Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 9 Review

Episode Recap

Jin tells Young Rae the truth that he is from the future. She’s not surprised, and asks if the girl named ‘Mina’, who resembles her, is the reason he wanted to go back. He ignores and insists that he has to return so he doesn’t want to harm her or anyone else. Young Rae, in tears, reminds him that he did saves peoples’ lives since he is in the Joseon period. She explains how her burn let her understand the people’s pain if she was in their shoes. She persuades him that this world needs him and asks him not to go back to where he came from.

Ha Eung meets with the Queen Dowager. Even though she knows his intentions, but she has no power to help him. However, her health can’t be examined well by Doctor Yoo. So, she asks Ha Eung to bring Jin to examine her.

Minister Kim and Dae Gyun discusses about Ha Eung’s meeting with the Queen Dowager. At the same time, Minister Kim didn’t know that Dae Gyun was involved in the planned assassination on Ha Eung and Jin. They’re worried about the heir to the king and want to make sure Ha Eung will not be the next heir. Doctor Yoo finds Dae Gyun outside and scolds him over the failed assassination.

Jin thinks back to Young Rae’s plea for him not to leave. He finds Heo Gwang in the midst of rebuilding the burned-down penicillin laboratory. Meanwhile, Young Rae thinks about what Jin said that he is from the future. She looks at the wedding silks and concerns about her decision to whether she wants to marry Kyung Tak or not.

Both Young Rae and Kyung Tak meet at the same spot where Kyung Tak carved her name on the boulder. She tells him the bad news that she can’t go on with this marriage. In shock, Kyung Tak keeps asking her why is she doing this (from family status, to being a concubine’s son, to Jin). In the end, Young Rae points out that her heart doesn’t go to him and she will not be happy if she marries him. Kyung Tak looks at her and responds that she should have hated him at the very beginning so that he will also do the same to her. Young Rae sinks to her knees, tears of remorse falling down and says that she had committed many sins. In return, Kyung Tak gives a cold response by saying that her words pierced his heart. Heartbroken Kyung Tak takes his sword, cuts Young Rae’s name on the boulder, and walks away.

Kyung Tak’s hand bleeds as he clutches a broken cup in the gibang. Feeling painless, he still holds the ceramic shards. He cries as he asks Chun Hong about her understanding about woman’s love. He suggests that if he sleeps with her tonight, will she love him. She explains that giving one’s body does not equal giving one’s heart. Kyung Tak sarcastically laugh that the women’s hearts are stubborn which men could not understand. Then, he continues to be in frustrations by practicing martial arts. Young Rae’s mother is angry about Young Rae who breaks of the engagement. Young Hwi tries to calm down both mother and Young Rae but her mother wants to her go get out of the house as she doesn’t want to see her ever again.

Jin hesitates to treat the Queen Dowager because he knows that Ha Eung has political intentions. He Eung proposes that his business is also Jin’s business since the Andong Kim clan is the one who plans to kill Ha Eung and Jin. They need the Queen Dowager’s help to overcome that clan’s evil plans. However, Jin is not going to do so and he decides to just be the doctor.

Suddenly, Heo Gwang lets them know that Young Rae, who has bags in her hand, is at the clinic. They find a dusty shed for her to stay in. Jin advices her to go back and go through with the marriage but she doesn’t want to. She announces that she wants to be a doctor who wants to save peoples’ lives. She asks him to assist her to achieve that dream career.

Kyung Tak meets with Minister Kim and tells him he’s decided to call off the wedding. He excuses himself because he worries that marrying a Soron might harm the family. Minister Kim accepts that reason. Kyung Tak vows to catch the leader of the pack. In the village, Jin sees a get arrested on grounds of being a member of the gang. He sees Jin and he is told by Jin that Young Rae is staying at the clinic. However, Kyung Tak doesn’t care.

The doctors and Young Rae admire a new invention: a bamboo stethoscope. Jin demonstrates this invention to Young Rae and she can hear his heartbeat. She wonders as she is impressed about the modern medicine in the future that save peoples’ lives. However, Jin recalls about Mi Na’s surgery and tells Young Rae that his medical skills can’t save everyone, even in the future. Young Rae asks Jin about Mi Na which causes an awkward atmosphere between them.

