Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 22 (Final) Review

Episode Recap

The war on Ganghwa Island begins as French soldiers try to overtake a fort which is guarded by the Korean soldiers. Cannons are fired and everything around Young Rae turns into chaos. In the Roayl Court meeting, Ha Eung vows to take responsibility and lead reinforcements to the island. Dae Gyun tries to do political scheming but he is taught by Ha Eung.

Ha Eung discusses about leading the troops with Officer Lee and Young Hwi. It’s great for his political career but what if he loses. Ha Eung orders Young Hwi to gather together a special force unit which consists of tiger hunters because of their professional gunning skills and strength. He also asks Kyung Tak to join them but Young Hwi isn’t sure whether he will join since Minister Kim passed away. Jin interrupts the meeting and asks to go with them to Ganghwa Island because Young Rae is there.

Kyung Tak drowns his sorrows for his father in alcohol and makes it clear to Young Hwi that he doesn’t want to be felt sorry from others. Young Hwi informs Kyung Tak that Ha Eung wants him to head to the front line with them tomorrow. Kyung Tak wonders how much more Ha Eung wants to cause any troubles to his family. On the other hand, Young Hwi suggests that if the war is successful, Kyung Tak has the chance to wife away Andong Kim clan’s corrupted history and carry his clan into a new age. However, Young Hwi says that it is up to Kyung Tak’s decision on whether to join Ha Eung’s team or not. He leaves Kyung Tak alone. Kyung Tak seems to remember that he has something to do as he murmurs Ha Eung’s name in a scary voice.

The next day, Ha Eung leads his army through the streets as they head to the main destination for war. Jin and Heo Gwang are behind them. Heo Gwang wish Jin to be safe and sound before sending him off. Jin recalls that, based on history, Ha Eung didn’t go to war with the French. Later, they stop midway when they saw Kyung Tak appear in front of them. Ha Eung sees him and thanks him. In his voiceover, he says that Kyung Tak has chosen for the greater good and feels sorry for his father.

Dae Gyun sits happily as he is the new head of the Andong Kim clan. Doctor Yoo reminds him that he’ll be in trouble if Ha Eung wins the war. Dae Gyun has already come up with the plan to stop from letting it happen. He orders his men to get in contact with Ridel.

Ha Eung and his comrades, including Kyung Tak, come up with a strategy to defend the fort from the French soldiers. The fort has lack of supplies and it is in danger because of the French’s battleship cannons. Kyung Tak agrees with Ha Eung that a rash move will be dangerous and suggest to attack without mercy at the right time.

At the fort, Young Rae tries but failed to stop the starving peasants from stealing the clinic’s rice.
Ha Eung points out that the Jeongjok Fortress is their last strategic defence point to Kyung Tak even though it’ll be hard to take the fortress when the French army is fully armed. From behind, Kyung Tak slowly draws out his sword. Jin enters into the tent and shouts out that the people inside the fortress are starving. Thus, they should do something about it. Ha Eung replies that when a doctor makes a mistake, you lose a patient. However, when a commander makes mistakes, thousands of lives will be lost.

Dae Gyun has a secret meeting with Ridel and a French commander. He gives them gold and the special gift: a map which shows where the supply ship will bring to the fort. By stopping the suppy ship, Ha Eung will lose the war. The commander asks what Dae Gyun gets out from this deal. Dae Gyun announces that he will take over the country after Ha Eung steps down from politics. Also, he is willing to help out the French.

Back at the camp, Ha Eung is having a short nap. Kyung Tak enters in and gets ready with his dagger to kill him. As he attempts to kill Ha Eung, Jin enters into the tent. Jin protects Ha Eung while trying to stop Kyung Tak from killing him. While Ha Eung tries to calm Kyung Tak down, he offers him to stab the dagger to his heart. Jin says that if he wants to kill Ha Eung, he has to kill him first. Kyung Tak agrees to it. He attempts to kill Jin but hears a cannon shot which distracts them. Jin has the opportunity to push Kyung Tak on the table and disarm the Kyung Tak’s dagger. Young Hwi arrives just in time and draws his sword at Kyung Tak.

