Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 18 Review

Episode Recap

The uncomfortable surgery starts. The woman tells Jin that even if something happens to her, he must save her baby. Jin mentally prepares as we hear a voiceover that he hope that he would not have to do obstetrics and gynecology surgery because two lives are at jeopardy with one surgery. The shocking moment begins. The woman’s stomach is cut open without anesthetic. Jin has inner monologues while going through the bloody surgery while noting that the woman won’t be able to withstand the pain much longer.

Outside, Ha Eung tries to ask Officer Lee to join his team to go against the Queen Dowager and the Andong Kim clan. He’s not keen to betray his own wife’s aunt even though politics are important.
Thankfully, the gruesome details are blurred out while her stomach is completely split open. Ha Eung is still persuading Officer Lee. He adds that Officer Lee should think about his own child and the world he’ll grow up under the Andong Kim’s power.

Jin manages to pull the baby out from the woman’s stomach but the baby is not breathing. So, shockingly, Young Rae takes the baby like a rubber chicken and hangs it upside down by the ankle. She starts spanking the baby’s bum. Finally, the baby starts to cry and the woman is happy to know that she has a boy even though her stomach is still cut open. She gets some anesthetic while Jin sutures her stomach up.

Young Rae brings the baby to Officer Lee so that he gets a glimpse of his son before she takes away. Jin informs about the post-surgery care for his wife. Ha Eung pulls Jin away and asks him to ‘persuade’ with Officer Lee using his child. Jin knows that Ha Eung wants him to threaten Officer Lee so he refuses to do it.
Heo Gwang plays cupid by excusing himself to leave Jin and Young Rae alone. Jin congratulates her for doing a good job in the surgery. He wonders if she will be living a normal and happy life if it weren’t for him. She replies that she might be someone’s wife but someone asked her to become the best doctor in Joseon. She jokes that she will not be in that position as long as Jin is around but he assures her that she will still be an excellent doctor in other different worlds.

In the night, Kyung Tak sneaks into Ha Eung’s house and steal Jin’s letter while his father and Doctor Yoo believes that Ha Eung failed to ask Officer Lee to join his team. While Ha Eung paints orchids, he is still frustrated over his failed attempt to persuade Officer Lee. Young Hwi declares that they must strike Officer Lee first before interrogating him until he confesses to discussing the heir before Cheoljong’s death. Ha Eung decides to act calmly and wait as he feels something good will happen.

Officer Lee talks about Ha Eung’s deal with his wife. She agrees if Ha Eung’s intentions are good for the sake of Joseon. She declares that she will be by his side no matter he does and happens.

Kyung Tak spies while Officer Lee talks with Ha Eung. He believes that both of them join forces to take down the Queen Dowager. They go to the Queen Dowager’s quarters and persuade her to tell the truth about the future heir and commit high treason as they believe that she will receives countless petitions to ask her to step down. She doesn’t like the idea to step down and become a powerless old lady. She also doesn’t want to hold her niece’s newborn son since Officer Lee is going against her. She reminds Officer Lee that he owes his position and power to her, and orders them to leave.

The Queen Dowager wants to meet Minister Kim but rejects her request. He meets Kyung Tak instead. He decides to cut ties with her before they are dragged down with her. They know that Ha Eung will go against Ha Eung right after the Queen Dowager is gone. He asks Kyung Tak to follow Ha Eung more closely The Queen Dowager is upset that Minster Kim refused her request that she faints. Jin is called to check her health conditions. She sighs as she believes that Ha Eung will take over Joseon. She knows that Jin is just a doctor but because he’s close to Ha Eung, she asks him to help him to lead the country on the right path.

Jin goes on saying about the Queen Dowager help Myeong Bok to sit on the throne and then she fades away from politics. Officer Lee reads the Queen Dowager’s announcement that she is steppin down from politics. Minister Kim sarcastically congratulates Ha Eung so that he doesn’t need to give flattery comments to the Queen Dowager. Ha Eung mentions that he hears rumours that Minister Kim is preparing a new heir. Minister Kim smoothly denies and walks away. Officer Lee notes that Minster Kim must be sharpening his knife. Ha Eung points out that he has been sharpening his knife for forty years and he is ready to wield it.

Jin visits Ha Eung to accuse him for pushing the Queen Dowager away to keep his power. Ha Eung argues that the ends justify the means. Based on the letter which Jin had written, Ha Eung is going to close down the seowon, common educational institutions (for the noble class) that served as Confucian shrines and preparatory schools for the national civil service exams. Ha Eung asks Jin whether will it be successful and Jin replies that it will. However, he warns Ha Eung that his strategy might fail if he rushes, but Ha Eung reminds him that time is not on his side and he has to strike first before Minister Kim does. Again, he reminds Ha Eung to keep his promise on not to kill the Catholics because there is someone whom he needs to protect.

