Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 8 Review

Episode Recap

Young Rae’s mother is reluctant to ask Jin to leave, but she has to in order to prevent any rumors from spreading before Young Rae’s marriage. Jin understands and goes to the room. He thinks about Mi Na who asks him why he hasn’t proposed yet. There’s a family meeting. Young Rae asks her mother to postpone the wedding so she can take some time to think. Her mother tells her off about her behaviour. Young Rae accuses her mother of forcing the marriage to avoid looking bad. Her mother feels hurt about making her look bad as if she is selling off her children to another family. She just wants to make sure that Young Rae is married to a good family so that her dead father is happy. Mom leaves after what she has to say about Young Rae’s accusations. The next morning, Jin leaves and Young Rae follows him out. He congratulates her on the wedding. She asks him about the other world but he tells her not to worry so much.

Jin currently stays at Hwalinseo, and Heo Gwang points out correctly that he was kicked out. Hyuk denies it but Heo Gwang still says so. He has to attend to a group of angry people outside who demands for more penicillin. Jin makes an announcement: penicillin will be given to those patients who have serious symptoms, not based on high status and riches.

At home, Young Rae holds Jin’s doctor’s coat to reminisce just as Kyung Tak has arrived to see her. They take a walk. Kyung Tak is being happy while Young Rae is feeling down. He notes her expression and wonders if she’s unwilling because the wedding is so sudden. He takes her hand and brings her to a place that she needs to see. He leads her to an open field where, when he was young, he used to play sword fights with Young Hwi. He trained himself to be a swordman. At the end of each day, he engraved a word to show his resolution. At that rock, there is Young Rae’s name on it. He has been waiting for Young Rae to come to him. He stands in front of her and places his hand on her shoulders. He asks her to come to him.

Ha Eung and Young Hwi have a late night meeting. Ha Eung suggests that they should join forces to take down the the Andong Kim clan. Chun Hong arrives in time to interrupt, which gives Young-Hwi a chance to excuses himself. Ha Eung mentions that Young Hwi’s family will be in-laws with Minister Kim’s family soon.
Jin prepares to perform the surgery on the mysterious noblewoman, only to have her noble husband burst inside. He demands that Jin and Heo Gwang be dragged out for daring to take a knife to a noble neck. She begins sobbing as she needs to remove it as soon as possible. He disbeliefs that a stranger will do surgery on her. However, she cries while saying that he did not pay attention ever since she has the tumour. Jin and Heo Gwang are wrapped up in straw mats in the nobleman’s yard. Heo Gwang bemoans their fate and tells Jin that he is the Queen Dowager’s nephew-in-law. Her husband comes out. He has a change of heart and asks Jin to remove the tumor cleanly.

During the surgery, Jin removes the feeding vessel from the neck and completes the rest. He informs her husband that the surgery was successful. Ha Eung’s intention to bring Jin to tend this patient is so that they will be able to see the Queen Dowager. They see Young Rae buying wedding garments with her mother. She has the gloomy face and she catches a glimpse of Jin. Ha Eung tells Jin not to worry and find another woman who might be better than Young Rae.

Doctor Yoo has a meeting with his secret informant who is wearing one of the Hwalinseo doctors clothing. He wants to know Ha Eung’s intention to visit the Nephew-in-law’s house.

Kyung Tak and Young Hwi have a drinking session as they are soon going to be in-laws. Young Hwi seriously tells him that if he is gone, Kyung Tak must take care of Young Rae with all his might. Kyung Tak vows that he will risk his life to protect her. Chun Hong arrives to pour their drinks. When they hear that Jin and Ha Eung arrived, Kyung Tak invites them to join them for drinks. Young Rae’s excited mother makes the wedding preparations. Young Rae is less enthusiastic about this and excuses herself from the room

At the gibang, Kyung Tak insists to pour a drink for Jin but Jin denies. He asks Jin if he does not like the congratulatory meeting for his marriage. Hyuk coldly replies whether it is up to him to like it or not. When there’s silence in the room, Ha Eung tries to light the room with joy and laughter. Jin leaves first after Kyung Tak says that Young Rae will be his wife. Kyung Tak adds that he is still curious about Jin who showed up out of nowhere with his amazing medical skills. Before he leaves, Jin requests Kyung Tak to make Young Rae happy. On his way, Chun Hong warns him to keep his distance from her or else she will be danger. Jin asks her to clarify about what she had said to him. Then, a gisaeng comes to inform Jin that someone from the Nephew-in-law’s household has come for Jin.

