To the Beautiful You Episode 3 Review

Episode Recap

While Tae Joon kisses Jae Hee, a mysterious person snaps a photo of them. Jae Hee pushes him away from her and he gives a drunken smile before he slumps on top of her. She finds that he’s asleep. Jae Hee pushes him back in a wheelbarrow. Sang Chu shows up and say hello to Tae Joon by slobbering all over him. She quickly wheels them back before they’re caught.

On the other hand, Eun Gyul searches for Jae Hee but he is unable to find her. He takes another selca of himself and uploads it. Hanna mistakes him for Tae Goon again and upset for getting such misfortune. Eun Gyul asks her to leave because outsiders aren’t allowed on campus. They continue to quarrel until Hann kicks him twice in the shin.

Back in the room, Jae Hee takes off Tae Joon’s sock for him before she climbs into bed. She looks over him and asks if he knew that she was a girl and hopes that he isn’t too angry. She just wants one thing from him: to see him high jump again.

The next morning, Tae Joon wakes up with a hangover headache. He notices that Jae Hee is secretly following behind him and asks her whether he made some mistake last night. He leans in closer and claims that he can’t remember a thing. Jae Hee ekes out the word ‘kiss’ and he realizes that he did that. He asks her again whom he kissed with. He remembers that he did it with Sang Chu. Tae Joon points out that it was just a mistake and Jae Hee should have stopped him from doing that. Jae Hee notes that she thinks she had a chance to. He narrows his eye and asks whether she enjoyed it. While he thinks that he kiss Sang Chu, she thinks they’re talking about her. He doesn’t get why she’s so anxious since it was a dog which is when Jae Hee finally stand down in embarrassment.

The photo is sent throughout the whole school. Tae Joon stares when he received. Eun Gyul is knocked off in daze after seeing the photo. Jae Hee finds Eun Gyul who is wandering around in the halls. She doesn’t understand his question about whether she was ‘had’ by Tae Joon until he uses his thumbs to illustrate it. She realizes and asks how he knows. Eun Gyul swallows hard and notes that the rumours are true.

Hyun Jae purposely presses the wrong button on Tae Joon by congratulating him on becoming the campus couple with Jae Hee. Tae Joon grabs him by the shirt. Then, Jae Hee steps in before somebody start the fight. Hyun Jae reminds him that she’s the victim and the star athlete should be reported for the incident. Jae Hee comes to the rescue by claiming that she was the one who kissed Tae Joon which catches everyone’s surprise. She claims that she is the Kiss Master in the US. She covers Tae Joon’s mouth as he is trying to speak. She continues to say that kissing is not a big deal in the US since everyone does it. As an example, she kisses Eun Gyul’s cheek and Eun Gyul is on cloud nine.

Hyun Jae tries to relieve his frustration by practicing the high jump. Later, he is annoyed as Reporter Yang walks in. She thanks him for giving the details about Tae Joon’s health conditions on Yup Syndrome. He is annoyed by her continuous numbers of questions about Tae Joon and points out that she really wants to write something bad about the high jumping star athlete. Reporter Yang notes that she is on Hyun Jae’s side but he walks out.

In the cafeteria, Seung Ri catches Eun Gyul eyeing on the hot girl and lends an ear to hear Eun Gyul’s very very serious question. Eun Gyul claims that he has found an answer which makes other sighs. They use the ‘pick up the fork from the floor’ method and they both shamelessly stare at noona’s legs from under the table until they knock their heads.

Eun Gyul asks Jae Hee to accompany him on a double blind date. They ride on his scooter and Jae Hee grabs hold on his waist to hang out. The girls bring out the lie detector and they enjoyed it when Eun Gyul keeps getting caught lying. Next, they try it out on Jae Hee and she boasts her answers which she didn’t get zap because she’s telling the truth. She is asked the last question: does she likes boy? She pauses for a while before she could answer. Luckily, she is saved by Eun Gyul and suggests that they split up.

Jae Hee’s date talks about her past dates which are horrible but she is happy to go on a date with Jae Hee. She misunderstood as Jae Hee sighs because she is not interested and hangs her head. Jae Hee corrects the situation by telling her that there’s a friend that she wants to help but he doesn’t want anyone’s healp. The girl tells Jae Hee that she should do what she wants and if that doesn’t work out, regret it later. Jae Hee thinks it’s a good advice. Without noticing, she grabs the girl’s hand and saying that girlfriends are the people that she can rely on. After she left, her date wonders if Jae Hee still wants to go on a date with her.

Eun Gyul’s date doesn’t turn out good and he waits for Jae Hee by his scooter. Jae Hee shows up and grabs her in a headlock which, suddenly, makes his heart beats again. All he sees is hearts around as Jae Hee smiles. He excuses himself to the toilet where he tells himself to pull himself together. He scolds his heart for beating at the wrong time.

While waiting, Jae Hee finds Sang Chu running loose on the streets. She chases after him and saves him from being knocked by cars. They walk around the street since Jae Hee doesn’t know how to get back to the campus. She doesn’t have a phone or wallet with her. Suddenly, it starts to rain. At the same time, Tae Joon desperately looks for Sang Chu after he lost him at the vet’s office. Sang Chu slips out from Jae Hee’s grasps when he senses that Tae Joon is nearby and Jae Hee follows. They meet each other on the rainy day.

