Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 20 Review

Episode Recap

Ha Eung explains the reason wy he is going to step down is because he wants to protect the King. Jin argues that Ha Eung should stay strong to keep his position. Jin asks about what will happen to the Catholics if he steps down. He knows that Minister Kim will not stop the persecution. Ha Eung replies that he put his life for his nation which is like a religion to him. While Young Rae and other Catholics are put in prison, Jin agonizes over Ha Eung’s decision. Jin asks himself about the current situation that is happening.
The evil government officials laugh about Ha Eung’s stepping down and his upcoming farewell banquet while Kyung Tak sits away from the group. Minister Kim decides to hide the treaty in a separate office so it can’t be stolen.

Meanwhile, Ha Eung’s grand farewell feast is only attended by his most loyal friends. Ha Eung boasts his guests to enjoy himself. He realizes that Young Hwi is missing. Young Hwi goes to visit Young Rae in prison. He never knows that she was Catholic until now. He persuades her to deny her religion to save her life. Kyung Tak tries his best to ask his father to free the Catholics but that request is rejected. To Minister Kim, the Catholics are a great scapegoat to divert people’s anger away from the noble class. They laugh over Ha Eung’s decision on the Catholic persecution.

Jin arrives at the banquet and Ha Eung is totally drunk. Jin asks Ha Eung if he is Ha Eung’s friend, will he ever listen to him. Ha Eung tries to say that he has no longer has the power to do anything but Jin fires back about how far did Ha Eung had done with his own power. He claims that he will not sit by and do nothing. He also says that he doesn’t want the history to be messy. He storms out. Chun Hong desperately tries to stop him. She tells him that he returned to this world to save and protect him. Jin thinks that she is lying and won’t fall for it. He runs out and monologues that he must save Young Rae so Mi Na will be saved too.

He runs into Kyung Tak and asks for his favour. On the other hand, Kyung Tak puts all the pieces together: the letter, Jin’s appearance when he first came to Joseon, and Jin said that he’s from the future during the execution. From all of that, Kyung Tak knows that Jin is definitely from the future. Jin manages to see Young Rae in prison with Kyung Tak’s help. He also urges her to deny her faith so that she will not be executed tomorrow. She asks him if he could stop practicing medicine if his life depended on it. He claims that he could even though it would be cowardly. In the end, Jin asks her to do it just for him as he really wants Mi Na to be saved.

Kyung Tak and his men cautiously escort Kim Byung Ok and the treaty. Suddenly, they are ambushed including Kyung Tak being struck by an arrow to the arm. Kyung Tak knows that Young Hwi is the one who lead the group even though the assassins wear masks. The battle begins. Kyung Tak and Young Hwi fight against each other. Kyung Tak asks Young Hwi to hurt him to avoid suspicion. Finally, Young Hwi and his men left with the treaty while Kyung Tak is injured.

Dae Gyun is in charge of the Catholic execution. All the prisoners cry. A pile of crosses and bibles are dumped in front of them and declares that whoever steps over them will live. Some of them do while others display their faith who are put aside to die. Young Rae struggles in her decisions on whether she should deny her religion or not. Meanwhile, Jin tries to get inside to save Young Rae. However, Young Rae decides to protect the religion by folding her hands in prayer which she is brought to the other side to be executed. Jin gets the brain zapped as he tries to force his way inside and, again, saw a vision of Mi Na who died. He becomes more desperate to save Young Rae until a mysterious man on horseback arrives.

Young Rae and the other believers are going to be executed. They say their prayers as they wait to be beheaded. The executioners ready their blades as Dae Gyun readies the signal. Thankfully, they are saved by a man, who has the King’s Royal Decree, enters and orders that all the Catholics to be released. Also, no Catholics can be capture, tortured, and interrogated from now on. Dae Gyun blusters while Young Rae cries in relief.

Minister Kim and Dae Gyun are shocked about Ha Eung’s attempts to meeting the King and decision to not to abandon politics. Their threats are useless since they no longer have the secret weapon to go against him.
Jin waits for Young Rae to come out. Young Rae apologizes for not following his earlier request. She wonders if the Catholic persecution was supposed to happen which is based on history. She assumes that Jin must have a reason to change history when he was so afraid of doing so before. Jin claims that Young Rae is the most important person to him. They exchange their thanks.

Kyung Tak pretends to apologizes to his father for losing the treaty. He is still suffering from the sword wound and Minster Kim is concerned about it. He worries that they have lost their card while Ha Eung still has his. However, Kyung Tak has already settles the situation. He brings out the letter from Young Hwi as part of a secret deal. He slit his own wrist so the blood on the letter is a proof that he killed someone to get it. Minister Kim and Ha Eung have no strategies to go against each other at the moment. Minister Kim is not worried as the people who go against freeing the Catholics will bring Ha Eung down. Ha Eung burns the treaty and asks after Kyung Tak about his actions to injure himself so that he can gain the enemy’s trust. Ha Eung is suspicious about Kyung Tak and asks Young Hwi to keep an eye on him.

Ha Eung goes to the court to handle the situation about freeing the Catholics. Minister Kim argues about it and asks the King to pull back the decree. Just as Ha Eung is about to voice his opinion, the King speaks out. He points out that his mother is Catholic and his father released Catholics. Thus, punishing them would make him a disrespectful son. Ha Eung steps up to not only to agree with him but also to implement the plan on the new taxation law on noblemen. Dae Gyun throws his frustration over the new taxation law to his father. Minister Kim believes that random theieves would target Kim Byung Ok. He suspects that Kyung Tak is behind all of this and orders Dae Gyun to keep an eye on him.