There’s a commotion outside Hwalinseo that people accuse Jin for making penicillin as ‘poison’ because their family members, who had taken it, had died. Kyung Tak arrives on scene and arrests Jin and the other doctors for creating a ‘poison’. Young Rae tries to convince Kyung Tak that it must be a setup but then wonders that was it because of her that this whole thing happen. Kyung Tak smirks and advices her not to talk about the both of them in the near future.

Jin and the other doctors are brought to the bureau, where Doctor Yoo, Dae-gyun, and the annoying minister looks on. The doctors proclaim their innocence while the same enraged citizens from earlier are brought forward as witnesses against them, Although Jin and Heo Gwang have never even seen them before, fellow Doctor Ik-joo claims he has. For the ‘set-up’ crime, all the doctors are sentenced to receive ten blows apiece. Also, Doctor Yoo suggests that Hwalinseo should be closed down. Jin keeps on saying that this is the set-up until he is unconscious after about five blows. Young Rae watches nearby.

Ha Eung assures that his plan is going smoothly thanks to the Queen Dowager’s helping hand but Young Hwi believes that it will not work out. He suggests that he will use the sword to solve their problems. Ha Eung has a laugh at this and, then, he wonders how Young Hwi knew about the assassination on Ha Eung and Jin. Chun Hong lets herself into the room only to stay even when Ha Eung dismisses her. Then, he finds out that Chun Hong is one of the spies. He looks at her in disbelief, as she smiles cooly and introduces herself truly for the first time.

Young Hwi leaves and notices that Joo Pal is making a suspicious delivery in the gibang. Ha Eung wonders why is Chun Hong being in the gang and worries about her life. Chun Hong reminds him whether he still remembers what he had said to her when she was young. In the flashback, young Chun Hong didn’t bother to play the gayageum as other young ones are doing so. As a result, she received a punishment from the teacher. Drunken and Young Ha Eung found her hiding in the pantry. He asks her why is she hiding and she replied that she doesn’t want to be a gisaeng. Ha Eung explains that the world out there is rough and advices her to just grit her teeth, deal with the hand she’s been given, and become Joseon’s best gisaeng, so that she’d have the world at her fingertips.

In the present, Chun Hong has made up her mind to become a woman who moves Joseon. She assures him that he will assist him to be the most powerful man in Joseon. At the moment, they need both the Queen Dowager and Jin’s help. Suddenly, they hear the news that Hwalinseo has been shut down.

Jin finds finds the clinic in shambles, and goes straight to Minister Kim to plead for his intervention to reopen it but Minister Kim doesn’t care. When Jin comes out, Kyung Tak warns him not to bother his father again or else he will be beheaded. He limps back to Hwalinseo and finds Ha Eung waiting for him. Jin decides to treat Queen Dowager so that his clinic can be reopened.

At the palace gates, they couldn’t go in because the order is that no royal relatives may enter. Ha Eung knows that Minister Kim is the one who place that order. Young Hwi spies Young Rae loitering around their home, but she runs off before they can speak. Ha Eung tries to persuade the Queen Dowager’s nephew-in-law but he worries that the news will be spread about in the palace. However, Ha Eung knows that performers and doctors can enter. So, Jin enters to the palace.

Jin sees the Queen Dowager and remembers his historical studies about the Queen Dowager. Unexpectedly, Doctor Yoo enters the room. The Queen Dowager calls him because she wants to clarify whether his story and her Nephew-in-law’s story, are contradictory on whether Jin is a reputable doctor. They both get to plead their case. The Queen Dowager reminds Doctor Yoo about her niece’s neck lump surgery but Doctor Yoo proclaims that it is some sort of witchcraft. Thus, she sides with Doctor Yoo and the police verdict.

