Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 17 Review

Episode Recap

Jin gets the zapping punishment by the Baby fetus until he passes out.

Chun Hong and Joo Pal congratulate Ha Eung for his son who will become the next king of Joseon. Joo Pal reminds him the days that he used to keep asking him to pay the overdue debts. Ha Eung gives him a reward by upgrading his rank. Thus, Joo Pal will be a military officer who will help Ha Eung in the palace. Because of that, Joo Pal is very excited about his role. On the other hand, Ha Eung repays to Chun Hong by half-jokingly offer her a position to be his mistress. She asks whether is it possible for her to take that position without giving her heart to him. Ha Eung instantly know that she has feelings for someone else.

Meanwhile, Jin dreams about the bandaged man on the hospital roof saying that he must go back. He wakes up from the dream. Young Rae, with tears in her eyes, is at his bedside. She is worried about him but he insists that he’s fine. She asks him if he has to go back to the future and he replies that he has no other choice. She asks him what to do if he has another choice but he still wants to go back to where he came from. Sad Young Rae goes and gets some water for him.

Young Hwi informs Ha Eung about the state of affairs. He believes that Minister Kim found out that Kim Byung Ok is a spy and suggests that Ha Eung stop using him. They believe that they need more people on their side for the coronation. Young Hwi suggests that Kyung Tak should join the team even though he tries to kill Ha Eung. In the end, Ha Eung agrees to ask Kyung Tak to join in.

The evil government officials decide to steal the royal seal before the coronation since they know that Myeong Bok will not be King without it. Kyung Tak tries to offer some advice that they should not act rashly so it’ll not hurt the clan but no one listens to him. Dae Gyun insults Kyung Tak and claims that he can’t be trusted because he was the friends with the traitor Young Hwi and had plans to marry his sister. Minister Kim decides to not being suspicious towards Kyung Tak by ordereing him to steal the Royal Seal from the Queen Dowager’s quarters. Kyung Tak obediently agrees and calls Minister Kim “Father” which makes Dae Gyun upset.

Later, Kyung Tak overhears the conversation between Dae Gyun and his father. Dae Gyun questions his father’s decision on giving a dangerous task to Kyung Tak. His father portrays Kyung Tak as a starving stray dog which he gave food to which means getting love and affection. He prefers to give the tasks to Kyung Tak than Dae Gyun if something goes wrong. However, Kyung Tak is sad to hear what his father had sad which is heartbreaking as his father still doesn’t love him.

Young Hwi follows Kyung Tak to the bar where he drinks his sorrows in liquor. Young Hwi reminds Kyung Tak that he would do that if he has problems with his father. Young Hwi, who has become a government official and aims to free Joseon from discrimination, he asks Kyung Tak for help and informs him that he is being used by his father. Young Hwi knew that Kyung Tak wants Joseon to be safe and sound. Kyung Tak points out that Young Hwi is one of the three people he loved but, in the end, he lost everyone. The only person he cares for is his father.

Chun Hong tells Jin that the headaches and cold sweat is the good sign which means his baby fetus will bring him back to the future soon. It might be tomorrow since Myeong Bok is going to take the throne and history will be back to where it supposed to be. However, Jin is not excited about it. He asks Chun Hong if there’s a connection between Mi Na and Young Rae. Chun Hong reluctantly replies to him that there is no such thing.

Later at night, Kyung Tak gets his right-hand man to help him to sneak into the Queen Dowager’s quarters so that he can steal the Royal Seal. He’s caught by a palace guard but is killed by his accomplice. Both of them hide the body and manage to take Royal Seal quietly.

On the coronation day, Myeong Bok is carried into the palace courtyard with royalty. He is dressed in ceremonial outfit which is used for coronations and weddings. Jin and Ha Eung think about their hopes for a better Joseon. Myeong Bok sits on the throne and is given the box which contains the Royal Seal. He opens it and, surprisingly, he brings out the Royal Seal. The evil government officials are shocked and Minister Kim is given a knowing smile from Ha Eung. Minister Kim realizes that Ha Eung outsmarted them and the Royal Seal which Kyung Tak stole was fake. Jin recalls the Joseon history which he learned in school and books.
Joo Pal proudly enters the palace with his minion in his new military official robes. Young Hwi shows up in his new government official robes at home. Young Rae and her mother are shocked to see him alive and welcome him with open arms. The Queen Dowager officially entitles Ha Eung as the Prince Regent. Thus, Ha Eung is now the top one above all three state ministers, does not even have to bend over in front of the King, and not address himself as a “subject” to the King. Later, when they are outside, Ha Eung thanks Jin for helping him out even though Jin claims that if it weren’t for him, history would have been on Ha Eung’s side. Ha Eung adds that both he and Jin made history. They look back into the very beginning when they met in the prison. Ha Eung believes that as long as Jin is by his side, he doesn’t need to worry so much. Jin points out that he is just a doctor and suggests that Ha Eung is the one who will lead Joseon.