Ha Eung is happy to see Jin again. Jin feels uncomfortable when Ha Eung talks about the future of other countries. Ha Eung asks Jin to write down the future events if he feels uncomfortable about it. Jin refuses to do so. Ha Eung argues that it’s good for the country and claims that Jin comes to Joseon to change history.
Kyung Tak waits for Jin and makes a comment that Jin spends more time doing secret assignments than being at the Royal clinic. Jin checks on Minister Kim’s health. Minister Kim finds that Jin comes from the future as he shows Jin his personal belongings from the future. Kyung Tak is shocked to see that Minister Kim knows about Jin. Minister Kim asks Kyung Tak if he knew about Jin’s identity, why he didn’t tell him earlier. Minister Kim is muses as he knows that Jin is a doctor from the future. Meanwhile, Ha Eung wonders where Jin is while Jin is forced to tell Minister Kim that he is not going to tell him about the future including the fact that Minister Kim wants to know the fate of the Andong Kim clan. Minister Kim understands that Jin cooperate with Ha Eung to prevent a war to happen. After Jin leaves, Minister Kim asks Kyung Tak to find Ridel and bring him back.

Ha Eung meets Jin at the gibang and asks about the meeting with Minister Kim. Jin tries his best to avoid the subject.

Ridel is brought to see Minister Kim. Minister Kim points out that the power to save or kill the Catholics is at his own bare hands. By threatening the Catholics’ safety in Joseon, Minister Kim asks Ridel to convince France to bring the warships to Joseon. Ha Eung had ordered Joo Pal and his minion to spy at Minister Kim’s house. They see Ridel leaving the house. In the room, Kyung Tak asks his father how the war will benefit him. Minister Kim says that it is the way to pull down Ha Eung by having people to go against him if he can’t deal with the foreign attack. Heartless Minister Kim orders Kyung Tak to kill all the priests except Ridel. By doing that, Ridel will hate them and start the war in Joseon.

Joo Pal informs Ha Eung’s team and Ha Eung asks him to capture Ridel. He demands to know what Jin had discussed with Minister Kim. He storms out of the room. Chun Hong holds her head and cries about the messiness in history. She blames on Jin for the situation to happen.

Ridel and his fellow missionaries set off in a boat. Kyung Tak’s team and Joo Pal’s team arrive. Kyung Tak as an archer to kill the priests except Ridel.

Jin’s feelings are hurt because Ha Eung thinks that he’s betrayed him by telling the future to Minister Kim.
Chun Hong meets Young Rae to tell her more juicy details about her future. Later, Jin is packing up his stuff. Young Rae finds him and asks what he is doing. Jin declares that he doesn’t want to get involved in the war and run away. She tells him that he knows everything about him including the baby fetus. Jin knows that Chun Hong told her and insists that it’s all a lie. He claims that he did his best to save Young Rae since he came to this world. He believes that disappearing will solve all the problems but Young Rae begs him to stay. She tells him that he’s leaving her alone with a shaken love. He promises her that they will meet again and leaves.

He runs into Chun Hong in the middle of a road. He chastises her for telling Young Rae and yells at her when Chun Hong tries to speak. She wants to tell him the big secret which she should have tell him earlier in the first place. However, Jin thinks she is manipulating him from the very beginning. He leaves her behind. Chun Hong notices that two assassins are following behind Jin. They try to kill him but Chun Hong appears to take the stabbing sword for Jin. The assassins escape. Jin brings her into the gibang so he can do the surgery on her.

She tries to catch her breath while trying to tell the big secret to him He says that she will need to tell him later because she needs surgery. He thinks back to all the mean things he just said to her including the fact that she came to this world to protect him.

He starts to do a heart surgery on Chun Hong. He explains to Heo Gwang and Young Rae that her life may not be able to be saved. To save her, he needs an artificial heart machine which doesn’t exist in the Joseon era. Still, he says that he will do his best to save her. Chun Hong’s heart squirts blood from the wound. Jin takes a needle and thread to her heart. However, he notices that her heart stops beating. Then, he pumps her heart by holding it in his hand and her heart beats again. He stiches her heart but she’s still dying.

Everyone goes out so Chun Hong can say her last words. She says that he can’t save Young Rae according to her fate. While trying to save her, he could disappear forever. So, she came back to this world to save him. Chun Hong says that ‘that person’ from the world which he left is already dead. In the end, Chun Hong dies. Ha Eung enters the room and see that Chun Hong is dead. Jin keeps shouting “No!” continuously.

Point of View

Chun Hong has done her best to protect Jin and she decided to tell the truth about Young Rae. Will Jin ever realise what Chun Hong has spoken so many things to him? Will he just lighten up and face the truth? Will just have to wait and see what on earth will he do next? So long that Jin is not going to do something ridiculous, it should be fine. Otherwise, I will do a facepalm because of his attempt actions.

So, let me get this straight about Kyung Tak. He gives advices to his father that his strategies are too dangerous but he still accept the orders from him so that he gets the love and loyalty from him. If Kyung Tak knows about his father’s evil intentions, then he should join Ha Eung’s team instead of him being used by his father. Kyung Tak does have his own right of how he should live. I guess he tries to make everyone safe and happy but his strategy is a total failure. There is no dramatic effect as Kyung Tak didn’t even reveal the truth to Jin that he has the letter with him. Kyung Tak, you have to make a decision so that you can be happy: Is either you are okay of being used by your own father or join in Ha Eung’s team to make a new Joseon so the people can live happily?

In previous episodes which I reviewed, I criticize a lot on Jin because he has been messing with the history. It is still the same complaints which are said. Thus, I decided not to repeat these things again. When he came to Joseon, he’s the hero who has saved people’s life. At the moment, he is just ruining things and making things worse when he gets himself involved in political history. Jin really has to come to his senses and put fix these problems before I continue to criticize him even more. One more thing: I blame the writers for making Jin’s character and storyline ridiculous.

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