To the Beautiful You Episode 13 Review

Episode Recap

Jae Hee stares blankly after Tae Joon asks her to stay by his side. Then, the door slides open. Eun Gyul asks her why she didn’t answer him and returns her phone. Tae Joon shoves himself out the door. Eun Gyul looks at Jae Hee and wonders if she’s okay.

Tae Joon and Jae Hee return to school the next evening. Tae Joon asks her to clean up first. He wants to talk about a ‘secret’ after that. Jae Hee wonders if he found out that she’s a girl. At the other side of the door, Tae Joon tells himself that he’s not going to hide his feelings anymore.

Doctor Jang has the feeling that Tae Joon knows about Jae Hee’s secret after he sees Tae Joon help to carry Jae Hee’s bags. He decides to send a text to be more careful because not everyone is an idiot like her. Only, he mistakenly sent it to Tae Joon instead. He panics.

He rushes to see Tae Joon and explains that it’s his mistake. He pretends that he didn’t know anything even though Tae Joon asks if he know about the truth. In the end, Doctor Jang is caught on. Tae Joon admits that he found out the truth since Jae Hee’s brother arrived. Then, he doesn’t answer when Doctor Jang asks why he kept it a secret if he’d known for so long. Doctor Jang realizes that Tae Joon thinks of Jae Hee as a girl. Tae Joon admits it and says that he’s going to tell her everything and how he feels about her since he has no reason to hide his feelings any longer. Doctor Jang asks if it’s best for everyone. If Jae Hee is aware that Tae Joon knows, will she leave?

Tae Joon recalls Doctor Jang’s words when returns to the dorm. Jae Hee asks what Tae Joon said about last night about Eun Gyul. He replies that he is uncomfortable when she thinks about somebody else. Jae Hee asks again about the US. Tae Joon’s answer is that it’ll be troublesome to find another roommate. Jae Hee gets the answers and starts to walk away. Tae joon stops her by holding her arm. He requests her to not to think of anything else and stay by his side. He repeats it when she nods along. Jae Hee assures him that she’ll stick to him like a piece of gum which makes him smile.

In the morning, Tae Joon smiles for the drink that Jae Hee made. He also smiles about Jae Hee’s note. He leaves a note for her, thanking her for the drink, tells her that she drools when she sleeps.

He’s up and about at the practice and gets caught smiling at Jae Hee who watches from the door. Hyun Jae fails to jump over the bar. Coach Baek asks Tae Joon to show how to do the perfect jump. Coach Baek comments that it’s good that Hyun Jae is aggressive but he needs to take it slow. He reminds Hyun Jae that the Nationals are coming soon and that Olympic qualifications are on the line. In the locker room, he looks at a business card and wonders what to do next.

Jong Min shows off with his tarot card reading skills. He reads Eun Gyul’s future. Then, he gets angry when he opens the last card, Love. He asks if Eun Gyul likes someone and he replies no comment. Jong Min refuses to read Jae Hee’s fortune but does so at Eun Gyul’s request. She picks the Death card and Jong Min looks at it in horror. He tells her that she has a dark aura and is asked to be careful.

Eun Gyul tells Jae Hee not to worry about it. She tells him that it would be nice that his fortune about making his way to the national team match came true. Eun Gyul shakes his head as he believes that he has to rely on his skills, not the fortune. They take turns to try on his scooter. Eun Gyul shows Jae Hee a preview of his goal ceremony by bending over like a soccer ball.

Later, Jae Hee comes out from class and notices Hyun Jae, who looks nervous, hanging out by the railing. She continues to walk and sees Tae Joon in a distance. She calls out his name and he stops. Luckily, a flowerpot crashes to the ground, miss him by mere inches. While they are having lunch, Jae Hee wonders if Hyun Jae is going against Tae Joon but he doesn’t think so. At least no one got hurt and it’s just a coincidence. But Jae Hee thinks about the Death card which she selected just now.

At the hospital, Hanna is being interviewed by the press. She points out that she’ll be going into rehab. The reporter comments that Tae Joon must be supporting her. Director Jang says that is an invasion of privacy but Hanna casually says that they broke which confuses everyone. She points out that Tae Joon was too boring so she decides to dump him. The reporter asks her if it’s okay to publish the story. Director Jang says no while Hanna says yes at the same time. When Hanna’s alone, she sighs. She tosses Jae Hee’s note aside and stares at her injured leg.

Tae Joon goes inside the dorm. Hyun Jae quietly goes to Tae Joon’s bike to cut a wire. He gets caught by Jae Hee and runs back to his room, breathing hard. He is surprised by Eun Gyul who hands hima gift. He pulls out the gift. Eun Gyul cutely sings a birthday song which makes Hyun Jae smiles but he’s worry about the previous situation.