Young Hwi comes home to find Young Rae leaving Jin’s room with a bundle. He asks her whether she has fall in love with Jin. She admits she does but she feels that it is wrong to do so. She is actually wants to bring Jin’s belonging over to the clinic. Jin finds the noblewoman sweating and shivering in bed due to an infection of the surgery site. He goes back to the clinic to get some penicillin.

Young Rae delivers his clothes at the clinic. Suddenly, she sees a shadowy man who comes out from the building which starts to be caught in flames. She knows the medicine is inside and rushes into the burning building to grab one of the jars, but a burning shelf knocks her to the ground, setting her sleeve on fire. Jin arrives and dashes inside the burning building to save Young Rae. He puts the fire out from her and brings her out of the building while she manages to save one jar she’s in shock from her burn. He, then, recalls Mi Na’s car accident.

The other doctors arrive in time to panic. Heo Gwang arrives later. He brings a bowl of water for Jin to treat Young Rae. Jin notices that it is a second-degree burn and no nerves were killed. However, if it is not treated, things will be worse. They pour cold water at the burn wound to ease the pain.

Heo Gwang looks nervous when Kyung Tak and his men arrive at Hwalinseo. Kyung Tak wants to know where Jin is. Jin is tending Young Rae’s wound while she is half naked (part of her hanbok is removed).
Young Rae’s shoulder wounds are getting worse with horribly red blisters and mangled skin. Jin scolds her for going into the building to save the medicine is ridiculous. Kyung Tak interrupts them, his eyes growing wide with concern the moment he sees Young Rae’s arm. He blames Jin for her injuries but lets him tend her wounds. He goes to get fresh cloth so that both Young Rae and Kyung Tak can talk. Basically, Kyung Tak keeps getting worry about Young Rae of doing something silly. Before he leaves, she tells him of the person she saw running from Hwalinseo after the fire. Outside, Jin finds the medicine which is saved by Young Rae. Young Rae’s mother hears about Young Rae’s injuries and faints.

Ha Eung sees the burnt remnants of Hwalinseo and thinks of the medicine that’s gone. One of the doctors mentions that Young Rae got hurt. Heo Gwang goes fidgety about what had happened. He is most concerned about Jin who is taking care of Young Rae.

They leave Young Rae in peace. They discuss about the noblewoman’s condition and Jin revealed that there is one jar of penicillin which was saved by Young Rae. Ha Eung feels that the medicine should be given to Young Rae since she is the one who save it. Jin makes his decision. He goes to Young Rae and asks her for forgiveness because he made a rule with the penicillin that he would give it to those who needed it most. So, he decides to give the medicine to the noblewoman, not Young Rae. Young Rae smiles and assures him that he made the right decision.

Jin gives the last of the penicillin to the noblewoman, and her husband worries over the lack of fresh supplies. Jin assures him that he’ll make more as soon as possible. Her husband is thankful for Ha Eung and Jin’s help. One of the doctors rushes over and tells Jin that Young Rae has been taken away by her mother.
The evil government officials discuss about Jin treating the Queen Dowager’s niece. They presume that Ha Eung wants to make a connection with the Queen Dowager. Minister Kim orders Doctor Yoo to keep an eye on Jin, and for the rest of them to stay vigilant. Dae Gyun is asked to not to make any troubles. On his way out, Doctor Yoo hears that some medicine is saved from the fire.

Jin shows up but Young Rae’s mother to leave but Young Rae’s illness is getting worse. He rushes into the room to see what has happened to her. She’s running a fever so he has her outer clothes removed, and finds that there is infection on her burnt wounds. The maidservant is sent to Hwalinseo immediately. Kyung Tak goes into investigation about the fire incident. He finds out that someone purposely set up the fire. He is told that Heo Gwang is on night duty and he is not around at the clinic at the moment. This means that Heo Gwang is the culprit. They’re interrupted when Young Rae’s maidservant comes running. On the other hand, Heo Gwang, dressing in nobleman clothes, walking nervously to somewhere else.

As Young Rae battles with her fever, Kyung Tak comes barging through the door. He sees Young Rae suffering and asks how that happened. He adds that he knew that she saved one of the medicines from the fire. After hearing that Jin gives the medicine to someone else, Kyung Tak shoving Jin against the wall outside. Jin says that the only thing they can do is treat her wound and bring her fever down. Kyung Tak rages as he thought Jin has the ability to save peoples’ lives and now he has to rely on luck to save her. He delivers a hard punch to Jin’s stomach. He threatens Jin that his life will be in danger if he is unable to save Young Rae’s life.