They walk back together and both attempt to break the awkward silence but they speak out at the same time. Jae Hee smiles as Tae Joon apologizes for yesterday’s misunderstanding and today’s thanks for saving Sang Chu. He asks what she’s doing in the city until she realizes that she had forgotten about Eun Gyul. She asks him to Eun Gyul to see whether he’s waiting for her. Sadly, Eun Gyul’s phone battery dies. They believe that he’s already gone back to the campus and they wait for the bus.

Then, a bus drives closer at the side of the road which kicks of a wave of rainwater. Tae Joon drops his umbrella and spins her around to shield from the water. They stand there and looking each other for a while. Both of them are soaking wet by the rain. Tae Joon moves away to break the awkwardness and silently picks up the umbrella.

Later, Eun Gyul’s phone is fully charged and he gets a call. Jae Hee, who is back at school, calls him and asks if he’s still waiting for her. Eun Gyul lies that he’s playing video games at the cyber café. After ending the call, he’s still with his scooter and sighing while his heart beatings just from hearing her voice.

The principal freaks out after reading an article about Tae Joon and his Yip Syndrome. Coach Baek says that the reporter is likely to write how she wanted. The principal smiles with relief that Tae Joon is fine. Coach Baek goes back to his nap.

The students get a weekend off. Jae Hee comments that they all have homes to return but she doesn’t have any place to go to. Eun Gyul suddenly think whether he should invite her to stay over at his place. He starts to imagine Jae Hee staying over at his place. He tells Jae Hee that she is the first friend he’s had over. He’s surprised that Jae Hee asks him to shower together. He blushes when she reminds him that she is the Kiss Master. Then, his daydream stops when he runs straight into a sign. Jong Min and Jae Hee help him up before Eun Gyul tries to invite Jae Hee. Jae Hee tells him that he has a nosebleed. He faints after seeing the blood.

Seung Ri drops by and invite them over to a pension his family has rented out for the weekend. He adds that they’ll be having models as their neighbours. Also, there’s a nude beach. Eun Gyul turns his head and accepts his invite. Seung Ri hugs his head. Eun Grul breaks into a smile while thinking about nude beach. Hyun Jae, who turns out to be his roommate, is also going on a trip with them because he would never pass up an opportunity to go to a bikini paradise. Eun Gyul daydreams over the word ‘bikini’.

The group arrives and meets Seung Ri’s hyung. He curiously looks at Jae Hee while putting the luggages in the vehicle.

Tae Joon is stopped outside the dorm by his father’s driver who is here to pick him up. His driver wants him to come into the car but Tae Joon doesn’t want to. Tae Joon pushes him aside and runs. He finds Doctor Jang’s and throws his bag in before jumping in. Doctor Jang is not surprised with the sudden pickup and they drive away without being caught by the driver.

The group are excited for the weekend break as they are going to see some ladies in bikini. However, when they arrived Seung Ri’s mother addresses them as her previous workers. In the end, they are put to work to fix up the place. Jae Hee is having fun and she jokes around with Eun Gyul while painting. Then, she slips from the ladder and falls right into Eun Gyul’s arm. Meanwhile, the others scold Seung Ri for bringing them over as doing the hard work. Seung Ri explains to them that his mother needed help and the good news is that some girls will be at the beach. Later, the group goes to the beach and play. They complain that they haven’t seen a single girl in bikini yet. Then, a group of bikini-clad noonas arrive and the boys try their best to show off their great body while Jae Hee laughs as she looks on.

Doctor Jang and Tae Joon arrive at the same pension. Tae Joon walks around while taking photos until he finds a mural of angelic wings. He spreads his arms wide while imagining himself flying over the high jump bar just like old times. Then, Jae Hee finds him that he is here. She’s happy to see him and he grumbles when he realizes that they are going on the same outing which she tried to invite him previously. She asks him to give her his mobile phone and snaps a photo of him with the angelic wings. He gives the phone back to him and comments that he was always meant to have wings. Her exposed collarbone makes him uncomfortable that he throws her his sweater to change into.

She goes inside to change while she’s unaware that Seung Ri’s hyung is fixing the roof outside. He catches a glimpse of her bound chest and realizes that his suspicions are right: She’s a girl.
At the office, Hanna overhears that Tae Joon is away for the weekend. You’ll definitely know what she’s going to do next.

It’s dinner time for the group. Jae Hee goes and helps Hyung with the cooking. Tae Joon looks over at the table while Hyung tries to feel Jae Hee’s muscles. Eun Gyul comments that he heard that Doctor Jang dropped Tae Joon off at the pension and wonders what is he doing here. Doctor Jang joins in with Seung Ri’s mother and the boys start to feel uneast at the table. They are shocked to hear that Doctor Jang calls her ‘noona’ and Seung Ri calls Doctor Jang ‘uncle’. Unexpectedly, Hanna has arrived.

