Visit Korea #3: Yongpyong Resort (THE EAST Campaign in Association with Korea Tourism Organization)

Yongpyong Resort has the most slopes out of all the resorts in Korea, but it is also extremely famous as a film location. This was where the popular drama Winter Sonata was filmed, and you can still find mementoes of the drama at the resort. Yongpyong resort has also hosted an international ski championship, due to its 28 slopes and 15 lifts.

At Yongpyong resort there are various courses available, ranging from beginner courses to the Yellow and Pink slope expert courses. On selected courses various rails and fixtures have been installed so snowboarders can make jumps and test various skills. The T-Rain Park Course allows snowboarders to ride stair rails and gives them the sensation of jumping over cars. Snowboarders from all over the world come here to try out these more difficult stunts. The resort also has many other great facilities, including an assortment of restaurants and cafes. The Western restaurant, Chalet, in Dragon Hotel, served as one of the film locations for the drama Winter Sonata. Diners can look out over the slopes while enjoying a delicious meal.

Those who wish to explore the entire area of Yongpyong Resort can use the beautiful walking paths or the observatory gondola. Yongpyong Resort, along with Muju Resort, serves as the location for the Fun Ski Event each year.

Yongpyong Resort has various accommodation facilities, including the Dragon Valley Hotel with its beautiful view overlooking the resort, condos with kitchen facilities as well as bedrooms, and affordable youth hostels for those on a budget. The condo is available to both members and non-members, but during the high seasons non-members may find it difficult to make reservations. If you are not a member and want to reserve a condo, it is best to do it early and also to avoid weekends and the high seasons.

You can make reservations through the homepage after creating an account, and your confirmation will be sent to you via email. For non-members accommodation at the Dragon Valley Hotel starts at ₩242,000, and condo accommodation ranges from ₩280,000 to ₩500,000. Accommodation at the youth hostel ranges from ₩70,000 to ₩160,000. Prices will vary depending on the dates. For exact prices, log on to Yongpyong Resort’s homepage to make further inquiries.

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