Yonsei Western Dental Clinic

The very idea of going to a dentist fills most people with dread-including me-but sometimes needs must.

I was in Seoul, South Korea and needed implants. However, there are over 400000 dentists in the country and 78000 in Seoul alone. Enquiries were made and I was recommended to the YONSEI WESTERN DENTAL CLINIC which opened in 1988.

Details are as follows:
Yonsei Western Dental Clinic
Park Palace II 213
Gong-deok Dong
South Korea 

Telephone numbers of the Clinic: 02-719-9502

Turn LEFT out of Exit 3 of Gongdeok subway station on Line number 5- a two minute walk to the Clinic.
Buses 160, 260, 600, 7013, 7611, 2100, 2300, 2400, 2500 and 6015 stop outside the Ahyeon-Dong Community Service Centre stop in front of the Clinic.

The procedure for my implants was complicated and was completed successfully within a year. Dr Park Won Young was the practitioner who was responsible for being involved with and organising the treatment.

Dr Park Won Young, a family man, has an agreeable manner, excellent dentistry skills and a good command of English.
He has studied Dentistry at the following institutions:
Dental School of Yonsei University, considered one of the top two universities, in Seoul, South Korea.
University of Western Australia
Branemark Implant Centre, Perth, W A
Was appointed as a visiting professor at the University of Western Australia 

The Clinic has three specialists:
1. Dr Park Won Young-a Prosthodondist.
2. Dr Kim Young Ju-an Endodontist -attended Jeon-Nam National University. Currently-in January 2009-is the visiting Clinical professor at this University.
3. Dr Kim Kung Chan-a Perrodontist-attended the Dental School of Seoul University. Currently-in January 2009-is the visiting Clinical professor at Seoul National University Hospital.

The five members of support staff are Oral Hygienists who assist the Specialists by taking X-rays, polishing teeth etc

This Clinic’s dental procedures are as follows:
1. Routine operative treatment eg fillings etc
2. Root canal treatment and Endodontic surgery
3. All kinds of prosthodontic treatments eg crowns, bridges, dentures etc
4. Implant surgery and implant prosthetics
5. Perrodontal surgery
6. Bleaching
7. Laser treatment
8. Aesthetic dentistry-cosmetic

Having mentioned the practitioners and support staff let me describe the Clinic itself. It is spotlessly clean. The waiting area is warm and comfortable with facilities for making tea and coffee, reading matter, a television and internet access to enable patients to pass the time whilst waiting. The reception personnel are friendly and efficient.
The treatment areas are bright and patient friendly. As expected, dentistry tools are sterilised and pre-packed ready for use. Equipment is state of the art with modern technology in evidence eg immediately an X-ray was taken the results were transferred to the computer monitor directly in front of the patient.

I was impressed by the high standard of dentistry expertise at the YONSEI WESTERN DENTAL CLINIC- a good advertisement for the profession in Seoul. I am led to believe that this is indicative of the majority of dental clinics in the capital city.

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