myeong Bok as her own son since Cheoljong’s health is getting worse. She’s enraged that he’d dare to suggest something treason but he kneels to the ground by asking her if wants Andong Kim clan to decide the next scarecrow king. Because of that, she understands what Ha Eung is trying to say.

Outside, Officer Lee supports Myeong Bok as the future heir when he hears that the Queen Dowager agreed to begin the adoption process. They are interrupted when they see Kyung Tak, in his new imperial guard uniform, approaching them. Ha Eung is happy to see his saviour. Kyung Tak insists that he didn’t do it to protect Ha Eung but he doesn’t care. Kyung Tak gives a small smile and mentions about Ha Eung’s meeting with the Queen Dowager. Ha Eung replies that he thought Minister Kim had been unable to produce worthy offspring, and now sees that he was wrong. Myeong Bok asks his father whether it’s a good thing to be a king. Ha Eung replies that he should become a good king.

Kyung Tak tells his father and the evil government officials that the Queen Dowager is planning to adopt Myeong Bok which makes them worried. Minister Kim decides to pay a visit to Cheoljong to set things straight.

Jin has the courage to meet Young Rae to talk about her brother’s death but he believes that he will still save the magistrate. Young Rae recognizes that her brother’s death isn’t exactly his fault but still can’t look at him confidently. Actually, Jin wants her to come back to Hwalinseo to pursue her dreams as a doctor. Young Rae asks whether becoming a doctor needs to save the people who deserve to die but Jin replies that a doctor is also human who can’t make a decision on who to save or who to kill carelessly. He remembers that Mi Na accused him of playing god when he declared that it is impossible to save her patient.

Minister Kim and Cheoljong give a surprise visit to the Queen Dowager. They assure her that the king is in good health and that planning an heir is treason, then Ha Eung shows up. She claims that she never planned to adopt Myeong Bok as her own son. Joo Pal offers Ha Eung some drinks at the gibang and remarks that overtaking the Andong Kim clan is difficult. Then, Ha Eung has a brilliant idea: he plans to return the gold, which was stolen from Minister Kim’s house.

Jin visits Chung Hong and demands to know what she knows about him and how she knows. When he talks about Young Rae, Chun Hong points out that both him and Young Rae are not destined to be together and he should stop now. She brings out a cobweb-covered modern Rubik’s Cube. He is reminded that he give this to a child patient, Chun Hong. She explains that the child was her at the age of ten, and she’d woken up in his world after she had fallen off a cliff while trying to run away from the gibang. The first person she saw is Jin, who saves her. In her world, Jin saved her again when she was drowning which makes her remember what happened when she is in his world which she thought that it was a dream. After understanding it, Jin asks her how she came back to her own world but she doesn’t answer. He will find the answer once he puts everything back to where it supposed to in history. She lets him know that he should be together with Young Rae.

Minster Kim asks Kyung Tak about the rebellion leader’s identity and he says that Young Hwi is the one who is responsible for the riot. His father immediately orders Young Rae’s family to stripped off their noble status and become slaves. Kyung Tak stutters that this method will bring dishonour to their family. Dae Gyun tries to persuade Minister Kim to do so but Minister Kim follows Kyung Tak’s advice. He claims that gossip will spread when the people find out that he almost married into a traitor’s family, thus he suggest another solution. Dae Gyun hears from Kim Byung Ok that he might be able to recover the stolen gold.

Kyung Tak suggests to Young Rae that she should get married to avoid her family to be slaves but Young Rae declares that she’d rather be a slave. Kyung Tak questions her whether she really prefer to make her aged mother into someone’s slave over marrying him. He tells her the last thing that he can do is to keep his promise to Young Hwi: protecting her.

Joo Pal and his minion, who disguise as Chinese merchants, strike a deal with Dae Gyun in order for him to get his gold back. He promises them that they can control the market if they return the stolen gold. However, Joo Pal wants something more concrete: a proof that the gold belongs to him. Kim Byung Ok passes Joo Pal the transaction log which shows that Dae Gyun keeps trading with the Westerner. In addition to that, Dae Gyun agrees to pass this log to Joo Pal. Kim Byung Ok, who knows Joo Pal’s identity, is part of the plan so that he can get his illegal papers back proving that he tried to trade government rice for gambling money. So, he gives the transaction log to Joo Pal.

Kyung Tak spies Dae Gyun suspiciously leaving the house with an empty cart while Jin thinks about Chun Hong’s word. Cheoljong interrupts Jin’s thought and both of them talk about returning to their own worlds. Jin wants to go back to the future while Cheoljong wants to go back to the island he grew up, where he had to leave his lover in order to become king. Jin doesn’t know what he wants and Cheoljong guesses that Jin knows but something is blocking him to get it.

