Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 14 Review

Episode Recap

Jin still insists that he wants to save Cheoljong from dying. Ha Eung reminds Jin that he had promised to help him to achieve his dream but Jin tells him off that it is not the right way of fulfilling the dream by causing someone to die. The evil government officials discuss about Cheoljon’s fate and worry that Cheoljong will pass away before they can choose an heir, which the decision is made by the Queen Dowager. They don’t want that to happen and Doctor Yoo declares that he will be the one to manage Cheoljong’s health from now on. However, Cheoljong throws his tantrums at him while suffering in pain. When he’s out, Jin insists that he is allowed to perform surgery but Doctor Yoo denies him.

Joo Pal celebrates on Cheoljong’s illness and believes that Ha Eung will gain all the power he wants once Cheoljong is dead. However, Ha Eung reminds him that Jin could save Cheoljong’s life. Chun Hong wonders whose determination is greater: Jin wants ot save the King or Ha Eung wants the King dead.

At night, Young Rae has a dream that she is Mi Na, in modern hairstyle and clothing, on the hospital rooftop. She sees Jin and calls out his name but he disappears and leaves her alone. Young Rae wakes up and wonders why she is wearing strange clothes. She feels a pain in her chest. She asks her mother about sending a wedding invitation to her cousin. She grows concerned when she hears that her aunt passed away from breast cancer within a month of finding a lump. She goes to Hwalinseo and asks Heo Gwang about her cousin who recently found a lump in her breast. Based on her family history of breast cancer, Heo Gwang tells that her cousin will be having a serious breast cancer. It’s obvious that she asks about herself and her own lump on her breasts.

Jin approaches to Minister Kim to ask permission to perform surgery on Cheoljong. Minister Kim questions his motive since he knows that he is a friend of Ha Eung. In the end, he allows it. Kyung Tak tells his marriage with Young Rae to Jin but Jin doesn’t take that hit and walks off as he has important thing to settle: saving Cheoljong’s life.

Officer Lee gives Ha Eung the bad news that Jin has been given permission to perform the surgery and Ha Eung just laughs since there’s nothing he can do about it.

Jin uses his bamboo stethoscope on Cheoljong but finds a complication in surgery. In the meeting with the Queen Dowager and other government officials, Jin explains that Cheoljong has anemia (lack of healthy red blood cells) which will be difficult for him while performing surgery. He suggests that the King needs a blood transfusion which shakes the whole court because of his daring act to putting un-royal blood into the King. However, Minister Kim steps up and supports Jin’s suggestion because the King needs to live long enough to find an heir. The Queen Dowager turns to Ha Eung for advice but he agrees with Minister Kim and provides a solution by providing his own royal blood for the transfusion.

Jin tells the Hwalinseo doctors to build a centrifuge that will help him determine blood types. Ha Eung gathers all the royal relatives in Hanyang and separates them by health level which leaves a smaller core group that will undergo blood testing. Myeong Bok volunteers to be tested as well but Jin tells him not to because doing blood transfusions on children are too dangerous. On the other hand, the government officials are happy that Ha Eung is on their side. Doctor Yoo still hates Jin for his medical skills.

Kyung Tak meets Young Rae by the river and informs her about Cheoljong’s surgery. He hands her a list of addresses for wedding invitations and smiles since he is looking forward to become Young Rae’s husband. When Kyung Tak leaves, Young Rae clutches her breast in pain.

Jin teaches the Hwalinseo doctors how to understand blood types and doing blood test. He uses his own blood to test the King’s blood. After doing examination with the centrifuge, Jin is able to determine that Cheoljong is Type B.

Officer Lee informs the Queen Dowager Jin found three royal relatives, including Ha Eung, with Type B blood. She still can’t believe that Ha Eung agrees in supporting the blood transfusion. Officer Lee suggests that Ha Eung is acting from the place of a loyal subject, not as a usurper.

Before the surgery starts, Cheoljong admits that what he said before to Jin was a lie: previously, he told Jin to kill him so that he could finally be free from the palace. Now, he has changed his mind that he dones’t want to die. Jin calms the King’s mind that he will dream about the island where he came from while under anesthesia and Cheoljong smiles.