Ha Eung looks that the supply ship is destroyed and decides that they have to fight with their limited supplies. They have to come up with a strategy which is effective. Jin offers the only strategy: attack from both sides (the fort and behind the French army). Everyone thinks that it is a great idea but wonders how. Ha Eung volunteers to go to the fortress and inform the army. He is not going alone as he asks Kyung Tak to send the message to the fortress while he goes and save Young Rae. He knows that Kyung Tak cares for Young Rae as Jin cares for Mi Na. Ha Eung sends them off on their mission. Ha Eung tells Jin that Joseon is in his hands. Jin and Ha Eung say their goodbyes. Before he leaves, Ha Eung asks him whether they will meet again. Jin assures him that they will meet again and Ha Eung believes him.

At night, Jin and Kyung Tak try to sneak into the fort. A French soldier found Jin but was slashed by Kyung Tak. Jin is shocked while Kyung Tak asks him whether he wants to perform surgery on that soldier. From afar, Ha Eung and his troops get themselves ready for war. He tells Young Hwi that they have to wait for the signal from the fort before they attack.

Jin and Kyung Tak get caught by Korean soldiers who drag them into the fortress because they think they are spies. Thanks to Young Rae, she spots them and points out that they are not spies. Jin finds out that Young Rae came to the war zone to die which makes him feel so frustrated with her stubbornness. He admits that Young Rae’s fate is same as Mi Na’s. Since Young Rae still doesn’t want to leave, Jin stays put. Kyung Tak passes the strategic message to the soldiers in the fortress. In the morning of the battle, they put the signal flag to Ha Eung. Ha Eung and his army are ready to battle. Meanwhile, at the fortress, Kyung Tak and the soldiers get themselves ready to battle with the French who are in position with cannons and battleships. Jin and Young Rae give medical assistance to the injured.

Ha Eung’s army advance from behind and start to attack the French army. Cannon fire begins attacking the fortress. Jin and Young Rae help to move the patients to a safe spot. Kyung Tak continues to battle face-to-face after the French break down the door and enter into the fortress.

Jin realizes that Young Rae is missing and returns to the war zone. He finds her hiding at the clinic tent. He protects her from the cannon fire. Young Rae quickly gives him Mi Na’s ring. They try to escape but they are surrounded by the French soldiers. Kyung Tak jumps in and attacks the soldiers so that Jin and Young Rae can escape. Jin goes back to save Kyung Tak but Kyung Tak got stab by one of the soldiers. Jin kills the soldier and saw blood in his hands because Kyung Tak is bleeding from the stab wounds. Young Rae panics as Kyung Tak is totally injured while Jin knew that Kyung Tak is going to die. Kyung Tak says his last words that she will always be his lover. Then, he dies.

A cannonball explodes from behind them. Young Rae gets stabbed by shrapnel and loses consciousness. Jin looks at his bloody hands and carries her to the clinic tent. Young Rae stops him from doing surgery on her since she believes that it is her fate to die which is linked to Mi Na’s fate. She doesn’t want him to interfere but Jin insists to save her since he had spent all his time in this world. Then, he prepares for surgery as he puts the anesthesia mask on her.

Meanwhile, Young Hwi reports to Ha Eung that the French soldiers are retreating.

As Jin starts to do surgery, the fetus zaps him and saying that it must go back. Jin tells the fetus that he is not ready to go back just yet. He pulls out the rock out of Young Rae with his bare hands and starts to suture her wounds.

Young Hwi finds soldiers carrying Kyung Tak’s dead body. He breaks into tears as he holds him while speaking to him.

Jin finishes the surgery and goes to a nearby well. Suddenly, an injured French soldier stabs him in the stomach. Jin sees a vision of the bandaged man and he doesn’t want to go back just yet. He goes up to a high wall. He thinks of Young Rae and Mi Na before he falls off from the high wall.

Then, we find Jin wakes up at the hospital with a bandage on his head. This means he’s back in his own world. His colleague informs him that the surgery was successful. Jin gets up and goes to Mi Na’s room where he finds her lying and breathing on the hospital bed. He holds her hand and feels relief that she is still alive. He assures her that he is back and that nothing will happen to her.

Jin goes up to the hospital roof and tries to fit all the puzzle pieces together about coming back to his own world. His colleague finds him and spills the details. Jin disappeared from the hospital and was found on Ganghwa Island the next day. He was wearing a strange outfit. Also, they found a strange tumor and removed it from Jin’s head. Jin asks him about the bandaged man whom he did the surgery on and he has no idea what he’s talking about. He tells Jin that the brain fetus was removed from Jin’s head only.