Ha Eung and Young Hwi enter the empty throne room to meet an unexpected guest, Kyung Tak. At the flashback, Kyung Tak passes the fake Royal Seal to his accomplice and he keeps the real one. He passes it to Young Hwi and decides to join the team to make a new Joseong. Back in the present/past, Ha Eung thanks Kyung Tak for helping him out as if there’s no Royal Seal his son will not be able to take over the throne. Kyung Tak is not doing this for Ha Eung and Young Hwi. Instead, he joins the team because he was curious about how the new Joseon will affect his life. Ha Eung notes that they’re standing where the government officials meet up to discuss the matters of the country. He asks Kyung Tak whether they are better than him. Kyung Tak replies that they are born with better bloodline and status. Ha Eung asks whether Kyung Tak would like to stand in this grand court as the son of a concubine. He promises that he will make a nation that will be possible.

Jin instructs Young Rae how to make incisions with the use of pig skins as samples. However, she is terrible at it. He is stern while teaching her. Young Rae decides to go out and think about her mistakes. She bumps into Kyung Tak who congratulates her to be working at the Royal Clinic. He tells her to become the best doctor in Joseon so that it will be less unfair for him, and leaves her looking after him sadly. Later, she goes back in to practice on doing incisions on pig skins.

Situation goes a bit haywire. Even though Myeong Bok is King, the Queen Dowager still handles most of the governmental affairs because he’s still a child. Ha Eung let it slip that Myeong Bok should learn how to be a good thing because the Queen Dowager won’t be around forever. The Queen Dowager acknowledges that she’s aging while Ha Eung insists that she is still strong. The Queen Dowager hands him a list of court subjects she’d like appointed. Ha Eung vents his frustration because the Queen Dowager and her Pungyang Jo clan is trying to take the power to push his family aside. Young Hwi reminds Ha Eung that the Queen Dowager wouldn’t have helped Ha Eung along if she didn’t think it would support her agenda. Thus, he shouldn’t make her an enemy so lightly. However, Ha Eung wants her gone because he believes only people who share the same cause can work together, and he’s had a different cause than the Queen Dowager from the beginning. She intends to bring her people into court positions before he appoints his own people. So, the Queen Dowager wants to show the power of Pungyang Jo clan.

Jin tells Young Rae that he doesn’t know how much longer he’ll be around to teach her medical skills. That is because his baby fetus keeps telling him that it is almost time to go him. He warns her not to do any Catholic related activities for a while so he won’t have to worry about her when he is back in the future. Besides, Mi Na is already sick over there. Young Rae promises not to go to church. Officer Lee asks Jin to help his wife to deliver the baby. Jin checks on both wife and baby by using his bamboo stethoscope. He finds that the baby is upside down in the womb when he lightly pressing her stomach. Young Rae practices to cut more pig skins while she thinks back to Jin’s doubts about Mi Na being sick. She decides to pray. Jin attempts to write a letter but gets the zapping punishment which means he shouldn’t write it. However, he continues to write.

At the Royal Court, the Queen Dowager expects Ha Eung to appoint the people of her clan. Minister Kim expects the same. Unfortunately, everyone is surprised when Ha Eung didn’t follow her orders which she becomes mad that Ha Eung is not repaying her since she is the one who help his son to sit on the throne. Ha Eung rushes into her quarters to explain the situation. He claims that he chose the people only from their merit and believes that the Queen Dowager did the same. In the end, she agrees with his reasons.
Meanwhile, the evil government officials have a conversation that they are happy that the Queen Dowager realizes that Ha Eung turns out to be disobedient. Kyung Tak is sitting at the other side of the room while they discuss their future strategies. Minister Kim believes that the Queen Dowager will ask him for help.
Jin gives Ha Eung the letter and explains that he knew that Ha Eung is curious about the history he knew, so he wrote it down. He tells Ha Eung not to read it until he is gone. He asks Ha Eung to promise not to kill the Catholics. Surprisingly, Kyung Tak overheard their conversation and spies on Ha Eung who hide the letter away.

Minister Kim’s prediction is right as the Queen Dowager meets him to discuss about how to get rid of Ha Eung and his son. Minister Kim comments that it is okay for Myeong Bok to be on the list. He points out that the Andong Kim clan should decide the heir while the Queen Dowager selects who should be the queen. Then, they can get an even splitting of Royal Court members between the Andong Kim clan and the Pungyang Jo clan. They put this deal in writing. Kyung Tak informs Ha Eung about his father’s secret meeting with the Queen Dowager. Ha Eung declares their meeting as treason but Kyung-tak sees it as an opportunity if they plan well and counterattack.

