To the Beautiful You Episode 2 Review

Episode Recap

Doctor Jang demands to know why Jae Hee is in an all-boys’ school. Jae Hee denies that she’s a girl but the doctor obviously knows that she’s a girl just by looking at her wrist. She blusters that he must have it all wrong and convinces him that she’s a guy. She runs out of the office leaving Doctor Jang a smirk on his face.
Tae Joon sits alone in the dark gym after his failed CF shoot. Director Jang reassures him not to worry and blames herself for rushing him to jump. She suggests doing more tests and treating his injury. Her phone rings and Tae Joon tells her that he’s fine. He believes that he will work something out and covers his disappointment by saying that he is getting sick of high jumping. He walks out leaving Director Jang who is worrying about him.

Eun Gyul goes to see Jae Hee after hearing that she has come out from Doctor Jang’s office. He tells her that she should be more careful next time. He changes the subject and wonders whether it’s injury day because Tae Joon didn’t complete the high jumping segment of the CF. He wonders if Tae Joon’s ankle injury still hasn’t fully recovered. Jae Hee immediately runs off and looks for Tae Joon but he’s nowhere to be found.
Tae Joon’s father’s car pulls up next to Tae Joon. He comes out of the car and slaps Tae Joon. His father asks whether Tae Joon purposely messed up the CF shoot to put on a show for everyone. Tae Joon glares back as he wonders why his father is concerned about him. His father points out that there are other ways that Tae Joon could go against him rather than just giving up. Tae Joon talks back that it is up to decision on how his life should be.

In the dorm room, Tae Joon notes that Jae Hee has no intentions to leave since her stuff is still here. Jae Hee begs him to let her stay. He pushes her aside and when she cries out in pain, he thinks she’s faking it. With his back facing to her, he says that he’ll kick her out if she is louder than 40 decibels. Jae Hee realizes that he is letting her stay. He adds that it doesn’t make them equals as he voices out that he’s the owner of this room while she’s nothing. When she denies it, he says that if she doesn’t like it, she can pack her things and leave. They quarrel until Jae Hee agrees to his rules of this room.

Tae Joon dreams about his mother’s funeral. His father is also there. Her death date is July 2010. He places his high jumping gold medal on his mother’s grave. Jae Hee notices that he has the frown look while he’s sleeping. She walks over and covers him with his blanket. Suddenly, he holds his mother/Jae Hee’s hand and pulls towards his chest. Jae Hee has to sit by his bed and pats him. Same goes with Dream Mom who is doing the same thing.

The following morning, Tae Joon wakes up and finds that he is holding Jae Hee’s hand. He pushes her hand away awkwardly when she wakes up. She apologizes for falling asleep by his bedside and he grumbles about where she needs to sleep. When Jae Hee gets ready to clean herself up in the bathroom, she gets an unexpected visitor, Eun Gyul, entering into the bathroom. Eun Gyul didn’t care since they’re both guys and does his thing. When Jae Hee asks if he doesn’t know any basic manners, he points out that his bladder is more important than his manners. After he leaves, Seug Ri walks in and sits on the toilet. Jae Hee cries in horror.

Reporter Yang finds it weird that Tae Joon still isn’t fully recovered from his injury including the fact that Director Jang declared that he’s fine. Director Jang changes the subject.

Jae Hee hides behind Doctor Jang’s car to avoid being seen by him. He drives off and she believes that she needs to avoid him for a while.

Seung Ri gather the students of Dorm 2 to discuss about the upcoming athletic competition. Their dorm won last year and they’ll need to do it again to keep the perks they received from the school. He turns to Tae Joon and asks him to be the representative of high jump. Tae Joon rejects and says that he doesn’t’ want to waste his energy on useless competition like this. Seung Ri is offended but is held back by Eun Gyul and Jae Hee as Tae Joon walks out.

