Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 15 Review

Episode Recap

Jin and Kyung Tak rushes to find Young Rae for emergency cancer surgery. Kyung Tak tries to absorb the fact that his fiancée was going through with the wedding with her mind made up to die. He grabs Jin by the collar, while crying, he orders Jin to find her.

At the gibang, Young Rae cries while she explains to Chun Hong about the dream of Mi Na including the part where she didn’t want to let go of Jin’s hand. Even though Young Rae knows that he’s from the future, Chun Hong tells Young Rae that both of them are from different worlds and they can’t be together. Her intentions are trying to protect both of them. She asks Young Rae to pretend that she doesn’t know this secret. After Young Rae leaves, Chun Hong orders someone to follow her.

Jin keeps looking for Young Rae while crying Kyung Tak holds onto a jade ring which he plans to give to Young Rae during the wedding. Young Rae hides the moment she sees Jin looking for her. Later, Kyung Tak orders his men to look for Young Rae throughout the city. Young Rae finds a place to hide by staying over at the church to stay for a few days. Minister Kim heard the news and he orders his men to find Young Rae and her mother to turn them into slaves. Kyung Tak tries to stop his father from doing that. Minister Kim is even unhappier when he found out that she run away because of the disease even though Kyung Tak assures him that the surgery will cure her.

Minister Kim is not happy about Ha Eung taking over the Royal Family’s genealogy records including the fact that the Queen Dowager will be adopting his son. He knows that Ha Eung plans to make Myeong Bok as king so he has do something to stop Ha Eung’s plans.

Ha Eung gathers all the royal relatives to sign their names in the royal genealogy book, Seon Won Rok. He plans to gather power against the Andong Kim clan with the book that houses the name of the heir to the throne. He comes up with a plan to go against Minister Kim by reasoning them that Joseon has become a mess because of the corrupt officials and disloyal subjects. He is confident because he has the support from the King and the Queen Dowager.

Ha Eung is followed by a shadowy figure. He tries to escape but a knife is held at his throat. He finds Young Hwi who holds the blade as he tests that what Ha Eung would do if he finds out that Young Hwi is sent by Minister Kim. They go to the gibang to discuss. Chun Hong makes sure that Joo Pal will not say a word about seeing Young Hwi inside. Ha Eung is curious about how Young Hwi come back from the dead. Young Hwi explains that he was saved from the water by a band of thieves. He assures Ha Eung that his dream of Joseon had disappeared under the water. Thus, he offers to help Ha Eung to achieve his dreams. Young Hwi requests Ha Eung that his mother and Young Rae must know that he is still alive so that he can ‘protect’ them.

Meanwhile, Young Rae pulls out the cloth from her bosom to reveal yellowish nipple discharge.

In court, King Cheoljong reads a mountain of petitions calling for Minister Kim to step out due to his corruption. Most of them are from the royal relatives who have gathered outside the palace gate to formally request Minister Kim’s resignation. Ha Eung, Joo Pal, and Young Hwi look on and Joo Pal is shocked to hear that this protest won’t change anything. He Eung metaphorically says that it is lika a game of chess and he’s simply moving all his pieces to play. He put Joo Pal in charge on fathering information about Minister Kim’s bribes. Young Hwi suggests that they get their own spy. Young Hwi spots Kyung Tak heading his way, but thanks to his hat, Kyung Tak couldn’t recognize him. Ha Eung looks for Kim Byung Ok who is happy to declare that Ha Eung can’t blackmail hi anymore. Ha Eung pulls the plug by asking how long he expects Minister Kim to stay in power.

Jin goes to Chun Hong and blames her for Young Rae’s disappearance. He tells her that Young Rae has cancer but Chun Hong replies what if that is her fate. She clarifies, and asks him if he’s going to save someone who’s not meant to be saved and even presses upon him that saving Young Rae might cause another person to die. Chun Hong holds onto his arm and tears fall from her eyes as she asks whether he understand her intentions and feelings she has for him. She tells him everything that she is doing for him and that the time for him to return to his world isn’t far away. Jin doesn’t care about what will happened if he finds Young Rae and perform surgery, fate and returning home.

Young Rae’s maidservant tells Jin about the church that she used to go to. Meanwhile Kyung Tak’s men rip the place apart looking for Young Rae while Young Rae hides with the priest. A young boy from the family gets hit on the head by one of the officers. He needs a doctor and it’s impossible to get one since they live so far away from the city. Young Rae remembers what Jin tought her about disinfecting and stitching wounds. She starts to stich the boy’s forehead wound. Jin arrives and comments about her medical ability which she is surprised to hear that. She tries to turn him away and claims that dying could be her fate. He shouts that meeting him, as a doctor, could also be fate. He vows to save her first. So, he insists that he should perform surgery on her. Chun Hong’s spy looks on the situation and reports back to Chun Hong who is upset to hear that Jin has found Young Rae.