Ha Eung’s wife visits Young Rae at her house to ask why she hasn’t been attending the church. She asks Young Rae for help to treat a special patient: a French missionary, Felix-Clair Ridel. He has the injury on his leg while escaping from the soldiers. His wounds are seriously infected. Young Rae goes to get the medicine. Ha Eung’s wife asks her to keep this a secret.

Kyung Tak reads Jin’s letter which he finds that Ha Eung is going to close seowon. The good thing is that he dismisses it since he sees it as a fortune-telling.

Young Rae comes into while Jin looks through his belongings from the future. She informs him that the patient is suffering from hematosepsis, a life-threatening infection. She asks for his help after telling him that the patient is a Western Catholic priest. Jin checks Ridel’s injuries and finds the infection is getting worse. He decides to give him a shot of penicillin but is stop by Ridel who can speak Korean. He has never heard of “penicillin” in his own country and refuses it but he accepts it after Young Rae assures him that, as a fellow Catholic, it’s safe. He gets a shot of penicillin. He will need another injection but Jin tells Young Rae that he will take care of him. Again, she promises that she will not go to the church or associate with other Catholics for the time being.

Minister Kim watches Ha Eung and his men go to the court and muses that Ha Eung has been sharpening his knife. During the meeting in the court, Ha Eung gets his permission from the King to close down the 1,700+ seowon, claiming that by being built by local scholars and their private funds and thus being used for their personal activities, all seowon are exploiting the people of Joseon and affecting local government finances. Minister Kim is shocked at the announcement. A group of police remove the scholars and shut down the seowon. Ha Eung’s voiceover says that he will not forgive anyone who hurts the people of Joseon even if Confucius comes back from the dead. He portrays the seowon as the dens of thieves as they don’t pay taxes. He also asks the King’s permission to not to build more seowon in the future.

Kyung Tak rushes to his room to re-read Jin’s letter and finds that closing down seowon is actually happening. He realizes that it wasn’t a fortune-telling. Jin sees the people cheering for the new mandate but he worries about the Catholic prosecution will be unavoidable.

The scholars protest outside the palace gates while the people are supporting Ha Eung. Joo Pal and his men come out to stop the protest and use force to send the scholars running. The evil government officials are unhappy with the situation. Doctor Yoo suggests that Minister Kim should act rashly against Ha Eung since the public sentiment is on his side. Minister Kim sends everyone out and vents his anger on Kyung Tak that Ha Eung’s intentions are to go against the Norons who are the supporting faction of Andong Kim clan. Kyung Tak points out that now is the time to strike because so many victories must put a gap in Ha Eung’s armor somewhere. He vows to find that gap.

Jin gives Ridel another shot of penicillin. Ridel warns about a disaster will happen if Joseon keeps suppressing their faith by force. He mentions his name and Jin recalls back the history about Ridel. Ridel is the one who brought the Frech battleships to Joseon in 1866 because of the Catholic’s prosecution. Jin tries to tell Ridel to stop bringing the battleships but he gets the zapping punishment from the baby fetus. He returns to the clinic while having the pain. He tries to tell Young Rae that if Ridel returns to China but the baby fetus zaps him until he keeps his mouth shut. Kyung Tak arrives and wants to have a chat with Jin. Kyung Tak points out those interesting events have happened recently.

Kyung Tak wants to know Jin’s true identity but Jin just says that he is just a doctor. Kyung Tak is onto him which means Jin has to be careful. After Kyung Tak left, Jin asks Young Rae if she told anyone that he comes from the future. Ha Eung believes his plan is going well but he didn’t know that Kyung Tak is a spying on him. Jin goes to the gibang to ask Chun Hong whether she talked about his true identity. He gets another zap in his brain and collapses. He tries to get up and tells Chun Hong that he needs to tell Ha Eung about the war.

Young Rae attends the church and finds Father Ridel is returning to China. She decides to take him to Hwalinseo to give him the final treatment. After they leave, the soldiers storm into the church and drag everyone including Ha Eung’s wife. Young Rae and Ridel manage to escape.

The next day, Young Hwi pulls Kyung Tak aside to ask whether he still has connections with the police department. He asks him to release someone out from jail. Kyung Tak digs in for more details until he finds out that Ha Eung’s wife is in jail for committing the crime of Christianity. Ha Eung needs to get her out from jail before the interrogations start and Minster Kim finds out that Ha Eung’s wife is a Catholic. Young Hwi reports that Kyung Tak is unable to release her since Catholics are under the Ministry of Justice’s supervision, which is overseen by Minister Kim. In the end, Ha Eung makes an order to free all the prisoners.
Jin dreams of Mi Na in a hospital bed. He wakes up in Chun Hong’s room. He finds that the dream is disturbing as it seems that it will happen. Chun Hong tries to avoid the topic.