The three dorm leaders meet. The winner will get access to the fancy school cafeteria. The fancy one is a nice place while the other one has a rude aunt who curses at students. Chul Soo aka Charles quotes “Veni, Vidi, Vici” while Young Man asks him to speak in Korean. Seung Ri asks the other dorm leaders about their training. Young Man does the boot camp while Charles says they want on a MT. They ask Seung Ri and we see that the Dorm 2 team are having a rough soccer practice. They agree that they will play fair. They join hands through a three way handshake but end up going on thumb battle.

Tae Joon looks at Hyun Jae who is busy practicing the high jump. Reporter Yang gives Tae Joon a surprise visit. She informs him that Hyun Jae’s personal record is lower than Tae Joon’s and doesn’t get why he’s so touchy. Tae Joon looks back at her and comments that her adoration is stalking. She asks him about his conditions and he tells her to let her think what she wants. He walks, turns around, and leaves.
Eun Gyul watches Jae Hee chumping down her food to avoid being seen by Doctor Jang. Jong Min joins them who is jealous that Eun Gyul is eating with Jae Hee.

Jae Heee returns to the room and wears Tae Joon’s shoes. She pretends to high jump onto his bed. She kicks her feet up. While she admires the shoes, she thinks back about Doctor Jang’s question about what is she doing at Genie High.

After dance practice, Hanna and her friends jab at the screen of yummy food before opening their lunch boxes which have their own salads. Hanna sighs and wonders if she should retire and be Tae Joon’s wife. She snaps back at her friends’ comments. She is worry about Tae Joon as he is having a hard time and wonders if she should send him a present. So, she decides to make a phone call.

The “present” is delivered to Tae Joon’s room. Jae Hee finds a giant box and curiously looks at it. Hanna pops out from the box. Hanna introduces herself as Tae Joon’s girlfriend and warns Ha Hee not to spread the news about her presence including through the Internet. However, Jae Hee has no idea who she is. She introduces herself as Seol Hanna, the nation’s younger sister who is cuter than a celebrity. Jae Hee apologizes to her that she doesn’t know because she just came from America. Hanna murmurs as she wonders if America has Internet. Tae Joon returns and is not pleased with the surprise visitor. Jae Hee watches Hanna pouts and she figures that she is not Tae Joon’s girlfriend.

Jong Min hurts Jae Hee’s ankle during the dorm track practice. Jae Hee has to go to Doctor Jang’s office. She gets some medication while no one is around. Suddenly, she hears voices and hides behind a curtain.
Doctor Jang and Tae Joon enter the office. Doctor Jang notices a pair of shoes behind the curtain. He asks Tae Joon about his injury by saying that by telling honestly he can help him. Tae Joon answers that it does and Doctor Jang tells him the bad news. He believes that Tae Joon has the Yip Syndrome: an athlete who suddenly doesn’t want to involve in sports anymore. He continues that it happens when sports require a considerable amount of pressure and concentration. He adds that there is no cure for this syndrome. He asks Tae Joon not to be disappointed. Tae Joon replies that he’s not discouraged since he didn’t expect that much anyway.

After Tae Joon leaves, Doctor Jang orders her to come out from her hiding place. He asks Jae Hee about entering Genie High while Jae Hee asks him about Tae Joon’s health conditions. Doctor Jang stops her from questioning. He picks up the phone to call the principal. She says that she came because of Tae Joon and admits that she wants to see him jump again. She admires him a lot that she gets herself involved in athletics so that she can stand with him at the same place. At the moment, she needs to see Tae Joon jump again like he did before. Doctor Jang asks how she plans to do that and she replies that she will do anything to support Tae Joon. She is willing to give her wings to Tae Joon so that he can jump again. She can’t go back to being a girl. Doctor Jang stares at her before he puts the phone down. He asks her to go back and clarifies that she needs to go back to the dorm. However, he needs time to think it over. He also warns her that the school will find out about her true identity.

Tae Joon pretends to sleep when Jae Hee enters the room. He listens while she admits that she overheard the conversation with Doctor Jang. Tae Joon tells her not to over react because he is getting sick of high jumping. Thus, he decides to quite sport. Jae Hee says that he is a liar. Tae Joon raises his voice at her suggestion to help and tells her that if she really wants to help then she can move out. She raises her voice again until Tae Joon asks her to get out.