Joo Pal and his men see Heo Gwang being mercilessly beaten by a gang of herb merchants whom he apparently owed money to. They pitch in to defend him. Jin tends to Young Rae and worries that her illness will get worse. He thinks about how Young Rae use to take care of him when he had cholera.

Heo Gwang, carried in by one of Joo Pal’s men. He has a whole basket of penicillin he had sold to the merchants only to get back. He admits that he burnt the medicine storage room. Kyung Tak arrives to arrest Heo Gwang, but Jin tells him that Heo Gwang just saved Young Rae’s life. Everyone looks on Kyung Tak as he injects the Penicillin to Young Rae. Kyung Tak thanks Jin for saving Young Rae. However, he warns Jin to stay away from her again. He assures Jin that he will make Young Rae happy.

Doctor Yoo finds Dae Gyun getting drunk in the gibang. He gives him advice: in order to gain his father’s trust, he has to kill Ha Eung and Jin. Chun Hong overhears their conversation outside.

Jin tends to an unconscious Young-rae as he thinks of all the people who’ve told him to stay away from her. He also thinks back to Mina’s last words that they would surely meet again. Before he leaves, he tells Young Rae to take care. When he leaves, he believes it is the right thing to do and figures out where to go next. Young Rae wakes up and asks his mother where Jin is. Yeon Shim, who is holding the scroll, is waiting outside.

Ha Eung is excited as he is finally going to meet the Queen Dowager. Suddenly, he meets the assassins who are going to kill him. Thank goodness, he is saved by Young Hwi. Jin wanders alone in a forest and meets another set of assassins. He makes a run for it, and bumps into Young Rae, who pulls him to hide in the nearby bushes. Ha Eung asks Young Hwi why he saved him. It turns out that both of them want to make a better Joseon. Young Hwi knew about Dae Gyun’s plot from a certain someone which is yet to be known, hopefully, soon. Young-rae and Hyuk argue back and forth about (1) saving him even though she just recovered and (2) asking him where he is going. In the end, Jin tells her the truth: he is from another world.
Ha Eung, dressed in his formal outfit, finally gets his visit with the Queen Dowager and offers her a formal bow.

Point of View

The good news is that not only Jin is tending the cameo patients but he did tend to Young Rae who has the second degree burns. At least, the casts, like Young Rae, are used in this drama. It is a good thing to focus on Young Rae even though I still can’t connect with her and not much ‘stories’ about her. The bad news is that I still don’t get with Young Rae. Two things: (1) her problems with Kyung Tak and (2) she is showing her Catholicism. Now that she starts to have feelings for Jin, I wonder what happens to Kyung Tak. Kyung Tak has already confessed so much love for her and she still can’t accept him. She is a Catholic? How did she have this religion? Is she interested in Western values? Thus, I still don’t get about Young Rae’s side stories which I have to force myself to fill in the blanks. Writers, just tell us straight about Young Rae.

Jin has done the right thing of keeping his distance away from Young Rae so she doesn’t get hurt. I like the fact that he trusts Kyung Tak for taking care of her and making her happy. One problem: Young Rae is still attached to Jin and she is bringing the problems to Jin. Thus, I feel sorry of Jin. I think Jae Joong is given the opportunity to shine in this episode. He is able to convey his emotions really well through Kyung Tak’s character. To me, Kyung Tak is having a hard time with both love and family. Although he hates Jin, but I’m sure they will forget the pasts and be friends. I hope so. At least, there is the love triangle between those three. If not, that will not be interesting, would it?

The surgeries shots were in detailed, even though it was gross. At least, so far, in this episode, it is much more realistic. If not, I will do a face palm reaction like the one where Jin removes a baby fetus from the brain. These shots in this episode are much more interesting than the others. Since Jin tells her the truth that he is from the other world, I wonder how Young Rae’s reactions would be. I just hope is not something like ‘OMG, are you kidding me?’ reaction on my face. Besides, I don’t think Jin will go back to his world this fast since seven episodes are already out. I’m sure he will just stay put to tend other patients and try to keep his distance from Young Rae. It will be nice to see even bigger conflicts in this drama including Ha Eung’s story in saving Joseon from the evil and almighty officials. I am just wondering what kind of disease Jin will need to cure next. We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?

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