At home, Young Rae’s mother and her friends are making preparations for the wedding. From afar, a man in a straw hat stops outside the gate. It’s Young Hwi who looks really fine.

During the surgery, Jin begins the blood transfusion with Ha Eung and Cheoljong. Ha Eung’s blood glows into Cheoljong’s veins while Jin wonders whether it is the right thing to save the King.

Kyung Tak keeps his father being informed about the surgery. Minister Kim thinks it’s ironic that Ha-eung is giving his blood to save a king he’d rather be dead. Kyung Tak worries that Ha Eung’s intention is to gain the King’s trust but Minister Kim boasts that he has the power to control the scarecrow king. He asks Kyung Tak how the wedding preparations are going. Young Rae clutches her breast and recalling Chun Hong’s words about how her marriage with Kyung-tak will be Hyuk’s only ticket home. Her mother and her maidservant come in with her wedding hanbok. At first she hesitates and then she starts to undress to try it on.

Jin removes the swollen appendix from the King’s stomach but stops immediately when he notices Ha Eung faints because of blood loss. They switch out for another royal relative and continue the surgery.

Meanwhile, when Chun Hong and her friends go shopping, she is pulled by Young Hwi whom she is surprised. He jokes by noting that Chun-hong that she looks like she’s just seen a ghost. He asks about Ha Eung’s health.

Ha Eung recovers from the transfusion and receives the news from Jin that the surgery was successful. Jin is worried that Ha Eung is disappointed in him for not taking his side. However, he playfully sighs that he has nothing to say since Myeong Bok will not be able to sit on the true. Jin gives a sad expression. Then, Ha Eung starts to laugh and he says that he is not disappointed at all. He is glad that Jin was loyal to the royal family. However, the destiny rests on Jin now.

Chun Hong sneaks Young Hwi into the gibang. He is not ready to tell how he came back alive. At the moment, he doesn’t want Ha Eung to know that he is alive. Chun Hong assures Young Hwi that he will eventually help Ha Eung in the near future.

In the operating room, the King finally awakens from a successful surgery. He murmurs to Jin that he had a dream of playing a grass pipe and cutting firewood, and Jin smiles.

Joo Pal keeps on giving food to Ha Eung so he can regain his strength. They laugh about his loyalty to the King. Ha Eung laughs as he explains that it is plan for him to achieve his ambition by getting the King’s trust. If he had opposed the surgery, Minister Kim would charge him as a traitor. His next stage is to put Myeong Bok on the throne.

At Hwalinseo, Heo Gwang informs Jin that Young Rae might have breast cancer. Jin immediately runs to her house and questions her about her disease. Even though she tries to avoid the topic, he keeps questioning her. She shakes him off when he tries to wrist grab her. She reasons that the rumours could be spread and it might affect her upcoming marriage. She tells him not to come to the house again.

Cheoljong holds a meeting with the Royal court and lets them know that he can’t eat until he has passed gas. He asks Ha Eung whether he looks good in the royal robe since he the the royal blood flowing in his veins. He announces that he allows the Queen Dowager to adopt Myeong Bok which surprises Minister Kim. Cheoljong is sure that if Ha Eung has an evil plan to take the throne, he wouldn’t have been the first in line to donate blood. He pauses the conversation, lean over, and fart in front of all the government officials.

Minister Kim meets Ha Eung at the royal grounds and reminds him that he hasn’t achieved victory yet. Ha Eung smiles and pleased to announce that he’ll be telling the Queen Dowager the good news, which leaves Minister Kim and Kim Byung Ok fuming.

Jin tells Kyung Tak the bad news that Young Rae has breast cancer. Jin wants to get his permission to examine his fiancée’s breasts. Kyung Tak upset to hear that his fiancée has cancer but wonders if Jin has different intentions behind his request. Jin assures him that he is doing this to save Young Rae’s live. Jin asks Kyung Tak to convince his fiancée to allow him to examine her breasts, since she’s worried it’ll affect her marriage.

