Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 16 Review

Episode Recap

Kyung Tak shoots Ha Eung and Young Hwi arrives in the scene. He goes to chase after the masked assassin. Ha Eung says his last words to Jin before he dies and asks Jin to take care of Myeong Bok. However, Jin bursts into tears and tells Ha Eung that he can’t die here because he will be the King’s father. Ha Eung gasps a few breaths to ask Jin who he really is.

Kyung Tak and Young Hwi have a sword fight between the two at Hwalinseo. Kyung Tak’s masks falls just as Young Hwi tips his hat up. Both of them recognize each other at the same time. Kyung Tak is shocked to see that his old friend is alive while Young Hwi realizes that Kyung Tak is the assassin. Joo Pal jumps in and knocks Kyung Tak out cold with a big stick.

Meanwhile, Jin carries Ha Eung to the gibang. Ha Eung is coughing out blood. Heo Gwang and Young Rae gather supplies from the clinic to take to Jin. Jin prepares for emergency surgery once they arrive. At the clinic shed, Joo Pal and his minion tie and unconscious Kyung Tak up to a post. They declare that they’ll make a decision on what to do with him once they know how Ha Eung’s doing.

Jin finds the bullet in Ha Eung’s chest until he found it at Ha Eung’s lungs. He removes the bullet and part of the lung was damage. The surgery is successful but Ha Eung needs a blood transfusion. Chun Hong volunteers to transfer her blood to his since both of them have the same blood type. Heo Gwang presumes that they’ve never tested her but Jin covers for her by saying that he tested her before since she knows her blood type when she was in Jin’s world.

The evil government officials discuss about the assassination on Ha Eung. Dae Gyun, who has returned from exile, shows up at the room. He tells Minister Kim that they have to find Kyung Tak as soon as possible to clean up the mess.

On the other hand, Kyung Tak tries but fails to free himself from his bonds. Joo Pal and his minion come in rolling up their sleeves.

Jin finds Young Rae praying for Ha Eung and they have a brief talk about God. Yougn Rae wonders how nice the future must be with everyone allowed to pray freely. Jin notices the rosary in her hands and remembers a public posting declaring a reward for anyone who reported a Catholic. He just keeps quiet instead of warning her. After he leaves, Young Rae, in monologue, says that she’ll pray for Jin.

Jin recalls his history about Ha Eung’s persecution of Catholics once his son took the throne. Jin wonders whether Young Rae is one of the people who died in the Byeong In Persecution of 1866. He thinks back to what Young Rae said that will he take responsibility for the magistrate’s live. That thought applies to Ha Eung.

Chun Hong has finished the transfusion and reminds him that Ha Eung’s achievement to his goal is near and Jin is going back soon. Jin points out that history flows along on its predetermined path and Chun Hong agrees. She warns him again bot to intervene in history and revealing what he knows will happen in the future.
Kyung Tak gets beaten by Joo Pal who demands to know who gave him orders. However, Kyung Tak laughs out when he recognizes Joo Pal as a gangster and he thinks it’s funny that Ha Eung uses him to reach the throne. Joo Pal doesn’t think that it’s funny and prepares to beat Kyung Tak with a wooden bat.

The next day, Jin and Officer Lee wants to see the ailing King but Doctor Yoo stops them from doing so. The Kin struggles alone with his breathing and Jin stands in front of the reward sign for turning in Catholics. He thinks about how the King will die and Ha Eung will gain power according to history. If that happens, countless lives will be lost. Jin rips of the sign from the board and gets a pain in his head by the baby fetus.

Suddenly, at the gibang, Ha Eung’s heartbeat stops. Jin begins CPR as he recalls that if he can’t get Ha Eung’s breathing back within five minutes, he will die for real. At first, he thought of letting Ha Eung die to save Catholics including Young Rae which makes him stop continuing to do CPR. Thankfully, the baby fetus ‘reminds’ him to get back his senses and he brings Ha Eung back to life.

The Queen Dowager and Officer Lee discuss about the assassination attempt on Ha Eung including they presume that Minister Kim is behind all this.

Finally, Ha Eung is awake and asks Jin who he really is. Jin honestly tells Ha Eung that he is from the very distant future which doesn’t seem to surprise Ha Eung at all.

Young Hwi visits Kyung Tak at the shed and finds the fighting wounds on Kyung Tak. He tries to tell Kyung Tak what the world will be changing soon once the King dies. Kyung Tak laughs as he says that Young Hwi has finally got his wish and wipe out the Andong Kim clan. He also gives sarcastic congratulations. Kyung Tak protects his father by saying that he is the one who handle the assassination by himself. Young Hwi tries to convince him that his father is using him and he can be thrown away any time. Kyung Tak compares this family relation with their friendship. Young Hwi persuades Kyung Tak to come over to his side so that can build a new world, which is free from discrimination, together. Kyung Tak doesn’t care and he makes it clear that he won’t give in no matter what.

Joo Pal informs about Kyung Tak’s stubbornness on not giving in after a night of beating to Ha Eung. They discuss the next move. Ha Eung asks if Joo Pal kept the gun which Kyung Tak shot him as evidence. However, he doesn’t want to use it right away as he wants to see whether Kyung Tak will be useful or not in the future. On the other hand, Young Rae overhears their conversation and is shocked as she has no idea that Kyung Tak was the assassin.

