Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 19 Review

Episode Recap

After the brain zapping, Jin manages to save Young Rae and Ridel from the soldiers by knocking them down with a big stick.

Ha Eung thinks back about the promise he made but then broke with Jin. Outside, he runs into Minister Kim who proudly says that Ha Eung will not last longer because of the situation which he is facing at the moment.
Kyung Tak’s men report that they’ve arrested all the Catholics. Also, they say that a noblewoman escape with a priest. Kyung Tak orders them to look for the escapees at every single area of the city.
Young Rae and Ridel manage to hide at a makeshift church to avoid being caught by the soldiers. Jin demands to know why she didn’t keep her promise and tells her that her safety comes first. Jin decides to find a way to help them escape. Then, Jin remembers the vision of Mi Na who died on the hospital bed and wonder if that really happens to her.

The evil government officials discuss about Ha Eung. They wonder how the public will not support him after hearing Ha Eung’s announcement about his wife who is a Catholic and persecuted all Catholics. Minister Kim doesn’t seem to care about it and sends everyone out once Kyung Tak arrives. Dae Gyun is upset because he isn’t allowed to stay put in Minister Kim’s room.

Jin comes out with an idea to help Young Rae and Ridel escape by covering them up with a straw mat in a cart while they pretend to be dead. Meanwhile, Minister Kim tells Kyung Tak to do more spy activities since the fate of the Andong Kim clan depends on his eyes and ears. Jin almost passes through the gate after Heo Gwang declares that he’s a Royal Doctor who is escorting the corpses out. Young Rae and Ridel hold their breaths and pretend to be dead under the straw mat. Suddenly, they’re stopped by another soldier who demands Jin to show the dead bodies which make Young Rae and Ridel anxious that they will get caught.

On the other hand, Kyung Tak report back to Ha Eung and Young Hwi. Young Hwi is impressed that Ha Eung decides to persecute all Catholics. Ha Eung points out that Young Hwi might not feel the same way later which makes Young Hwi confused. Kyung Tak asks Ha Eung if he has come up with another plan. Ha Eung replies that he will end this struggle with some high treason charges. Back to Jin. He lies to the soldiers that he’s escorting diseased corpses. With that, they have past through the gates.

Kyung Tak is nervous after hearing from Ha Eung that he knows about the written agreement which is made between the Queen Dowager and Minister Kim so that they can go against the King. Kyung Tak says that his father has already got rid of the letter. However, Ha Eung assures him that the letter from the Queen Dowager’s side is with Officer Lee. Both Ha Eung and Kyung Tak know that the letter will affect Minister Kim. Also, Ha Eung knows that Officer Lee wouldn’t get rid of the letter since he has been in politics for so long. He believes that Officer Lee keeps the letter to ensure his own safety if Minister Kim has the almighty power to rule Joseon. Thus, Ha Eung vows to make Officer Lee to hand over the letter.

At the makeshift safe house which is outside the city, Jin thinks back as he read the history about Ha Eung. Based on the history, Ridel supposed to return to China soon. Then, a war will break out in Joseon shortly after. Due to that, Jin is worry about Young Rae’s future and vows to find a way to stop the persecution on Catholics. He hears the crying sound and finds a little boy who tells him that his parents are arrested due to the persecution. Jin promises him that he will get his parents back soon. To make the little boy happy, Jin makes a paper airplane. The little boy introduces himself as Jin Soon Young. Jin smiles as the little boy has the same surname as him. Jin gives the paper airplane to the little boy but feels a static from the baby fetus that stops him. Jin still passes the paper airplane to the little boy and the little boy left. Jin wonders what just happened with the static shock.

Minister Kim is going to have no support from his accomplices as we see that Doctor Yoo is going to leave the team. Anyway, Minister Kim knows that the agreement cannot be in Ha Eung’s hands. So, he orders Kyung Tak to put a stop to it.

Ha Eung ‘kindly’ asks Officer Lee to hand the letter over to him. Officer Lee claims that he doesn’t have it and wonders why he should give it to Ha Eung if he could be charged for high treason. Ha Eung explains that he will protect Officer Lee from Minster Kim if he hands over the letter and raise his political position. Officer Lee assures that he got rid of it and he has nothing else to say. Ha Eung leaves. Ha Eung discusses with Young Hwi and Joo Pal to come up with a strategy on how to get Officer Lee to hand over the letter. Young Hwi suggests that they have to make Officer Lee know that Ha Eung is his only saviour. Thus, Ha Eung asks Joo Pal to mobilize his gang.

