Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 6 Review

Episode Recap

One month after the village burning incident, Young Rae watches Jin giving a medical lecture to a group of doctors. She brought him lunch which reminds Jin about Mi Na’s cooking. Young Rae asks him about the time when he is having cholera and he called her ‘Mi Na’. She also asks whether Mi Na is her fiancée. That is because of her curiosity to see whether he has regained some memories back. However, Jin pointed out that Mi Na is not in this world and even if he wants to meet her, it is impossible to do so.

Ha Eung brings lots of money to Joo Pal so that he can persuade him to take over one of the docks. Joo Pal finds that the idea is ridiculous because of the almighty merchant guilds and government. He reminds/threatens Ha-eung that his debt is on the fifteenth, and goes off to complete a deal. Ha Eung secretly follows behind him.

It turns out he is completing a deal with Young Hwi in a guarded building, and brings loads of money to him. Joo Pal notes that Young Hwi looks like a scholar more than a leader of a rebel group of bandits. Young Hwi stops him from questioning. In return for the money, Young Hwi gives Joo Pal a large chest filled with treasures. Ha-eung stands at the hill top and looks at the guarded building. Suddenly, a blade is placed in front of him. He’s brought down to the building, where Joo Pal instantly pretends that he doesn’t know him. Ha Eung recognizes Young Hwi instantly. Young Hwi let him live but warns him not to tell anyone about this and his identity.

At home, Young-hwi becomes a momma’s boy and whining for food. Young-rae wonders why Jin hasn’t come home yet, which is when the maidservant arrives and tells her that she saw Jin, Ha Eung, and the rest of the doctors heading to gibing. Young Rae feels uneasy about them going to the giabng while Young Rae is concerned since Ha Eung already knows his secret.
Jin is not excited about having a night out but Chun Hong has been waiting to see him for weeks now. The doctors party it up in another room while Chun Hong entertains Jin and Ha Eung in the special private room, Chun Hong asks Jin whether Young Rae mentioned that she sent to visit him while he was sick. He wasn’t told about this and Chun Hong smiles.

Ha Eung takes the opportunity to casually ask about Young Hwi. Jin agonizes after hearing Chun Hong’s comments about Young Rae’s beauty and nobility. He gets up to leave and she rushes to stop him. She not only invites him to thank him for saving her but also she wants him to see a patient. She leads Jin and Ha Eung to another room in the gibang and rouses a girl from bed with open sores covering her face and neck. Ha Eung recognizes that woman is Gae Yang which makes her surprise while she tries to hide her face. Jin takes a look at her and Ha Eung asks Chun Hong why she didn’t say this earlier. Gae Yang says that she asks Chun Hong not to tell anyone about this. Jin asks her who the customers she served and slept with are. She throws a table across the room because Jin asks an embarrassing question. He’s has no choice but to leave for now.

Chun Hong tells him off about the suffering that the gisaengs have gone through. He apologizes that he didn’t mean any harm. He explains to them that the disease she has is syphilis, a highly toxic and deadly sexually transmitted disease which rots the body. Chun Hong is offended, because she thinks that Hyuk is pointing out that gisaengs will catch this disease. He knows that syphilis is not a serious contagious disease and, during that time period, there is no cure for this disease. He thinks about syphilis and penicillin does the trick to start the treatment. However, since he is in the Joseon period, there is no way for him to create this medicine.

Ha Eung wonders about how such a disease can be sexually transmitted. Jin assures that if he could find out who she’s slept with, he could know who gave the disease to her. Ha Eung tells him that Gae Yang isn’t the type to just sleep with any man. Jin asks Ha Eung about what is the relationship with Gae Yang. Ha Eung has a flashback. Gae Yang performs a fan dance for her guests: Dae Gyun and Ha Eung. He gropes Gae Yang incredibly inappropriately in view of everyone. Ha Eung comes to the rescue by acting drunk which, then, he gets kicked by Dae Gyun. Gae Yang tends to Ha Eung’s bruises. Gae Yang so many love hints to Ha Eung until she says about the importance with a true love. Ha-eung understands her meaning but smoothly covers by saying that he will make her his concubine.