The evil government officials are worry about Ha Eung and the future heir. Doctor Yoo makes sure to deal with Jin.

Ha Eung informs the Queen Dowager that he will organize the genealogy records of the royal family for historical purposes. She knows that it won’t make Minister Kim happy, and she doesn’t care.

Kyung Tak calls Young Rae out so he can persuade her go through the examination. She wonders what will happen with the wedding if her disease is known since Minister Kim won’t accept a patient to his family. Kyung Tak sighs and mentions that her life is more important than the wedding. He gives her a pat on her shoulder.

Young Rae undresses for Jin and Kyung Tak paces nervously outside. She gets to keep her undergarment on and tears up as Jin gently prods her chest with his fingers. Suddenly, he finds a lump on her breasts.
He asks her if she’s had pain or nipple discharge. She wipes away tears and says she hasn’t. Jin tells her that she has breast cancer. There’s a chance that she will get a tumor so she needs to go through surgery. She is against the idea because she can’t have it to interfere the wedding. Jin asks whether the wedding is more important than her life which he gets a ‘yes’ answer from Young Rae. She request Jin to keep this secret from Kyung Tak. When Kyung Tak asks about the outcome of the exam, Jin lies that she doesn’t have cancer. Kyung Tak feels relief, grabs her wrist, and leaves together so they can continue the wedding preparations.

Jin drinks his sorrows away at the gibang while Ha Eung and Chun Hong listen to his sad words. On the wedding day, Young Rae looks at her wedding garments sadly and cries. She is brought to a flashback of Mi Na who got herself in an accident and she said to Jin that they will meet again. Young Rae wakes up in cold sweat and cries while calling Mi Na’s name.

Chun Hong brings Jin a drink to overcome his hangover. She points out about how it’s good that Young Rae is marrying Kyung Tak which is best for everyone. She warns Jin to throw his feelings away and she accidently says that Young Rae did the same. Jin realizes about Young Rae’s behaviour and she needs to go through the marriage because she thinks it will help him to return home. Chun Hong warns him again that he will not be able to return if he breaks off the marriage. Jin doesn’t listen since he is more concerned about Young Rae’s health and rushes out.

He stops by at Kyung Tak’s house and finds him in official robes. He tells the truth that he lied about Young Rae’s cancer. They both rush to her house but to find that her room is empty and her clothers are missing.
Chun Hong finds Young Rae on the street in tears. Young Rae questions Chun Hong about her identity. Chun Hong is shocked and orders Young Rae never to tell Jin but Young Rae screams about her selfish request.

Point of View

That is an eye-opener to Young Rae’s identity but we will have to wait for the next episode. I knew that the wedding is called off since Jin is in the picture. We all need some dramatic love triangles, right? The breast cancer scenarios are awkward. Young Rae finds that she has breast cancer that she has some time left to live. The examination seems a bit wrong even though the scene is meant to be “romantic” between Jin and Young Rae. Why? Even though it supposed to be a serious medical examination, there comes the music and soft lighting. It feels wrong. Don’t you think so?

Again, I see no development on Young Rae, yet. Yes, she is willing to sacrifice to make others not sad. However, she needs to make herself happy and her life is important before taking care of others. Like I said before in my reviews, there is something missing. It seems that she hardly shines in this drama. On a bright side, now that her dreams give her an imaginative slap, I think she will slowly realizes about the mix of herself and Mi Na’s identity.

Young Hwi is alive. I have a feeling that he warped in time like Chun Hong and is saved by other doctors. That is why he hesitates to tell the truth about it. It would be interesting to see the truth story behind Young Hwi who comes back to life. Yet, I couldn’t help but laugh about people jumping of the cliff which brings them to different worlds.

Jin, when are you going to come to your senses that you should not be touching the history so you can go back? If you want to stay in the past, that’s okay. But, what about Mi Na who is in the hospital bed? He better not stay too long or else, most definitely, something really happened. In addition to that, he is going to make history even worse. On a good note, he sometimes wonders if he is doing the right thing or not especially in surgeries. Well, complications are running around in his head. Again, I hope he knows what he is doing.

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