Ridel informs Young Rae and Jin that he’ll be returning to China and he will bring back a fleet of warships to attack Joseon for persecution. Young Rae tries to persuade him from starting the war and asks Jin to back her up. Jin sighs and walks out. She follows him out and asks whether there will be a war. Jin gives a yes to her. Young Rae asks Jin to persuade Ha Eung but he already tried that. He lets Young Rae know about Ha Eung’s decision about the persecution. Young Rae wonders if Ha Eung never wants that war to happen. She reminds Jin about what he said that even though it’s history, they have to save as many people as they can.
In disguise, Kyung Tak and his men break into Officer Lee’s house to steal the letter. They find Joo Pal’s men also came for the same reason. The guards chase them out. Officer Lee returns to his ransacked house to find that the letter is safe and sound at a well-hidden place. Officer Lee thinkgs back to Ha Eung’s words that Minister Kim will not keep Officer Lee alive for much longer. Meanwhile, Joo Pal returns to Ha Eung to inform him that they couldn’t find the letter but Ha Eung is not surprised as he knew that it would happen.

Kyung Tak tells Minister Kim that Ha Eung made the plan to make Officer Lee thinks that the burglary was Minister Kim’s doing. Minister Kim gets angry in rage and faints. Ha Eung reveals that the misunderstanding was his plan and he knows that it will be hard to find the letter. Joo Pal points out that there are other thieves, which are sent by Minister Kim, at Officer Lee’s house. This means that Minister Kim knew about the letter. Meanwhile, Kyung Tak promises his father that he will get the letter but his father points out that it is too late. He believes that they will be charged with high treason once the letter is at Ha Eung’s hands. Kyung Tak assures that he will get the letter back no matter what.

Jin lets Ha Eung know that a war is going to happen after the missionaries return to China but Ha Eung doesn’t care about it. Jin starts to argue about Ha Eung’s power and responsibility while Ha Eung replies that politics is not a child’s play. Since Jin has read the book about Ha Eung’s history, Jin advices Ha Eung to legislate Ho Po Je which is a strategy to imposed taxes on noble class. Jin says that if Ha Eung stops the persecution and implements the new tax law, then he will get the support from the people of Joseon. Ha Eug also need to stop Ridel from going to China. Kyung Tak sees Ha Eung and Jin leaving the palace while Young Hwi leaves at a different direction. He orders his men to follow him and he follows Young Hwi. Jin brings Ha Eung to see Ridel so that they come to a truce about the war. Ha Eung promises to stop the persecuting Catholics. In return, Ridel must promise to not to disturb their borders or ports without permission and give the support to Joseon from France whenever they are needed. Then, a secret treaty is signed between Ha Eung and Ridel while Jin still having doubts about whether is it right to stop the war.

Kyung Tak manages to get the information from Young Hwi by pretending that he is hurt because Young Hwi doesn’t trust him. Young Hwi tells him that Ha Eung is meeting with a French missionary. Also, Kyung Tak finds out from his man about Ha Eung’s whereabouts.

Jin and Young Rae send Ridel and his missionaries off. Again, Jin is worry about changing so much history and wonders if there are any changes once he is back to the future. He also keeps thinking worries about Mi Na. Suddenly, a man run to them and asks for help because Jin Soon Young is injured. Previously, Soo Young was impaled by a branch while he tried to get the paper airplane. Jin asks Young Rae to get supplies for emergency surgery. He gets another static shock when he touches Soon Young’s hand. He gets over it and carries him inside.

Officer Lee hands the letter over to Ha Eung. He reconfirms whether Ha Eung promises to protect his family and the Queen Dowager from the Andong Kim clan. Ridel and his fellow missionaries are stopped on the road by Kyung Tak and his accomplice. He demands to know who has the treaty with Ha Eung. Kyung Tak says that he will spare their life if they hand it over or he will kill one by one if they don’t. Ridel escapes after giving Kyung Tak a punch in the stomach.

Meanwhile, Jin prepares for surgery. Soon Young needs a blood transfusion and Young Rae volunteers to donate her own blood. On the other hand, Kyung Tak catches Ridel, steals the treaty, and leaves him alive.
The surgery begins. Jin makes an incision. A lot of blood comes out because of a major vain. Jin fixes
everything up and gets ready for suturing. However, Soon Young starts to bleed again. When Jin touches Soon Yoong, he gets the zap from the baby fetus. Jin holds on to his head in pain during Soon Young’s surgery. He is shocked to see that he is fading in and out while he stares at his hands. He freaks out at the corner of the room. Young Rae muster up her courage to stop Soon Young’s bleeding and finish the surgery. Both Young Rae and Heo Gwang notice that Jin is disappearing and reappearing after Young Rae notices that Soon Young’s breathing has stopped. Jin sees a vision of the future where Dr Jin is another person. Young Rae immediately performs mouth to mouth resuscitation on Soon Young and he breathes again. Young Rae is able to see the connection between Jin and Soon Young while suturing Soon Young up.