Ha Eung is almost fully recovered and finds Jin, who is on his way to treat the King’s critical condition, to talk to him. Ha Eung understands that Jin knows his fate and asks about the future. Jin tells him that Myeong Bok will become King and how he will rule as Heungson Daewongun. He even mentions about the Catholic Persecution of 1866 that Ha-eung is known for. Ha Eung doesn’t believe that because every citizen is a child of the King and he’ll never become a father who abandons his children. Jin asks Ha Eung to promise him to not execute the Catholics. Ha Eung assures that he will keep that promise because his wife belives in Catholicism. Ha Eung knows that he has to clear his own path which is blocked by Minister Kim. Thus, he asks Jin for full support in going forward.

Young Rae keeps asking Joo Pal until he tells her where Kyung Tak is. She finds Kyung Tak trying to cut the bonds with a pottery shard. He sees her and turns away even though she offers to help him send a message to his father. Kyung Tak says that he would rather kill himself that showing himself up to his father. He calls her out that she has not the right to worry over him and orders her to leave.

Jin and Doctor Yoo looks at the King who struggles to breathe. Jin knows that it is hopeless to save him and cries a little. Doctor Yoo delivers the news to the evil government officials that they might want to start preparing a royal funeral. Minister Kim doesn’t seem surprised and speaks cryptically on his plans going forward. Ha Eung hears the news and prepares to go to the palace immediately. He asks his son to wail and bow deeply in the direction of the palace if he hears about the King’s death.

Ha Eung approaches to the King’s deathbed in time to hear the King’s last words. While he gasps for breath, he tells the ministers at present to take care of the people. He asks Jin to come closer and tells Jin that he is going back first to his own world and wishes Jin that he can go back to his own world. Then, the King passes away. The mourning cries start while Jin fights with his own tears while having a voiceover about the history on how the King’s death brought Myeong Bok closer to the throne and Ha Eung’s era.

Once Jin and Ha Eung are outside the palace and hears the sounds of mourning, Ha Eung explains that what he hears isn’t sadness. He believes that each minister is worry about their position and future. The evil government officials meet outside the palace. Minister Kim warns Ha Eung not to rush things while the country is mourning. Ha Eung knows what Minister Kim asks him not to be in a rush and asks Minister Kim if he thinks the people should only cry because they’ve lost their King. In the end, both of them give each other fierce glares.

Young Rae hides her silver dagger as she brings rice cakes to Joo Pal’s minion. She plans to free Kyung Tak but after she enters, she finds that Kyung Tak is missing thanks to the use of pottery shard to cut the rope. She calls out that Kyung Tak had escape. Meanwhile, Kyung Tak, while struggling, hides when he sees his father leaving while dressed in mourning clothes. He cries because he spent all that effort running away with no home to go to.

The ministers and royal relatives gather at the Queen Dowager’s room in mourning robes. Ha Eung brings up the heir issue as people will feel anxious as long as the throne sits empty. Minister Kim and his gang suggest that they are the ones who should make the decisions. Once outside, Minister Kim warns Ha Eung again and Ha Eung promises to keep his advice in mind. After all of them left, Officer Lee asks the Queen Dowager why she didn’t take Ha Eung’s side. She explains that even though she could make Myeong Bok the air but all the ministers are against it from the very beginning. She still doesn’t stop the plan and says that before she makes a decision, she’ll wait to see how Ha Eung handles the heir issue going in the future.
Ha Eung has a beautiful moment when he stares long at the empty throne before he sits on it like a king, his eyes filled with resolve. .

Kyung Tak goes to his old home and he recalls when he was a child, he met his father during his mother’s funeral. Minister Kim asks little Kyung Tak whether he wants to live in his house. He corrects Kyung Tak who tries to call him “Father”. He demands to be called “Your Excellency” to distance them. In the present, Kyung Tak’s pulls out a knife with a dead look in his eyes as he wants to commit suicide. As he begins to raise the knife to his throat he voices out for forgiveness to this unworthy subject.

Young Rae shows up while screaming and crying. Kyung Tak seems surprised that she remembered this house even though she reminds him that her and Young Hwi used to live together when they were young. She sinks to her knees and begs him to kill her. Kyung Tak sighs as he wonders that why she asks him to kill her. She cries as she tells him that she’s the one who sinned against him. Kyung Tak responds that since she understands why she has to die, she has to tell him why he must live. Young Rae can say as many reasons as she wants but those can’t reach to his heart. Thus, he has to find his own reason subject shouldn’t kill himself on the day of the King’s death.

Ha Eung arranges a private meeting with Minister Kim at the gibang. They both know each other’s goals: Ha Eung wants Myeong Bok to be on the throne while Minister Kim doesn’t want Myeong Bok to be on the throne. So, Ha Eung proposes a truce. He promises that the Andong Kim clan can keep all its money and power even if Myeong Bok takes the throne. However, Minister Kim has the power on the upper court which means he doesn’t believe in Ha Eung’s promise. Ha Eung insists in doing so. Minister Kim leaves and runs into Jin outside. He lets Jin know that their relationship is ill-fated because Jin is in Ha Eung’s side.