The protest continues at the palace gate and the evil government officials have a meeting on how to deal with this situation. Minister Kim decides to send soldiers to break the protest which shocks Ha Eung. However, Young Hwi has a plan and both of them look at Joo Pal. Kyung Tak leads his men to threaten the protesters to disband or face the consequences. Joo Pal arrives with his minion while dressed in noble clothes. He claims that he’s from the Andong Kim clan and baits the protesters. Then, a fight between the two groups erupts. Kyung Tak just stands there in shock while having no idea what’s going on.

Minister Kim requests an answer about who gave the order to send soldiers when the protest would have broken up on its own. Doctor Yoo brings in some bad news: all the royal relatives and scholars are on their way to the palace to protest. Minister Kim is called in to see the King. Hundreds of people gathered to call for Minister’s Kim resignation. The Queen Dowager points out that it would be easier to remove one person than try to arrest hundreds. That means Minister Kim needs to be removed but the King hesitates to do so.

Minister Kim takes his anger out on Kyung Tak. He takes his sword and plans to cut his own son down in rage but Doctor Yoo and Kim Byung Ok hold him back. Because of many protesters waiting, he orders his son to mobilize private soldiers to guard their house.

Jin and Heo Gwang prepares for Young Rae’s surgery. Heo Gwang excuses himself to give her privacy to undress. She asks Jin whether he will regret on performing this surgery and he tells her that he will only regret if he can’t save her life. She attempts to tell him about her dream about Mina but she suddenly remembers Chun Hong’s warning and shuts her mouth. Jin leaves and Young Rae undresses while she cries. Jin recalls to Chun Hong’s words about him saving someone who is meant to die. Chun Hong tells Kyung Tak where Young Rae is so he can stop the surgery.

Everyone gets ready for the surgery. Jin recalls the time when he had operated on Mi Na. At the same time, Young Rae is experiencing the same memory because she’s been inadequately anesthetized. While Jin goes to get more, Young Rae whispers the same words as Mi Na before she fell unconscious: “Again… we will meet again.”

Kyung Tak arrives and Jin calmly informs him that his fiancée is already under for life-saving surgery. Jin is certain that Young Rae has breast cancer and he can save her if it hasn’t spread. Kyung Tak begs him to save her. Jin assures Kyung Tak again that he is definitely going to save her.

Heo Gwang tells Jin that he heard the word “again” from Young Rae but he forgets the rest of what she had said. They begin the surgery. The surgery goes smoothly as he removes the tumor and surrounding tissue from Young Rae’s breast. Suddenly, a memory flashes in his mind including the voice “I must go back.”. Then, an image of the baby fetus flashes. He clutches his head and tries to finish the surgery but flashes of baby fetus keep coming stop him from doing anything but hold his head in pain. Suddenly, blood squirts out from Young Rae’s chest. We look back into the similar conflict during Mi Na’s surgery. Anyway, the blood is everywhere, squirting on Heo Gwang and the rest of the room while Jin deals with his headache.

Heo Gwang tries to stop it but he has blood all over him. Jin holds his pain while trying to dig forceps into her chest but his hands are shaking. Chun Hong’s words ask him if he’s going to save someone who is destined to die come back in the bad way. He tries to get Heo Gwang to hold his hand steady while stopping Young Rae’s bleeding. Then, Heo Gwang shouts out that he will do the surgery and he can do it since there is not much time left. Heo Gwang convinces Jin to let him take over. In the end, Heo Gwant stabs the forceps into Young Rae’s chest until he finds the artery and cinches it to prevent more bleeding.

Joo Pal hands the list of bribes Minister Kim has received to Ha Eung. This evidence will get Minister Kim to be executed. Ha Eung will use it to bring Minister Kim to justice. Minister Kim is going through hard times because of Ha Eung. Doctor Yoo suggests bringing Ha Eung down by using Jin, and they will use Young Rae against Jin to do it.

Young Rae wakes up and Jin is relief. He explains that Mi Na couldn’t be saved (she didn’t wake up). He admits that he wouldn’t know what to do if Young Rae hadn’t opened her eyes. Young Rae tries to comfort him while holding back that she has the similar experience as Mi Na. She assures him that it wasn’t his fault. Jin points out that there must be reason why he came here. He thought about that throughout the surgery and asks why he meets someone who resembles Mi Na. He claims that instead of saving that person, he was made to come here to save Young Rae.

Jin goes to inform Young Rae’s mother the good news but he sees her being dragged away on Minister Kim’s orders for being the traitor’s mother. Jin immediately runs to Ha Eung to asks for his help because Minister Kim orders Young Rae and her mother to be slaves. Young Hwi secretly overhears everything.