Jae Hee walks by the shore and stops by a friendly grandma who is selling couple bracelets. She persuades Jae Hee to buy a pair for her partner. After listening to Jae Hee’s answer that she doesn’t have anyone, the grandma tells her that destiny is something that she can never predict. She returns to the pension and finds Tae Joon is hanging around outside while listening to his favourite music. She is about to approach him but Hanna appears with a gift. Jae Hee watches from afar as Hanna tells him that they’re the same cookies which his mother used to make. Tae Joon takes a bite and admits that they are quite good which makes Hanna happy. He notices that two cookies are combined together and Hanna tells him that it’s her heart. Jae Hee sighs in disappointment and puts the bracelets back into her pocket.

Eun Gyul tells the boy that he has something to confirm. He brings his toiletries and declares that he is going to take a bath together with Jae Hee as guys. Jae Hee runs into Hyun Jae outside the bathhouse and confirms that he was the last one to use it. She stops him before he leaves and asks if he’s the one who took the photo and spread it around the school. Flashback: it’s him. Hyun Jae denies that he did it and Jae Hee says that it’s a man’s intuition. He laughs and asks what Jae Hee will do if it is him. She has no idea what to do and Hyun Jae tells her not to jump into conclusions.

Jae Hee looks around the bathhouse before locking the door. While she prepares herself to get into the bath, Seung Ri’s hyung tries to find the right key to unlock the door. He tries key after key until he is able to unlock it. Then, Hanna appears and asks if the bath is free. Hyung lets her in. Hana comes inside and finds Jae Hee’s clothing which she finds it strange. She looks around her surroundings if someone’s around but no one’s there. On the other hand, Jae Hee peeks her head out of the laundry basket. She manages to escape until another person arrives. Eun Gyul shows up and walks with determination before heading inside. Jae Hee is safe and sound as she immediately changes her clothes and hope that things will work itself out.

Eun Gyul looks outside and thought that it’s Jae Hee’s back. He tells himself to keep it together as he believes that Jae Hee is a guy. He happily goes into the tub and Hanna screams. He screams back and she whacks him in the head which cause him to go underwater. Eun Gyul is in the dark forest and sees his grandmother who passed away last year. His grandmother is angry and tells him that it’s not the time yet to be with her. She sends him back to where he came from but he gets the whack in the head from Hanna again. His grandmother yells at him for coming back again and whacks his head to send him back to reality.
Eun Gyul wakes up with an ice pack on his head inside the pension. Hanna demands that he needs to be reported and others defend that Eun Gyul didn’t know. She shouts that he saw everything. Eun Gyul gets angry while explaining about the wound that she made. Hanna shuts him out by taking the TV remote control and hit his head. Eun Gyul passes out again.

Later that night, Jae Hee takes a pillow to sleep on and lies down nearby. Tae Joon wakes up to see Jae Hee who is fast asleep.

The next day, Tae Joon finds a bracelet near Jae Hee’s pillow and wonders what it is. While the boys are working, Hanna soaks in the sun. The boys have fun and everyone has a break while eating watermelons.

Eun Gyul tells Hanna that she better play in the sea and they start to fight again with a water gun fight. Tae Joon sighs and leaves them playing but he notices that Seung Ri’s hyung invite Jae Hee to go out and get some groceries. Tae Joon sits next to her and comments that the two of them have become closer quite fast. Jae Hee replies that it’s true and unlike someone else since Hyung takes care of her. Tae Joon lifts his broken slipper and tells her to buy him a new pair while they’re out. On her wait to meet Hyung, Jae Hee can’t find one of the bracelets in her pocket. In the car, Hyung is ready as he has his scary eyes that gives he goosebumps.

Point of View

Tae Joon is still in the process in caring for Jae Hee. He tries to say what he thinks to Jae Hee while keeping his cool. However, his actions and the expressions are so obvious when he’s with Jae Hee. Example, look at how he’s concerned while, from looking afar, he sees the hyung being so close with Jae Hee. Well, it supposed to be and I hope he starts to open his heart for Jae Hee and understands that she truly cares for him especially when she encourages him to get back in doing high jumps.

Although I hate Hanna as the character who supposed to be the spoiled brat in this drama, but I do enjoy how she had some ‘quality’ time with Eun Gyul. Somehow, I can’t understand her character really well yet. I just hope that she just express well throughout this drama even though when she converses with the rest of the characters. I mean she supposed to be the most annoying character in this drama so that we all can say bad things about her while we do enjoy it. Yes, we do enjoy when we say bad things about the bad characters of the drama.

For this episode, in terms of directing, I am not shaking my head at all. There are close up shots on the characters and the next thing we get a twist to them. We thought that hyung is that we could always rely on but no he turns to a nasty and creepy guy who finds out that Jae Hee is a girl. Thus, he wants to ‘approach’ her. He creeps me out and makes me shout at him to leave her alone. For example, he tries to unlock the spa door. Leave her alone, will you? We all know what’s going to happen at the next episode when he brings Jae Hee somewhere. We all know that his true character is going to be revealed. Finally, we all want him to leave her alone and hope that this guy should be captured as soon as possible.

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