Jin continues to put all the puzzles pieces together. He didn’t fall off from the hospital roof. Instead, he disappeared and then he was found on island a day later. After four days of surgery, he woke up and no one remembers about the bandaged man. He sees little Chun Hong with her rubix cube. She wheels away and Jin tries to follow her. But he hears that there’s chaos at Mi Na’s room as she’s flatlining.

Jin starts to save her while thinking about Chun Hong’s last words on Mi Na was already dead. He doesn’t believe her words and continues to save her. He thinks about all the attempts he had saved Young Rae while he desperately tries to save Mi Na. His colleague persuades Jin to give up but Jin refuses and continues to pump her chest. Back in the past, Young Rae wakes from the surgery. At the same time, Mi Na’s heart beats again.

Jin finds little Chun Hong in the hallway. She is surprised to hear that Jin knows her name and her reason to come to this world. He assures her that she can go back to her own world. Jin says that when she grows up she might see him and asks her to tell that person that Mi Na has awakened. He thanks her again and apologizes for misunderstanding her all the time. Finally, Jin realizes that Chun Hong Mi Na was supposed to die from the bandaged man. Jin wonders if that person came to this world to save Young Rae and believes that that person is another him.

Jin goes to a local library and finds a history about Young Rae who is a female doctor in Joseon. He sighs as he feels relief that Young Rae is still alive. He sits by Mi Na’s hospital bed until she wakes up from her coma. He cries while she whispers that she had a very long strange dream. Before he leaves, Mi Na calls him Doctor Jin which Young Rae used to call him. Mi Na claims that she uses it in her dream. Jin believes her. Mi Na says thank you and sorry while Jin cries.

The performers show a Joseon sword fight for the tourists. Jin stands on the palace grounds. Suddenlyt, Ha Eung stands right next to him and he is happy to see him. Ha Eung is happy to see the modern Joseon and Jin smiles. He asks Ha Eung whether he had achieved in creating a new Joseon and Ha Eung asks him to come back to the past if he’s curious. Jin declines the offer as he wants to protect Mi Na and Ha Eung understands his reasons. Ha Eung points out that he will miss him a lot while Jin vows that he will never forget him. As Ha Eung leaves, Jin actually wants to ask him whether Young Rae is alright but since Mi Na is fine, then Young Rae is fine.

Jin gives Mi Na an engagement ring and slips it on her finger. He admits that he was going to propose on the day of the accident. He holds her hand and asks whether he is not too late. Both of them smile.

Point of View

= =””””. Really?!?!?! Now, the answers are there at the final episode. After the whole 22 episodes of this drama, I get these answers. Writers, ‘good’ job for not giving answers and keep them to the last which you make me feel frustrated with both storyline and characters of this drama. What’s even worse it that I’m very disappointed with not only the ending but also the whole drama which is why I keep on criticizing about this.

I feel so sorry for Kyung Tak for not shining so much in the screen since episode one. That same goes to Jae Joong for not showing much of his acting ability in this drama. Kyung Tak should have the potential to go places and do things in the place but controlled by his father. The whole point is that Kyung Tak’s life is a mess and then he died since that’s his fate. Well, at least, Jae Joong did his best to work hard in portraying Kyung Tak’s character. However, Kyung Tak is the least favourite in this drama for the major reason: his ridiculous storyline and character. Only that very last episode, Kyung Tak decides to change for the better and realize that Ha Eung and his gang are making Joseon a better place. Good thing they all understand how Kyung Tak has gone through the hard times. Also, he admits that he still have feelings for Young Rae especially his final words. Then again, the problem is still Kyung Tak’s life and personalities which I felt very disappointed.

So, the conclusion for this drama. There’s a connection between Young Rae and Mi Na. Mi Na dreams about Young Rae. There’s a connection between Jin and the bandaged man. That bandaged man came to the future to get medical equipment to save Young Rae. Little Chun Hong comes to the future to save Jin. Finally, Jin figures it out about the whole parallel universe and fetus tumor. = =. Really?!?!?! That is seriously a very very long time for Jin to realize that this happen. Those are the answers at the very end of this drama. Then, the history about Young Rae as a female doctor is in the books but what about Jin’s medical skills?

Overall, I find that the storyline and characters are seriously ridiculous. I do enjoy criticizing this drama as much as I want to but, seriously, I am disappointed with this drama. Even though it is adapted from a successful Japanese drama, this Korean one is definitely a sad case. Thank you production team and writers for making the storyline and characters confusing which I am so frustrated about. I recommend that it is a not a good idea to watch this, if you want a good storyline and characters.

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