Visit Korea #5: Yeongdong Dried Persimmons Festival (THE EAST Campaign in Association with Korea Tourism Organization)

Period: 12.19.2008 ~ 12.21.2008
Location: Nangye Hall of Korean Classical Music, Youth Center districts
Telephone: Korea Travel Phone +82-43-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

* From Seoul(Gyeongbu Express Highway) : Yeongdong IC (Yeongdong direction) 11km (approx. 2 hrs and 30 min)
* From Busan(Gyeongbu Express Highway ) : Yeongdong IC (Yeongdong derection) 11km (approx. 3 hrs)
* From Gwangju(Honam Express Highway) : Seodaejeon IC -> Daejeon Nambu Circular Highway -> Yeongdong IC (Yeongdong derection) 11km (approx. 3 hrs and 30 min)

Yeongdong is the largest fruit-producing center in Korea, it is even known as the Holy Land of Fruit, and during the Yeongdong Dried Persimmons Festival, fruit producers and customers alike gather to celebrate one of the region’s most famous fruits.
Persimmon and dried persimmon of YeongDong boasts clear colour and sweet with little pip and thin skin. Under the theme of chemical free persimmon, this festival provides diverse events and sales corners. YeongDong Dried Persimmon Festival is also recognized as the most famous festival in this region and beyond.

At the Yeongdong Dried Persimmons Festival visitors can experience persimmon jam making, persimmon peeling, and can even enjoy foot bathing with persimmon leaves and persimmon peels.


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