Back in the present, Ha Eung shakes his head, wondering how such an innocent girl is caught in a bad situation. Jin arrives home to find Young Rae who is waiting for him. She knew about him being at the gibing but Jin ignores and goes to sleep.

The next day, he talks to Heo Gwang about syphilis. Heo Gwang read about the disease in medical books and claims that there is a cure but the disease is not really that serious. Young Rae arrives and heard from Jin that a gisaeng has a disease. Jin tells them that he is going over to gibang to examine the gisaengs to make sure that they did not get the disease. Heo Gwang volunteers to help him out since he likes a gisaeng, Yeong Shim. Young Rae also comes along. Heo Gwang points out that a woman like Young Rae is better to examine the gisaengs.

However, a group of gisaeng, headed by Yeon-shim, stop her at the gate. She clucks disapprovingly that a noble woman would come to a place where only men are allowed, Jin just stands there and watch as Young Rae holds on to her anger. Chun Hong shows up and allows Young Rae to enter since she is assisting Jin.
So, this is kind of awkward. Jin tells the girls in the gibang that they need to be examined for syphilis. However, none of them wants to get examined. They worried that if the news, about them having the disease, spreads about in the village, it will ruin their business. Chun Hong volunteers to be examined first. Young-rae takes Chun-hong to undress while Jin, Heo Gwang and the rest of the girls are waiting at the other side of the screen. She apologizes to Chun Hong for doing such examination on her and Chun Hong bravely goes through this. With the exam over, they emerge from the room and Young Rae claims that Chun Hong is fine (no disease). The rest of the girls are still hesitant and Chun-hong explains that they are afraid of doing it unless there is a cure for syphilis.

Jin, Young Rae, Heo Gwang, and Chun Hong go to Gae Yang’s room where they find Doctor Yoo checking her pulse. He’s upset that Heo Gwang didn’t report this sooner. He explains that this gibang is a place where noblemen and officials come to relax their minds from their hard work. If the disease is spread to them, the whole nation will panic. He proposes that he will treat Gae Yang himself, but he gives mercury liquid to her. He lies that poison should fight with poisonous disease. Jin knows that he is trying to kill her. He asks Jin that if there is a medicine that can be used for syphilis. However, Jin couldn’t give the right answer. He puts Jin down with harmful comments about his medical skills. He pushes Gae Yang’s fan away so everyone can get a look at her disfigured face. As they argue, Gae Yang grabs the cup of mercury to commit suicide but Jin knocks it out of her hands. She begs to let her die because she can’t stand to suffer from this disease while she is alive.

Doctor Yoo reports to Dae Gyun and his lackey that Gae Yang will not live long. Dae Gyun is worried that Gae Yang will spread the word about his evil actions. Doctor Yoo assures that, so far, there is no cure for syphilis. He offers a chest of money to thank Doctor Yoo, a bribe which he refuses. He prefers to have Dae Gyun helping him whenever he needs him.

When Jin returns, Kyung Tak shows up at the hospital. He argues with him about taking his fiancée into a gibang. He wants Jin to stop her from coming to the hospital. Jin simply replies that it is her decision on where she wants to go and advices him to support her decisions. However, Kyung Tak refuses to listen as he believes that his choice is what she wants. Kyung Tak warns him that he should follow his ‘advice’ if he wants to be alive.

Heo Gwang fusses over some moldy tangerines. When Jin sees the mold, he remembers that he attended a conference on how to make home-grown penicillin using mold. Even though he was half-asleep during the conference, Mi Na was very interested about how it was made through mold. Because of that, Jin sits down to draft a picture of how penicillin is made.

Later that night, Ha Eung pays a visit to Gae Yang. He feels sorry that he was not there for her when she is having her time. He will regret when she leaves. Then, she decides to tell the truth about how she got this disease and who the guy she slept with is. It turns out that she’d been lured into thinking that she’d be removed from the gisaeng registry and made a concubine by a man who had her locked in a room with a Western merchant from Qing, whom she slept with. Ha Eung is shocked after hearing the truth. She pleads for him to kill her, but Ha-eung merely embraces her, his eyes filled with sorrow. Ha Eung still blames himself for causing her to gone through the pains.