Ha Eung proudly goes to the court with the letter in his hand. However, he runs into Minister Kim who holds an envelope which contains Ha Eung’s treaty with Ridel. Both of them discuss in the room. Minister Kim boastfully says that his card is stronger than Ha Eung’s as he believes that if he shows the treaty to the court, he will be able to prepare for another heir. Before he leaves, he sarcastically tells Ha Eung that he should learn politics from him. His words make Ha Eung in rage. Meanwhile, Young Hwi put all the puzzle pieces together and finds that Kyung Tak has betrayed them.

Jin leaves the surgical room while looking at his hands. Heo Gwang thought what he saw is just an illusion while Young Rae realize that Jin’s fate is tied to Soon Young’s. Jin tries to figure that connection until he realizes that Soon Young might be his ancestor and thinks that he is not from this world. He has a flashback where Mi Na talks about the parallel universe.

He goes straight to Chun Hong and asks whether there is another him in Joseon world and whether they have the same destiny. Chun Hong doesn’t know what is he talking about and she’s not alone. Jin continues to say that if the story is correct than it has something to do with Mi Na and Young Rae. Chun Hong tries to calm him down but Jin, with his tears in his eyes, shouts at her for lying. She claims that she did all this to protect and he immediately leaves. She cries and sinks to the floor. She voices out that if Jin know the truth, how will he able to cope with it.

He returns to the safe house and finds Young Rae is gone. Heo Gwang tells him the bad news that the soldiers arrived and took her away. Jin runs off to rescue her and he comes up with the conclusion that he comes to this world to save Mi Na. So, all he has to do is to save Young Rae.

Ha Eung and Minister Kim have a late night meeting. Ha Eung points out that Kyung Tak is a decent son to Minister Kim’s family. He asks Minister Kim’s permission to use Kyung Tak as his accomplice. Ha Eung asks what will happen if he doesn’t tell the truth about the letter but Minister Kim is not affected by his words. Minister Kim will still reveal the truth about Ha Eung’s treaty and run him. Ha Eung knows that Minister Kim is going to do it and asks him to at least protect the King.

Young Hwi and Kyung Tak have a heart-to-heart conversation. Young Hwi admits that he is suspicious of Kyung Tak but he doesn’t want to believe that Kyung Tak betrays him and Ha Eung. He asks Kyung Tak whether his betrayal is not true and Kyung Tak replies that it isn’t true. Young Hwi is still sad. Kyung Tak gets even more sad when he sees that Young Rae’s been arrested and is about to be tortured.

Jin finds Ha Eung in the throne room and asks him why he didn’t keep his promise. Ha Eung gives a moving speech about his hopes and dreams of creating a new Joseon and going against the Andong Kim clan who caused the people to suffer by the corrupted officials. He sighs as he couldn’t keep the promise with Jin. Jin asks him again about what he just said. Ha Eung stands from the throne and declare that he will step down from politics. He laughs loudly while Jin stares at him in shock.

Point of View

I don’t understand Jin anymore and I blame him for causing Ha Eung’s decision to step down from politics. What’s worse is that I start to hate Jin even more. I get frustrated with this episode. Seriously. That also includes both Jin and Young Rae’s level of common sense which is really low.

I don’t get with the parallel universe scenarios. Those were confusing. There is a scene where Mi Na is on the hospital bed. She died. Jin assumes that he comes to the Joseon period to save Mi Na by saving Young Rae. What is the link between Mi Na and Young Rae? Then, Jin got a static shock from the kid which I think the kid is related to him. So, that means he is not time travelling. He is in another world which is the same ‘Jin’. The even more confusing one is the connection between the parallel universe, history, and the future. If he knew that bad things had happened to him, he shouldn’t have messed with history. Jin, you just never learned even though Chun Hong told you like many times that you shouldn’t mess with it. I will be so frustrated if you are not listening to my helpful advices.

No matter how he wants to set the way he wants it to be, bad things just pop out. There are too many voiceovers including his doubts about what might happen in the future. Jin, for the countless times, who asked you to mess around with the history in the first place? I blame you for making Ha Eung’s political situation a total mess. Because of that, I dislike you even more because of your lack of common sense and you are seriously (I mean 100% seriously) too stubborn. Wake up and face the truth.

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