Outside, Eun Gyul finds Jae Hee walking with her sad face. He brings her to the soccer field and suggests having a friendly soccer match. If she can steal the ball away from him, he will grant her a wish. Jae Hee is not in the mood to play and Eun Gyul shows off his soccer skills. He teases her that she shouldn’t give up that easily. In the end, Jae Hee decides to play with him which makes him smile. While playing, Jae Hee pulls his shirt until they fall and lie on the grass. Eun Gyul brings out his phone and takes a picture together. He uploaded his photo. Then, his heart starts to beat and he looks over at Jae Hee while lights are shining.
Reporter Yang approaches to Jae Hee at school and talks about doing a sports feature on Tae Joon.

Meanwhile, at Doctor Jang’s office, Hyun Jae looks into Tae Joon’s file. He looks into his medical records and X-ray. Then, he takes photos as proof that Tae Joon’s Achilles’ heel is healed.

Director Jang scolds Reporter Yang for the recent headline about Tae Joon’s condition. Tae Joon’s father sees the article and tells his staff to bring Tae Joon home later. Tae Joon assures Director Jang over the phone that he’s fine. He adds that the syndrome is only a theory. He figures out how the reporter found out about his condition and he realizes that he found her business card from Jae Hee’s clothes. He asks whether it was for that reason. Jae Hee is confused and Tae Joon shows her the article. He asks again if Jae Hee hung around him so that she can sell off information about him. Jae Hee defends herself that she has nothing to do with this and Tae Joon storms off.

It’s the Athletic Competition. Seung Ri wins the relay for Dorm 2. Dorm 1 wins the basketball competition and tennis. Eun Gyul secures the win for the soccer match by throwing a butterfly kick. He sees Jae Hee cheering for him which makes his heart beats again. Before the marathon starts, Seung Ri scolds Jong Min for carelessly getting himself injured. Jong Min says that it’s no big deal since Tae Joon will win the high jump but he’s not around. Hyun Jae gossips about Tae Joon’s condition and other members wonder whether it’s true or not. Seung Ri asks Hyun Jae to run but he pretends that he has injury. Unexpectedly, Jae Hee volunteers to run the marathon. If she wins, then Tae Joon doesn’t need to jump. Seung Ri notes that Jae Hee is a sprinter but asks whether she has run a marathon before. Jae Hee insists that she can do it. Seung Ri gives his encouragement to his members and instructs Jae Hee to run with a strong mind to the finish line.
Meanwhile, Dorm 3 members including Charles, come up with some evil plans.

While the students are running, Seung Ri tells Eun Gyul that they will be tired after passing the first checkpoint. Meanwhile, as Jae Hee approaches to get a drink, a student from Dorm 3 crashes into it. Tae Joon shows up and Eun Gyul informs him that Jae Hee is running the marathon because of him. Seung Ri announces that it is up to Jae Hee to fight with her mind. The Dorm 3 student kicks Jae Hee’s shin.
The funny thing is that during the marathon, Coach Baek gives So Young a drink and then she offers it to Doctor Jang and then hands it back to Coach Beak.

Dorm 3 members cheer for their runner who is in the lead. Then, Jae Hee shows up and runs next to him. Dorm 2 members stand up and cheer for her. Suddenly, Jae Hee collapses to the ground since she suffers from a sprained ankle. Tae Joon is in shock and others cheer for her. She struggles to get up while thinking back about Tae Joon’s speech with his quote: ‘A miracle is just hard work by another name’. By remembering his quote, she gets up before the runner catches up with her. She puts her last energy and run to the finish line. As soon as she passes the finish line, she collapses. Her friends gather around her while Seung Ri treats her injury. Jae Hee gets up and looks for Tae Joon.

She limps towards Tae Joon and tells him about his quote that she remembers so that she can win. She almost fell down and Tae Joon catches her before she falls. He remains silent as Jae Hee insists that she didn’t give any information to the reporter about his conditions. Eun Gyul looks on from afar.