Jae Hee tries to stop Tae Joon from riding his bike to class. She has no choice but to take his bike and ride off to prevent him from getting hurt. She thinks that there’ nothing wrong with the bike. Suddenly, the wire breaks which make her go in fast speed even though she tries to put on the brakes. Jae Hee panics and screams. Eun Gyul hears her cries and catches up on her with his scooter. He skids in front of her and pulls Jae Hee off from the bike before it crashes. Jae Hee thanks Eun Gyul for saving her life without a single scratch. Eun Gyul says that he’s okay too but he hurts his ankle and hops on to his scooter.

Bad news for Eun Gyul: He can’t play in his debut game next week due to his injury. Eun Gyul remains optimistic about the situation and Jae Hee asks why he put himself at risk to save her. Eun Gyul points out that he is doing this to protect her. He sends her off with a huge smiles but he succumbs to the pain once she’s gone. Eun Gyul tells himself that he’s relief that Jae Hee isn’t hurt.

Jae Hee goes to Hyun Jae and scolds him for the accidents that happen. She points out it’s his fault for Eun Gyul to get hurt. Hyun Jae grabs her by the collar and tells her that her accusations are ridiculous. Jae Hee retorts that she’ll find out who is behind all this. Eun Gyul turns Hyun Jae around and asks what Jae Hee means about her accusation. Is he the one who messed with the bike? Hyun Jae remains silent.

The boys have a talk. Eun Gyul scolds him off for what he has done and demands to know his answer. However, Hyun Jae mumbles that he’s sorry. Eun Gyul is disappointed and shoves him aside.

Tae Joon storms into the classroom after he heard about the bike accident. He asks if Jae Hee’s okay and frowns at the news of Eun Gyul’s injury. He asks what happened to his bike and why Jae Hee ran off but she remains quiet.

Seung Ri look for Hanna at the hospital until she finds her on the rooftop staring blankly into space. He heard about the news and sympathizes with her about her injury. He shares his story about the time he was in a serious car accident three years ago. He was told that he wouldn’t be able to recover but he proved them wrong and won the 1500m national title. He turns around to show Hanna the scar and she shouts at him as she asks why he is showing his butt to her. He shouts back that it’s not his butt. Seung Ri suggests that they become and promises to make her laugh whenever they meet. She declines but adds that staying in the hospital is boring. So, he can entertain her like a cheap magazine which makes him smile.

The news about Hanna and Tae Joon break up is spread. Jong Min bullies Tae Joon for getting dumped. Jae Hee steps up to Jong Min but Jong Min continues to go on including a Tae Joon Grandpa style with a riding horse dance. Coack Baek enters and shouts at them to get back to their seats. He finds that Hyun Jae is absent from class. Finally, Tae Joon realises that Hyun Jae might be the culprit who created those accidents.
Tae Joon’s father come to the school and is introduced to Jae Hee through Coach Baek. His father points that he has no idea what Tae Joon is thinking since he doesn’t talk to him. Jae Hee asks if he doesn’t believe in Tae Joon enough but he answers that there’s no parent who doesn’t believe in their child. He admits that he’s the one who causes Tae Joon’s mother’s death which Tae Joon thinks.

Eun Gyul hobbles along the campus while he recalls his coach for scolding him because he missed his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and how apologetic Hyun Jae was. He spots a little girl who’s looking for Tae Joon in front of the dorm. He thought that she’s Tae Joon’s little sister. He asks her to leave but she doesn’t want to.

He decides to cart her into Tae Joon’s room. The little girl comes out from the bag. Jae Hee is happy to see Tae Joon’s little sister. However, the little girl clarity that Tae Joon is her lover. When she’s about to say who’s her brother, Coach Baek enters the room because he’s looking for Hyun Jae and Tae Joon. They are not around. Once the coach left, the little girl comes out from the bag again and says that her older brother is Hyun Jae. Meanwhile, Hyun Jae is in the gymnasium while looking at the withdrawal from that states his reason for quitting the track and field team as “personal reasons.”

Coach Baek finds Tae Joon in the locker room and asks if he’s heard anything from Hyun Jae. Even though he’s disappointed about Hyun Jae’s records, but he’s happy that Tae Joon is improving. He reminds him that his father came to visit especially when he worries about his son. Tae Joon is upset to hear that and he excuses himself.

Hyun Jae returns to his room and his little sister, Hyun Ji, nags about why his brother never comes home and how he’s close friends with Tae Joon. Jae Hee and Eun Gyul save Hyun Jae by saying that they’re best friends. Hyun Ji is happy to hear that she’ll get an autograph from Tae Joon. Later, Hyun Jae drops her sisters at home with some snacks. She is unhappy to see that his brother is not staying longer. She asks when Hyun Jae will win a gold medal which reminds him about his promise that when he does, they can finally be together as a family. He tells her to wait just a bit longer. Hyun Ji assures her brother that she’ll be fine.

At his room, Hyun Jae thanks Eun Gyul for taking care of his sister. He won’t ask to be forgiven for what he had done to go against Tae Joon. Hyun Jae’s main reason is that he always thinks about wanting to win. He aims to jump over the wall but Tae Joon is the one who gets in his way. Hyun Jae holds back his tears and ashamed. Eun Gyul tells him that there’s no such thing as fruitless effort. Although he doesn’t know if Hyun Jae will be able to beat Tae Joon, but his hard work is bound to pay off. Hyun Jae comes to his senses and vows to take responsibility for it. Eun Gyul struggles to get up and places his hand on Hyun Jae’s shoulder. He wants Hyun Jae to be his slave until he gets better.