As he leaves, he notices that Jin is having the pain in his head. Jin continuously has the pains until he passes out. Chun Hon brings him into a room. She watches over him who sweats and suffers in beads with tears in her eyes as he experiences flashbacks of all the people he had saved while in Joseon.
Ha Eung and Young Hwi are in discussions on making ongoing plans. Young Hwi points out the three things he need to fulfil: his mother and Young Rae to be at peace, Ha Eung to achieve his goal, and for his best friend to be safe. They both know that Minister Kim won’t let Kyung Tak live. Meanwhile, Minister Kim is in his room while Kyung Tak kneels silently outside.

Jin wakes up and hears from Chun Hong that the tumor grew too big. She says she also had experience the similar situation as him. Jin has no idea and Chun Hong explains that the tumor, which is in the brain, come and go to the other world. At first, it’s small. However, it will keep growing if he save someone who should’ve been dead or make something he wasn’t supposed to make. It also grows when he says something he shouldn’t say. He realizes that the baby fetus is the tumor. He asks her what will happen if it grows even bigger. Chun Hong replies that he will not just dies in this world but his soul will disappear. Thus, his existence in all worlds will be vanished. She suggests a solution to undo this problem: Jin has to help Ha Eung and Myeong Bok make it to the throne and let the history handle the rest. By doing that, he can return to his own world. All he needs to do is not to interfere the Joseon world any more.

Again, all the ministers meet in the Queen Dowager’s room. Ha Eung brings up the heir issue which makes other uncomfortable about hearing that. Suddenly, everyone is shocked to hear that Minister Kim agrees with Ha Eung’s suggestion. Previously, before Minister Kim left the gibang, Ha Eung brings out Kyung Tak’s gun as evidence that Minister Kim tried to kill a royal relative. Ha Eung proposes that they should join forces to gain what they both want. In present, Minister Kim suggests that Myeong Bok should be the heir to the throne which everyone is shocked to hear from his own mouth.

Once outside, the evil government officials couldn’t believe as they believe that Minister Kim has another plan but he doesn’t. He assures them that even though Myeong Bok will be on the throne, Ha Eung won’t have all the power he wants. Ha Eung explains to Officer Lee that a skill is not a skill to fight against an enemy, but a skill to compromise with the enemy.

Minister Kim returns home to find Kyung Tak still kneeling outside. He hardly has any strength and asks his father to kill him. Minister Kim knows that Kyung Tak would rather him and manipulates him into agree to do anything he says without any mistakes. Kyung Tak replies his father “Your Excellency” but his father asks Kyung Tak to call him “Father”.

Young Rae relays the news about Myeong Bok’s heir to Jin who knew that this will happen. He goes to check the penicillin. Suddenly, he gets the torture from the baby fetus continuously which causes him to yell out that he can’t go back just yet.

Point of View

Finally, the truth about the baby fetus from the jar: the baby fetus is the ‘tumor’ in Jin’s head at the moment. I’m just wondering that since Chun Hong knows everything, why on earth she not explained the whole situation, including the baby fetus, in the first place. 16 episodes have passed and now she’s telling him. She keeps on saying the same thing over and over about not messing with history. She could have warned him earlier about whatever he say and whatever he do including the surgery will caused the fetus in his brain to grow.

However, even if Chun Hong tries to tell Jin, he is still not listening. Since the tumor grew every time he messed with history, shouldn’t be having pains in his head in the previous episodes? There are questions about this baby fetus. Is it going to come out and take over Jin if he keeps doing things that he’s not supposed to? Does the baby fetus have the right to pick and choose who they get to live in. I don’t know if it makes sense to have the baby fetus to be the ‘tumor’ and time travel mechanism in this drama from the very beginning. Having the baby fetus in the drama is seriously awkward. The writers could have come up with a better way on how Jin end up in Joseon era and how he’s going back. Thus, from the very beginning, the baby fetus shouldn’t be there in the first. Also, since Chun Hong tells Jin that he just need to get Myeong Bok on the throne for history to fix the rest, how does Chun Hong know that Jin shouldn’t mess on certain things with history? It seems to me like it has been dragging on for quite some time between Jin and history, don’t you think?

Jae Joong did a good job in portraying Kyung Tak who is suffering in pain because of loneliness and sadness. To me, Kyung Tak is having a lot of issues with people around him including his father. But, I’m sure he’ll come around in a new light and join Ha Eung to create a new Joseon. I’m curious to know how did Young Hwi come back to life. I’m guessing that, like Chun Hong, he fell off from the cliff, goes to the future where Jin lives, got himself a surgery, and he’s back, with a healthy body, in Joseon era. For Ha Eung’s surgery to have the bullet removed from his body, I’m sure Young Hwi got the same surgery but I don’t get Young Hwi’s wound heal that fast. We’ll just have to wait patiently on Young Hwi’s truth about coming back alive. Not to forget, Young Rae’s side story better come out as soon as possible or else I’ll keep complaining about Young Rae and her character development.

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