Year 2012: Year of the 12 Directors

It was a great year to meet directors on a monthly basis. Every Thursday evening, I would come to the London Korean Cultural Centre to enjoy watching the films. Films are shown by the selected Korean directors. Some are classics. Some are modern. Yet, there is a bit of everything for audiences, including myself, to enjoy.

On the every last Thursday of the month, I had great opportunities to interview the directors who came all the way from South Korea. Group interviews and casual conversations are one of my favourites throughout that year. Not only I get understanding about the film, but also about the Directors’ works including their experience in the Korean film industries.

Then, there was the month of November. Yes, the London Korean Film Festival 2012. That is by far the most intense and favourite task as a Korean film reviewer. Being a student by day, being a Korean film critic at night. Watching film after a film every day. On weekdays, I watched two to three films. On weekends, I watched four to five films. There were so many films to watch but there was so little time within one to two weeks. In addition to that, I enjoyed seeing the directors and casts (especially Lee Byung Hun) who attend this festival.

The selection of films were great especially a great number of historical films which I enjoyed a lot. Then, a few selections of Korean animation films come into the list. That’s a great start to increase awareness about Korean animations. I enjoyed everything from the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony. However, I wish that there is enough time for me to go to the things that I want to do such as attending the Korean Film Forum. Also, there were some typo errors in the brochure such as the schedule of films. So, it was confusing. Overall, the London Korean Film Festival 2012 is truly, absolutely, extraordinary event with great films that I enjoyed so much.

As for the whole year of Korean film nights, I enjoyed a variety of films by directors. However, the brochure of the monthly films should be shown before the starting of next month. By doing so, the audiences can get the idea what films are about. For next year, the Korean film nights should keep going on the similar format. I hoped that the audiences could get to meet the casts from films. It would be great to show more Korean animations, historical, independent, and short  films. With that, we get to see a variety of genre films. Is not that I hate romantic comedy films. Is just that there’s much more than that particular genre.

The Year of 12 Directors was done successfully but only has a few glitches. In the Year 2013, I am looking forward to more Korean films. I am looking forward to helping in increasing awareness about not only the Korean films but also the film industries. To me, I believe this year is going to be exciting.

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