On the other hand, Young Hwi suggests changing the Queen Dowager’s mind before doing any dangerous tactics. Suddenly, Dae Gyun finds Kyung Tak walking together with Ha Eung and Young Hwi which he soon finds out that Kyung Tak is betraying his own clan.

At the Royal Clinic, Heo Gwang assigns Young Rae to tend to Officer Lee’s life who has gone into labor.
Ha Eung tries to meet the Queen Dowager but he is rejected from entering. Joo Pal arrives with bad news that appeals are flooding the palace now that the rumour has spread that Ha Eung discussed the heir issue before Cheoljong’s death, which would make him a traitor. Ha Eung decides to ask Officer Lee for help with Jin’s help who is going to save another person’s life in surgery.

Meanwhile, Young Rae and Heo Gwang help Officer Lee’s wife during her labor. Young Rae tries to encourage her to deliver the baby while looking under the sheet. She is shocked as she finds that a foot is coming out instead of the head. Young Rae panics and asks Heo Gwang to call for Jin for help.

Dae Gyun informs his father that Kyung Tak is betraying his own clan but he gets sent away by his father before Kyung tak arrives. His father pulls a sword on Kyung Tak and says that he is happy that he is working as a spy for Ha Eung. This means Kyung Tak is also his father’s spy. It turns out that his father planned everything from the starving dog conversation earlier. He wanted to test if Kyung Tak would join Ha Eung’s team. His father assured that Kyung Tak is trustworthy and set up the Royal Seal plan so Kyung Tak could earn Ha Eung’s trust and report everything back to his father. Basically, he is using Kyung tak for his own political means. His next plan is to take down the Queen Dowager before Ha Eung.

Jin rushes into the delivery room and becomes the doctor of OB/GYN. He finds the baby’s leg coming out down there after he tells the woman to push harder. Then, he notices that the umbilical cord coming out. He explains that the umbilical cord will cut off oxygen to the baby. This is explained through an animated painting. This means that the baby will lose oxygen and die. Jin advices Officer Lee that he should give up the baby to save the mother. He suggests doing a C-section. However, he can’t use anesthesia because it would be harmful to the baby so they have to do the surgery without it. Young Rae comes out to tell Jin that the wife agrees to go through with the surgery since she wants to save the baby. Thus, Jin prepares for surgery without anesthesia.

Ha Eung arrives while Jin does his upmost best to complete the surgery within ten minutes or the baby will die. Ha Eung tells Officer Lee that he hopes the baby will survive even though the family is about to be charged for high treason. Ha Eung made a harsh deal with Officer Lee: If Jin saves the baby’s life, he will save the baby from high treason.

In the surgery room, Jin starts to make an incision on the woman’s stomach.

Point of View

There is not much excitement at the first half of the episode because Jin and Young Rae didn’t come out that much in it. However, at least there is some development in Ha Eung’s storyline. So far, he has to face so many problems when it comes to politics and Minister Kim. He even has to come up with schemes to counterattack Minister Kim. At least he becomes the role model to look up to because, based on history, he is the one who make the new Joseon for the people. Then, I realize that, for the past 16 episodes, every time when Ha Eung is in a tight situation, even though he promises Jin that he will do the right moral way for the people, he has to turn evil like he did a wager on Officer Lee about his child’s safety. I just hope that he doesn’t continue doing anything immoral and evil schemes which will make Jin, who is Ha Eung’s best friend, disappointed.

Kyung Tak is still controlled by Minister Kim, the puppeteer. He is still, yet again, has no idea with the choices he makes for the sake of himself, his father, and his ‘friends’. He just does what he wants base on his own beliefs. I hope to see a dramatic scenario where he will fight against his own father. For now, let just allow Kyung Tak to be the spy just to fill up his own time. However, why do I get the feeling that I don’t trust Kyung Tak at all for being in Ha Eung’s team to spy on his own father and his evil officials?

Jin, good job for taking the next challenge in medical procedures. You are going to the next level. You are a capable OB/GYN by doing a C-section after having a look that the baby is unable to come out from the woman’s private part. You’ve to do this emergency medical surgery for the sake of the woman and child. However, don’t you realise that what you do might affect you like giving a headache as a warning? Well, it’s up to your decisions but you’ll get the punishment by the evil baby tumor. For me, I have a bad feeling when he is going to do that surgery in the next episode. This is because this will be the next uncomfortable scene which you probably might imagine about the previous surgeries that he did including taking the baby tumor out of the patient’s brain.

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