Seung Ri accepts the trophy for Dorm 2. The celebration party begin with an opening performance by EXO. They chant Jae Hee’s name when she appears and throw her up in the air. Eun Gyul notices that Jae Hee is sad and asks her about her injury. She says that she’s fine and she’s happy that she feels like a student at Genie High. Eun Gyul’s heart beats again. They turn and see Hann who comes in to the party. Eun Gyul scolds her for speaking in banmal. He holds on to his chest as he gets mad at girls and his heart beats for a guy. He runs away in embarrassment.

On the other hand, Tae Joon crushes the articles about his condition in his hands. Eun Gyul does his awkward dancing which causes the ladies to leave. He pulls out his hair over his frustration with women.
Tae Joon takes a drink and gulps it down. Later, we realize that he didn’t know that he was drinking an alcoholic one. Seung Ri warns Jong min to make sure that Tae Joon doesn’t drink those because he has alcohol allergy. Tae Joon gets drunk easily after one sip.

Hanna pouts as she couldn’t find Tae Joon. She lights up when he sees him walking towards her in the distance. Seung Ri tells Jong Min that when Tae Joon is drunk, he will kiss the first person he sees. Hanna turns around the corner but finds Eun Gyul. She pushes Eun Gyul aside because she’s upset that he’s not Tae Joon.

Jae Hee goes up the stairs and finds drunken Tae Joon. He spots her and goes close to her. He stares at her and she looks back at him in confusion. Then, Tae Joon leans in to kiss her while the fireworks burst in the sky behind them.

Point of View

I was literally waving my cushion up and down when I saw the kissing scene between Tae Joon and Jae Hee. I know that he’s drunk and this is just a drama but still….Anyway, it was a good ending for this episode.

For this episode, there are a lot of cute moments that I enjoyed it a lot. I like Eun Gyul’s cute and funny character such as he always take a selca after he scores a goal. I like him as a friend that you will always depend on like what Jae Hee did. Although he’s funny, but too bad he doesn’t get along with the ladies and he’s having trouble as he thinks he has a crush on Jae Hee who he thinks she is a guy. Poor him.

You see Jae Hee put in her efforts to support Tae Joon so that she can see him high jump again. I love how she does care about him especially when Tae Joon is having a bad dream and she has no choice but to sleep beside him because he is holding her hand. The funny thing is that she tries on Tae Joon’s shoes and pretends to high jump to his bed. That’s a little awkward but still since she’s a fan to Tae Joon, that’s understandable. However, I’m sure Tae Joon will be mad if he sees her doing it. Look at the bright side. Good thing that Jae Hee has the heart to support Tae Joon through his complicated situation in terms whether he wants to high jump or not and his celebrity status. The production team is trying to portray the characters and I’m looking forward to even more of their ‘colours’ which will attract my attention.

Other than Sulli, Director Jang and the doctor do support Tae Joon through his hard times. They are not pushing him to high jump immediately since it’s up to Tae Joon’s decisions. You could say that these two people whom you can rely on since they are like loving parents or caring friends. Tae Joon, you do have great people who support you. Don’t force yourself. Believe in yourself and don’t give up hope. I start to like Tae Joon’s character even more and I’m dying to know what happens next. Sorry to say this but as a Flaming Charisma fan, I’m really looking forward to Min Ho’s handsome and charismatic acting skills even more.

Now, I’m not going to really compare between this one and adaptations like Hana Kimi and the Taiwan version. Even this drama is a remake, but at least this drama reveals some plots with their own styles. I’m sure they are not going to cut out the important and favourite parts that we used to watch. At least the production team, reinterpret the same plots with different strategies that viewers will love. However, I’m sure that this drama will have pros and cons if you’re to compare with others which it’s okay to do so but it’s not that each production team follow exactly the same style in portraying the plots. There should be some spices in this drama, right? Oh well, I am excited to see the next episode which makes me all go jumpy.

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