Chun Hong finds Young Rae waiting outside Hwalinseo. Chun Hong invites her to the gibang for a drink. Chun Hong tells her that she can’t be with Jin. She adds that Jin has feelings for Young Rae. Thus, they can’t be in a relationship and she must marry Kyung Tak in order for Jin to return. Young Rae realizes that Chun Hong knows that Jin is from the future. Chun Hong quickly responds that this is for Jin, who needs to return, and she knows that Young Rae understand Jin’s situation. Then, Young Rae goes into a dark room to cry.

Ha Eung gets Dae Gyun’s transaction log and, the next day, he immediately goes to present the evidence of illegal trading to Cheoljong and the court. Unexpectedly, Minister Kim reveals the stolen gold and gives his son up as a criminal. He is doing this to save himself and offers that Dae Gyun should be executed for his crimes. Ha Eung is flustered about Minister Kim’s tactic. Cheoljong finally decides to send Dae Gyun into exile and Minister Kim agrees to that. Outside, Jin finds Ha Eung tearing up the transaction log. Ha Eung wonders that even as a person who is willing to accept the King’s order for death by poison, and one who’s seen the people rise up against oppression in a rebellion, can be afraid. Jin agrees and Ha Eung thanks Jin for being a friend. Ha Eung asks Jin to believe in him.

Minister Kim scolds Dae Gyun and he loses his patience that he is not going to spare him from his punishment. Minister Kim orders and Dae Gyun is taken away. Previously, Kyung Tak catches Dae Gyun for secretly taking the stolen gold. Dae Gyun shouts as Kyung Tak has no mercy on him. His father is impressed with Kyung Tak’s strategies on finding out about his brother’s treachery. Kyung Tak suggests that Young Rae should pay a formal visit and she will marry him if Minister Kim saves her family. Minister Kim doubts her because of the previous cancelled marriage. He reminds her that she can’t be a member of the Andong Kim clan while also studying medicine. She agrees that she was distracted by Jin’s medical skills when he saved her brother and she declares that she will be the wife of Kyung Tak and a woman of the Andong Kim family. Thus, Minister Kim gives them permission to get married.

Outside, Young Rae formally apologizes to Kyung Tak for getting married but he doesn’t care about it. He assures her that, from now on, he will protect her and her family no matter what.

Jin hears the marriage news from Heo Gwang while walking around the market. Cheoljong’s words about going back to their own world hit him and he decides to wait until he has a private word with Young Rae. Jin asks Young Rae whether she is giving up her dreams. She reminds him that he once told her that there are no female doctors in her era and sighs since it is part of the history. On the other hand, she is doing this for Jin’s sake when she remembers her meeting with Chun Hong. Thus, she should get married so that Jin can go back to his own world.

Jin returns to Hwalinseo and Heo Gwang tells him that Cheoljong is sick. Jin and Heo Gwang reaches in time to see Cheoljong writhing in pain. Jin does a few taps on the stomach before he diagnoses the illness. Cheoljong has appendicitis. Joo Pal and his minion rush to tell Ha Eung the news and he immediately asks about Jin who will be performing the surgery on Cheoljong. Joo Pal points out that if Cheoljong pass away, Myeong Bok will be taken in as the Queen Dowager’s adoptive son and made heir to the throne. Ha Eung rushes to the palace to stop Jin from leaving the clinic to perform the surgery on Cheoljong. He tells Jin that for the sake of Joseon, the current king must die.

Point of View

Young Rae decides to get married with Kyung Tak since she doesn’t want both herself and her mother to be slaves for the Andong Kim clan. This is just the beginning for Young Rae’s character to be developed. That is going down the sad path if you know what I mean. We will have to wait and see on the next episode. On the other hand, Chun Hong tells her that she is doing the right thing for Jin so that he can go back to his world. That is really pressuring Young Rae.

Chun Hong starts to reveal the truth to Jin and she does try her best to reason him that he should not mess with history so that he can go back. She mentioned about the drowning incident which I think, maybe, her purpose is to get Jin’s attention. I wonder if she encounter a similar scenario as Jin: falling off a cliff with a fetus jar. I’m sure that fetus jar is like a time-travelling device and Jin needs to find that to get back to his own world.

Chun Hong already tells him not to mess around with history so that he can go back but he is not listening to her at all. Since he knows that Cheoljong is going to die due to an illness, why he wants to save him in the first place? I know that he being the good doctor to save peoples’ lives but still there is history that he is not supposed to mess. It’s not a little bit of history. It’s a lot of history that he messes with it. I support him of what he’s doing. However, I still want him to go back to where he came from. You want to maintain the history and go back or not? I hope he knows what he’s doing.

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