Kyung Tak is happy to see that Young Rae is alive and he forgives her. He assures her that his father will understand if they go and get married but Young Rae doesn’t want to. She can’t go through the wedding but Kyung Tak forces her to marry him. He has her dragged out after him and Young Rae reminds him that he knows that someone is in her heart. He knows but he doesn’t care and yells at her that she can do as she likes. Jin arrives to stop him and Kyung Tak draws his sword against him. Young Rae jumps between him and Jin. In tears, she asks him to kill her instead since she’s the one who’s sinned. Kyung Tak claims that he’ll grant her wish but Jin grab the end of his sword with his bare hand to stop him. Jin tells him that he has to save her no matter what. Kyung Tak laughs and cries at the same time. He leaves her with his heartbroken stare. He walks away while leaving two of them behind.

Ha Eung knows that he have to let Minister Kim go so that he can save Young Rae and his mother. Young Hwi knows Ha Eung’s situation but he kneels before him and says that he will offer his life if Ha Eung will save his family. Ha Eung goes to see Minister Kim and present his a list of his bribes. He claims that this evidence would strip him off his position by tomorrow if he were to show anyone. However, Ha Eung voices out that he’ll tell the royal relatives to go home, protect Minister Kim’s position, and pull out the order for Dae Gyun’s exile. In return, Minister Kim pledges to free Young Rae’s mother and she will not turned into a slave in the future. Ha Eung burns the paper right in front of Minister Kim while not even flinching a bit.

On a deserted street, Kyung Tak throws the jade ring away and sinks to the ground. Instead of crying, he shows his spooky glare. Doctor Yoo and Minister Kim celebrate even though it’s short lived. Minister Kim knows that the game is not over. He is not satisfied with the deal and he wants Ha Eung out.

Jin brings Young Rae home where her mother is waiting. She already knows about Young Hwi’s death. She is even proud of him because she always thought that he was weak. She hugs Young Rae as both of them cry. Young Hwi looks on from afar while holding back his tears.

Kyung Tak is not allowed to enter his own house and his position has been taken out by his own father. He uses his gun to force himself to gain entry. Minister Kim calmly tends his plants while he orders his men that they need to have a private conversation. Kyung Tak drops to his knees and cries. Minister Kim explains that he expects to much from him and feels dishonoured by the Kyung Tak’s wedding cancellation. Kyung Tak refuses to leave and asks only to be told what he can do to regain his father’s favour.

He has to assassinate Ha Eung. Jin arrives at the scene and asks Ha Eung how he convinced Minister Kim. Ha Eung does have another card up his sleeve. Kyung Tak aims his gun at them and shoots Ha Eung in the chest. Jin catches him as he falls and Chun Hong’s words flashes in his mind: “Are you saving a person meant to die? Because of that, a person who should live can die.”

Point of View

Jin, do you realize that you need to do something about history? You know what are you supposed to do, right? That’s right. You must not let Ha Eung die or else history will be ruined. Thus, you can’t go back. I’m seeing that Jin is going around in circles. He always recalls the advices and warnings from Chun Hong. In addition to that, he still has voiceovers of what to do and think back of what he has done to the people around him. Since he starts to have ‘headaches’, it’s a sign for him to wake up and do something as soon as possible. Not just standing around. He still has feelings for Young Rae but things will get worse if he stills attached to her.

As for Young Rae’s breast cancer, I’m not good in medical history, but I wonder if that cancer ever happened in the Joseon era. Seriously. Even though Jin has save Young Rae through surgery, I wonder if that case will happen again. I mean all of them forget about cancer issues after the surgery. I’m sure it will bound to happen. Yes, Jin has the medical ability in helping people. As for this one, if he has already done the surgery on Young Rae. I’m sure something will happen to her and she goes through another round of pain when the cancer strikes back. If not, the storyline on the continuous episodes will not be that interesting, right?

Kyung Tak is lost in his world since almost everyone, except his father, has abandoned him. However, I’m sure that his father is not treating him like his own son. Kyung Tak wants to make his father happy by assassinating Ha Eung. Let’s put it this way. Ha Eung will not die. I can tell you that. If he dies, then the story will not continue and Jin might be stuck in the Joseon era. Thus, Young Rae will be happy. But what about Mi Na, for goodness sake. Anyway, once Ha Eung is alive, Kyung Tak better realize that his father is using him for his own power. He might as well join Ha Eung’s team to create the Joseon which makes everyone safe and happy with their lives.

I’m curious about the relationship between Young Rae, Mi Na, and Chun Hong. I’m just anxious to ask Chun Hong to spill the beans about Young Rae/Mi Na’s true story or maybe ancestors. I don’t know. Chun Hong, just say it. Even though she has the cool personality and supportive person to Ha Eung wants his Joseon dream to happen, it is annoying that she keeps on saying the same thing about putting history back together and asks Jin not to be with Young Rae. Why on earth that you don’t want Young Rae and Jin to be together? Just say it. It’s been almost like more than 4 – 5 episodes already and you’re not telling. My patience is about to burst.

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