Kyung Tak informs his father that Ha Eung’s wife is a Catholic and Ha Eung demands that the prisoners to be released. With that, Minister Kim has his chance to exploit Ha Eung and making the public not trusting him. Dae Gyun gets rejections while Kyung Tak gets the comfort from his father.

During the next Court meeting, Minister Kim explain how their country honours the teachings of Confucius in the separation of men and women and the class system, but that Catholicism arrive to their land with lies about everyone is equal. He declares that one of the prisoners is Ha Eung’s wife and Ha Eung decides to release prisoners because of his wife. Ha Eung shoots him a glare but says nothing while the whole Court is in shocked to hear the news.

Jin hears from Heo Gwang that the palace is in chaos because of the rumour about Ha Eung’s wife who is a Catholic. Ha Eung prove his innocence by arresting all Catholics immediately. Jin runs off. Ha Eung is under pressure within his surroundings and his close allies, Young Hwi and Joo Pal. Petitions keep coming to him and Young Hwi warns that if Ha Eung keeps protecting the Catholics, he will lose his people’s trust. Ha Eung asks him that he should prosecute the Catholics which make Young Hwi seem heartless. Ha Eung needs some time to think. Jin rushes into the room and voices out that Ha Eung did promise him that he will not kill the Catholics.

Meanwhile, Young Rae and Ridel is unable to get out of the city due to the inspectors at the gates. Jin tells him that Ha Eung could easily not just kill Catholics even though Minister Kim keeps pressuring him. Ha Eung says that politics is not simple. If he takes sides with the Westerners, he will be pressured by the officials and the people of Joseon. Jin asks him if he’s sacrificing people’s lives for his position even though Ha Eung replies that Minister Kim will do his upmost best to get Ha Eung’s position.

Jin loses his temper when Ha Eung claims that the Catholics still be killed whether he has the power or not. He says that Young Rae is a Catholic and she is being chased in the city. He pleads Ha Eung to save the Catholics but Ha Eung won’t let the Andong Kim clan to take over Joseon again. He declares that he’ll make a difficult decision for the good of the country. Tears are in Jin’s eyes as he says that all politicians say the same thing as it is only for them. Ha Eung asks Jin if he can’t trust him. Jin replies that he can’t trust if Ha Eung going to lose. Jin tells Ha Eung that this persecution is one of Ha Eung’s mistakes. Jin wonders if Ha Eung will know what will happen to Joseon but Ha Eung claims that his history is different than the one which Jin learned. Jin believes that Ha Eung is acting according to history which is supposed to be. Jin leaves in rage while Ha Eung tries to find the letter but he couldn’t find it. Ha Eung goes to court and declares that all Catholics need to be prosecuted.

Jin sees the city in madness as soldiers capture the Catholics while he thinks about Young Rae which he gets the zapping punishment. Young Rae and Ridel are stopped by the soldiers while Jin stumbles through the street. He gets continuous zapping punishment. He sees Mi Na in her hospital bed and he finds out that she dies.

Point of View

As expected, the uncomfortable C-section surgery happen and thank goodness for censoring the woman’s stomach which is cut. The most face-palming moment is when Young Rae gets the baby to cry. Yes, hanging the baby as if it’s a rubber chicken and spanking the baby back to life. Park Min Young should have taken care of the baby gently and not doing it so rough. She should act like this baby is real and not break their bones by doing it too hard. The baby has a life, too.

Jin has become even more stubborn than ever. The baby fetus already zap his head as warnings and he still wants to be the hero to save Catholics from being prosecuted. He’s not only doing this for them but also for Young Rae who has her right to have her own religious beliefs. His secrets about coming from the future will eventually come out somewhere even though he keeps saying that he’s just the doctor. Besides, Kyung Tak finds out about closing down Confucius temples after reading the letter which was written by Jin. He should not have written the list about the future events and give to Ha Eung in the first place.

The same question: Does he really want to go home? Chun Hong told Jin many times not to mess with history and he still being the busybody to chance the history for what he thinks is better. He tried to continuously persuade Ha Eung to promise not to kill Catholics. Ha Eung even has a headache since he has political problems to deal with. Jin’s mind only zap when it comes to Young Rae but why not Ha Eung. I’m getting so annoyed with Jin’s stubbornness. Jin, please come to your senses!!!

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