Visit Korea #7: Taebaek Snow Festival (THE EAST Campaign in Association with Korea Tourism Organization)

Period: 30.01.2009 ~ 08.02.2009
Address: Gangwon-do Taebaek-si Sodo-dong Mt. Taebaeksan Provincial Park Hwangji Pond or Jangseong area
Telephone: – Korea Travel Phone +82-33-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) – For more info +82-33-550-2081, 2828 (Korean)
Admission Fees: Children (7~12) : 700 won / Teenagers (13~18) : 1,500 won/ Adults (19~64) : 2,000 won
Home page: festival.taebaek.go (Korean, English)

Since it was established in 1995, the Snow Festival in the city of Taebaek, Gangwon-do Province, has been a major winter event. Visitors can enjoy both the beautiful snow-capped landscape of Mt. Taebaeksan and take part in a number of hands-on programs. This year’s event is organized in connection with the local travel industry. Starting on January 26 with a snow street parade, the festival will feature a snow and ice carving exhibition as well as a variety of hands-on programs and performances.

Event Programs: A major attraction is the world of beautiful snow sculptures created by top sculptors around the world as well as from Korea. In addition to this, there are a variety of events including magic shows, music concerts, making a snowman and sledding. Near Jangseong, visitors can enjoy a fabulous hands-on ice fishing experience at the Geumcheon fishing spot and catch a smelt, which lives in clean water only. The special ‘National Naked Marathon’ is also a favorite, in which almost-bare naked contestants run over a plateau 800 meters above sea level.

Major Highlights: The large selection of hands-on programs attracts numerous visitors to the Taebaek Snow Festival. Try Korean folk games in the snow, or savor the traditional winter food favorites. These and other programs are sure to make your winter experience at Mt. Taebaeksan all the more exciting and enjoyable.

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