The next morning, Young Rae arrives at the hospital. She is told that Jin kept himself lockup in the room since last night. Heo Gwang tells her that Kyung Tak dropped by for a ‘friendly’ visit. Jin bursts out from the room and asks for green mold. He gives his written plans to Heo Gwang and claims that mold is the key ingredient for the medicine. He goes to check on Gae Yang while Young Rae goes around the village to collect mold. On his way, he bumps into Ha Eung who asks him if syphilis is something Gae Yang could have gotten from sleeping with a Westerner. Jin replies that there is a possibility that it happened and tells him that there is a medicine to save Gae Yang.

While Young Rae gathers mold, Jin collects a bit of Gae Yang’s syphilis sores as a sample. He needs them to test the medicine’s efficacy. Chun Hong is overjoyed that Gae Yang will be saved. Jin runs into Minister Kim, Dae-gyun, and lackey outside. Chun Hong claims that Jin is creating medicine to cure Kye-hyang’s disease. Upon hearing that, Dae Gyun gets anxious. Meanwhile, Ha Eung gets the help from Joo Pal and his gang to find out the whole truth about the relations between the middleman and the Westerner which caused Gae Yang to have this disease.

The doctors, including Heo Gwang help to set up a penicillin lab. Heo Gwang boasts about how great this medicine will be and it will change history and the world. He looks over all his 21st century items, including his mobile phone. He thinks that even though the penicillin will save Gae Yang but he has doubts about what will happened to both history and world.

Young Rae brings back a lot of mold but is in shock when Jin rips up the penicillin plans. He doesn’t want to make penicillin anymore, and Young-rae can’t understand why he’s giving up without even trying. Jin feels that he is pressured but Young Rae points out that Gae Yang’s life is in danger. Jin loses his patients and shouts out that he is the doctor, not Young Rae.

Dae Gyun worries that Gae Yang will tell the truth that he is involved in selling her to a foreigner. Doctor Yoo doesn’t care and tells Dae Gyun to just kill her since he is the one who start all this. They go to Gae Yang’s room only to find her missing. Chun Hong cries while she thinks that Gae Yang will commit suicide. Dae Gyun believes the sight of Chun Hon sobbing face and leaves to find Gae Yang. Yeon Shim comes to tell Chun Hong that they’ve left. Chun Hong immediately stops crying as she knew before that they are after Gae Yang

Ha Eung has taken her to a shed under Jin’s care for the time being. He found out that Dae Gyun is the one who causes Gae Yang to be like that. When Ha-eung asks how the medicine is coming along, he instantly replies that there is no medicine. Gae Yang overhears him. Ha Eung can’t understand and Jin tells off that this medicine must not be made. He tries to explain how it could affect history, which has Ha Eung fuming about ‘history’ which he is so worried about.

Point of View

The drama is back with complicated things which let me speechless. I don’t even know what the writers are doing. For Ha Eung’s story, it seems like it cut short after the village is burned down. What happened to his son? Where did he go? His story is confusing including me cracking my head with what has got to do with his love for Gae Yang while he has a wife and son at home. Besides that, what happened to the poor villagers? I feel that some good parts within a month are cut off. Kyung Tak’s love seeking for Young Rae is not even there. All I’m saying is that the writers have let me give a one big sigh and lots of head shaking.

For Jin, I’m not sure whether he is doing a good job as a doctor. He did save the whole village from cholera. However, how come he did not save that one woman from syphilis? It’s good to understand some illness and helping a gisaeng who is suffering from syphilis. But, then again, where his confidence goes? Didn’t he say that he will do everything he can to save peoples’ lives? I agree that whatever he does to save people will affect the change of history. Thus, Jin is in confusion of saving peoples’ lives and the history that will change the world. I’m sure there will be a solution for him to save the woman and not change history. Within the drama, shouldn’t Jin take care of the villagers and then move on to the woman who has syphilis? Again, I have no idea what those drama characters have been doing for the past one month. The writers better show that one month period story before I criticize even more with their lack of flow in drama writing.

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