Suddenly, one of the performers the Queen Dowager favoured has suddenly come down with debilitating abdominal pain right outside her doors. Doctor Yoo points out that it is just indigestion but Jin becomes the saviour by approaching to the man. Jin taps on the man’s stomach and says that he has a perforated gastric ulcer. He suggests that if he doesn’t have the surgery, he will die. The word ‘surgery’ has the Queen Dowager’s eyes wide in shock.

A messenger heads to Hwalinseo to order Heo Gwang to bring surgical supplies to the palace. Then, there’s Jin, Young Rae, and Heo Gwang preparing the performer for surgery. Doctor Yoo tries to dissuade the Queen Dowager from allowing the surgery. While talking they hear the performer choking in the background from getting a rubber tube shoved down his nose and into his stomach. Jin has to do the surgery so that his clinic is reopened. If the performer dies, he will be charged for witchcraft. Jin performs the surgery, finds the ulcer, sutures it up, and then sutures the man’s stomach back together. The surgery is successful. The Queen Dowager immediately calls for Ha Eung to enter the palace, despite Doctor Yoo’s protests. Heo Gwang nods as he is relieved that they save both the man and the clinic.

Ha Eung gains the Queen Dowager’s help due to Jin’s bravery on saving her favourite performer. Doctor Yoo tries to dissuade her by adding that the police are still investigating the penicillin incident. However, the Queen Dowager scolds him off and announces that Hwalinseo should be reopened. Ha Eung has one request: he wants to plan a grand banquet for her upcoming birthday to show the glory of the royal family to the world and to celebrate her health. Doctor Yoo fumes impotently. Hwalinseo is reopened, and Jin thanks Ha Eung for helping him out. Ha Eung also thanks Jin for helping him to gain the Queen Dowager’s help and letting him to handle the grand banquet. Jin stops Ha Eung and reminds him that everything will go well and he has to care about the people of Joseon. The evil government officials worry about the upcoming banquet but they laugh as they wonder how Ha Eung is going to settle the payment.

Joo Pal has successfully opened a gambling den in the gibang, which is overseen by Ha-eung and Chun Hong. They’re earning a lot of profit. When they are in the middle of checking the account books, Young Hwi barges in and makes a comment about using the money for the banquet instead of saving the people. Young Rae’s maidservant runs to Hwalinseo and tells Young Rae the bad news that her mother has collapsed. Ha Eung responds that he is doing his upmost best to create Joseon that he is dreaming of. He assures Young Hwi that he will obtain both and make Myeong Bok, his son, into the king.

Point of View

The good news is that, finally, Ha Eung is going to save Joseon from the evil government officials. At least, there is some little bit history element to make this episode more interesting. Then again, Jin is still worrying about history. Young Rae even asks him that it is his fate to save the people of Joseon era. I think probably there is the reason why Jin end up in Joseon era in the first place. Some of you might think Young Rae wants Jin to stay because she has a crush on him. While others might think, like me, okay he needs to go back to his own time period. But, how? Since there is no baby fetus thing to be found, I guess that he just have to go with the flow by involving himself in Joseon history and saving peoples’ lives. I mean that Joseon period with Ha Eung is having rough times at the moment. Then, he can finally go back to his own time and be with Mi Na.

So far, even though I don’t like the storyline a lot because of time skip but I like the characters in this drama. I do admire characters who strive for something while, for me, sometimes they can be a bit annoying on sometime I would like to say: ‘use some common sense.’ Don’t worry, I still like the characters. For Jin, he is already determining to save peoples’ lives while he is not trying to affect changes in history. There is always, I mean, always something will come in his way. However, although he looks nervous, he is willing to do his upmost best to overcome it while, in his mind, he really wants to go back to the future. The decisions that he has to make for the sake of himself, the people in Joseon period, and the history itself. Young Rae is shown as a strong minded woman who decides that she wants to become a doctor like Jin. However, I see not much character development from her for the past many episodes since number one. For me, throughout this drama, although she is the one who supports Jin but still I think that she is being confuse about herself when it comes to love and family. Don’t you think so? I know she wants to be happy with her own decisions but I am still confuse about her character especially her interests in Catholicism. Her real side story is yet to be revealed. Writers, what have you done to Young Rae?

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