Jae Hee drops by at the gym while Tae Joon practices his high jumps. She comments that everyone seems to be working hard while she does nothing. Tae Joon asks if it was Hyun Jae who caused the bike accident and if she rode off so he wouldn’t get hurt. She walks aways and places a hand on the bar. Surprisingly, Tae Joon gives a backhug to her. He thanks her but adds that she doesn’t have to do it again or else it hurts him and makes him hate it even more. Jae Hee stands there frozen. Tae Joon playfully asks whether it’s her first time to be hugged by someone. They leave the gym together as Jae Hee says how cute Hyun Ji is.

Hyun Jae meets with Tae Joon to admit his fault to his misdeeds. He says that he’s going to quite the track and field team but he can’t bring himself to do it. If Tae Joon says that he should, then he’ll quit. Tae Joon asks if something happened and Hyun Jae scoffs in response. Tae Joon pretends that he doesn’t know anything. Tae Joon reminds him that Nationals is coming soon and Hyun Jae shouldn’t leave his training behind. Tae Joon is training because he doesn’t want to hear people say that he didn’t work hard enough.

Tae Joon ignores a call from his father and Jae Hee asks why he doesn’t visit home often. Tae Joon answers that he finds it bothersome. Jae Hee mutters that his father probably waits for him to visit. Tae Joon realizes that Jae Hee met up with his father which Jae Hee admits to that. Jae Hee continuously says that there must be a misunderstanding about his mother’s death but Tae Joon has heard enough that he leaves the room.

Tae Joon sits outside with Sang Chu who lends a sympathetic paw. He admits that he knows that it’s not Jae Hee’s fault.

In the flashback, when his mother was alive, his father sent some flowers as an apology for not being able to attend her birthday. Next, Tae Joon returned from school and find his mother collapsed while his father came back later that night, smashed. We find that his father points out that his mother has a cold. Then, after the funeral, Tae Joon asked why his father lied about how sick his mother was and his father gave a blunt apology. While fighting his tears, Tae Joon told him that if only his father took her to the hospital, she got the surgery, and being there for her. He blames his father for his mother’s death.

Tae Joon’s phone ring again and Jae Hee picks up. She runs outside looking for him. She’s out of breath when she bumps into Tae Joon. She tells him that his father just collapsed which makes Tae joon stares back in shock.

Point of View

Ok, here’s the thing which I don’t get about the bicycle incident. Jae Hee could have a better method rather than taking Tae Joon’s bike and made Eun Gyul hurt. Thanks to that, Eun Gyul can’t participate in the upcoming National Sport Competition. She could have just pushes the bike instead of riding it. Yet, she stills ride it after she thinks that the bike is still working. She could have told Tae Joon that someone cut the wire brakes and saying about Hyun Jae’s doings. I mean Tae Joon wouldn’t go to Hyun Jae and fight, right? In addition to that, Eun Gyul and Hyun Jae turn against each other after finding out the truth. Lesson learnt. Never sit on that bike when you found someone cutting the wire brakes before yourself and others get hurt. Safety first. Jae Hee, I know that it’s the intense to rush things but please think about yourself and others before you act.

We get to the climax drama point where we get to see why Tae Joon hates his father so much until his shocking expression because his father collapses. This is going to be intense as he’s going to have complicated feelings to whether he should accept his father. It breaks my heart when his father neglects the family in the past. I understand that Tae Joon has the right to blame his father for his mother’s death. Tae Joon’s father had already have a few chances to spend time with his family but he didn’t. I hope for Tae Joon and his father gets together as a family so their mother will be happy while watching them from above. I think it’s a good thing that his father collapsed because Tae Joon will realize that he doesn’t want to lose his only family member. Tae Joon, family comes first. Then, you will have the courage to tell Jae Hee your feelings.
Also, when you say that you’re going to say, you really mean it from the bottom of your heart. Even though I want Tae Joon to just get to the point about his feelings for Jae Hee, but things start to come in their way which really annoys me. Oh well, it’s drama after all.

Finally, we understand Hyun Jae’s situation and his personality shines a lot. He wants to take care of his family by achieving his success especially when he promises his little sister that he’ll get gold in the National Sports Competition. He shouldn’t think negatively and pushes himself down just because of Tae Joon blocking his way. Luckily, Eun Gyul and Tae Joon support him. Eun Gyul accepts and supports Hyun Jae like a friend, roommate, and brother. It’s so cute whenever he’s with Hyun Jae especially when he sang Happy Birthday to Hyun Jae. On the other hand, it’s nice for Tae Joon to tell Hyun Jae that he’s working hard because his passion to high jump as he understands that success also means effort. Hyun Jae will surely know what to do next. Hyun Jae, you’re lucky to have friends like them.

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